7 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android

Got an exciting Android game today? And now want to share your awesome gameplay with the world. Or let just say, you want to record your Android screen for a YouTube video tutorial. Well, the good new is, it’s quite easy to do that with the screen recorder apps for Android.

There are a plethora of screen recorder apps for Android on the Play Store, but you don’t have to try each one of them just to see which one suit you the best. We have done that tedious job for you. And here are some of the best Screen Recorder Apps that you must try.

Screen Recording Apps for Android

Do you need Root to record your Android screen?

Yes and no. From Android 5.0 Lollipop onwards, it’s possible to record your Android screen without ROOT. All you need is any screen recording app, and you are good to go. However, you may need to root access if your Android device is running on Android KitKat or below.

Most screen recording apps advertise as no root, but that’s just a marketing gimmick, If you have Android Lollipop or higher, you can use any screen recorder app to record your Android screen. No root required. So, now that is cleared, let’s get started. Shall we?

Best Screen Recording Apps for Android

1. Recordable

Recordable is a simple recorder app to records your phone’s screen with audio and gestures. The app is free, records in full HD (1080p) and you can change basic settings like audio quality, video resolution and a couple of other settings.

Pros: A Free and Simple Screen Recorder App.

Cons: Low frame rate, not suitable for game recording or fast motion gestures.

Bottom Line: This app is suitable for those with simple and easy fantasy.

Recordable - Best Android Screen Recorder App

2. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is a simple app. It can also record your face with your Android screen. In a single click, it will start recording the screen and front camera. A 3 sec countdown occurs before recording starts. You can also pause while recording – Pause (Requires Advanced Engine)

It records full HD (1080p) with 60 FPS. You can add a logo and text to make your recording more brandable.

ADV Screen Recorders is available in two variant. The free version has all the feature unlocked but comes with ads, which if you don’t like, can be removed by paying $1.70.

Pros:  All function and available in free version.

Cons:  It doesn’t show touches itself in Android Marshmallow while recording, thus needed to turn on show touches manually by developer options.

Bottom Line: It’s for those who are not annoyed by running ads and love extra functionality without paying any price.

ADV Screen Recorder Best Android Screen Recorder App

3. REC (Screen Recorder)

If you love everything on your fingers, then REC fits your style. As soon as you opens the app, you will find all the controls such as screen size, bit rate, duration, audio and file name on the home screen. If you own a smartphone with a 2K display, then this app can record in 2K resolution. You will get some basic functions in free version while you can pay $2.95 for unlocking countdown, show touches, recording notifications, status bar, shake to stop recording and removing ads.

Pros: Can record in 2K or 4K resolution, fast and simple interface.

Cons: Can record for only 1 Hour, Max. Which although is more than enough in most situation but it’s still a limitation.

Bottom Line: It gives every basic setting on your hand with 4K recording option.

REC - Best Android Screen Recorder App

4. Game Screen Recorder

As it’s name suggests, it records games as well as phone’s  screen. It automatically put your game on its home screen to make recording easier. To record your cell phone screen, press the Desktop icon inside Game Screen Recorder. You can add other apps to its home screen. It records Full HD at 60 FPS. You can record audio, face cam, also customize record button, show your prologue and it also boosts game, while recording.

Pros: Free screen recorder app with premium features, no root required.

Cons: Record screen with large file size.

Bottom Line: For gamers who love to share their  gameplay with friends.

Game Screen Recorder - Best Android Screen Recorder App

5. Airdroid

Airdroid is a smart Android recorder app, that records in full HD resolution with a maximum bitrate of 12 Mbps and 30 frames per second. That simply means a high-quality recording. It has a simple floating bar which enables you to record your phone screen. It can also record front cam. Airdroid works with non-rooted phones. And it has some extra function such as boosting cellphone, antivirus, creating backup, etc.

Pros: A free, high-quality recorder app that works on non-rooted devices.

Cons: It shows the Airdroid watermark on each recording.

Bottom Line: If you already have Airdroid app installed on your smartphone and the watermark don’t worry you, then go for it.

Airdroid - Best Android Screen Recorder App

6. Screen Recorder

A fantastic free screen recorder app, who love to customise. Screen Recorder records the cell phone screen in full HD with a maximum of 60 fps. It can record audio in 320 Kbps, shows touches and at the same time, it shows camera feed too. To stop recording, you can shake your phone, lock the screen or return to Screen Recorder for the stop button. You can trim your screen recorded video easily within itself.

Pros: Free app with premium features, works with unrooted devices.

Cons: Video trimmer only works for the videos that had been recorded from Screen Recorder only.

Bottom Line: For Premium app lovers who always look for trimming their recording.

Screen-Recorder - Best Android Screen Recorder App

7. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a complete package of screen recorder as well as editor. As like other apps AZ Screen Recorder can record your Android phone’s screen in full HD with 60 FPS. With audio recording, it also gives you the option to put your logo and text while recording your mobile screen.

Its unique features include a customised controller, the time limit to stop recording and creating a time-lapse video. You also get a WiFi transfer option inside AZ Screen Recorder itself.  However, in paid version, you will get a GIF converter, magic button, face cam and trim/cut option and these all cost around $ 2.91 only.

Pros: Unique functionality and compatibility with unrooted devices.

Cons: We could not find any cons in the app.

Bottom Line: For professional people who require the frequent need of Android screen recording.

AZ Screen Recorder - Best Android Screen Recorder App

Wrapping Up

Personally, if you are in some profession or a YouTuber then paid version of AZ Screen Recorder will be the best choice and if you want more functionality without paying then, Screen Recorder is an excellent option.

So these were some Best Screen Recorder apps for Android to record your phone’s screen. Did we miss something? Share your thoughts in comments below.


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