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6 Android Apps to Add Moving Text to Video (2021)

by Mrinal Saha
Text Animation Apps for Android

Want to create a YouTube intro with some text animations? Or maybe add some text effect for your presentation? Well, you don’t need to use professional tools like — Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas. These require a steep learning curve and Not to forget how expensive they can get. Here are 6 best Text animation apps for Android to create YouTube Videos. Let’s Begin.

Apps to Add Moving Text to Video

1. Text Animation Maker

Text Animation Maker may sound like a generic name but it does its job quite well and has many exciting features hidden under the hood. You can create exciting text animations with just a few steps. It has around 30 different ready-made text animation templates which offer a lot of variety. You can create posts in either 1:1 or 16:9, adjust the color, brightness, speed, and size of the text using the on-screen sliders.

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Text Animation Apps- Text animation maker

Enter the text, choose a color, select an animation style, adjust parameters and you see the preview right on the screen in real time. The best part about this app is that you can assign different fonts to every word so that you can customize it any way you want. You can randomize text color and fonts with just a tap. After you’re done, you can save the project as an MP4 video or a GIF on your device.

The app is free and has ads. Text Animation Maker has a few locked features which you can unlock for $4.99.

Install Text Animation Maker

2. Quik – Free Video Editor

Quik is a complete video editing app brought to you by GoPro. I accidentally stumble upon this app, while doing research for the best Android app for video editing. And I’ve to say, although it’s not a perfect video editor, its text animation feature is pretty amazing.

Here is how it work. Import a video, add text overlays and export the file. Plain and simple.

But the way, I use it as it is — instead of importing a video for background, I  use a plain white background. This way, you can use the animation text anywhere you want. And yes it comes with music as well, and all video can be exported to 1080p FHD. By default, there is a Quik logo at the end of the video, which is thankfully is optional.

Text Animation Apps- Quik

And since it’s back up by GoPro, there is no rush to monetize the app. It’s completely free, no IAP or Ads.

Overall the app has a pretty good selection of animation styles (except the last few). And if you are wondering, which app do I use for my YouTube video intro, well it’s this one.

Install Quik

3. Legend – Animate Text in Video

Although Legend is a dedicated text animation app, it still has a few similarities with Quik. It is not a video editor like quick and what it means is, you can create posts with still backgrounds only.

Text Animation Apps- Legend

This app is suitable for creating intro or text animations for videos. Choose an animation style, select text color, adjust layout format, and change the size of the intro. That’s about it. The app doesn’t have any other features and honestly, it is better this way. You don’t have to worry about any complicated color correction tools. You can share the posts by tapping the share button in the app or download it to the device for later. It also has an option to save video as GIF. Legend is free on the Play Store

Install Legend

4. Adobe Spark Post

Let’s be honest, Adobe does things right with graphics and Adobe Spark Post is a great example. It lets you create animated graphics, posters, flyers, and invitations. It is easy to use with no previous knowledge of any of the Adobe products like Photoshop.

To get started with a project, select a template from the huge library in the app. The templates are divided into categories such as Collages, Seasonal, Lifestyle, etc. Tap the remix button to open the editor.

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You can add texts, photos, icon, and logo to your post. You can adjust the color palette of the post using the existing combinations or create an entirely new combination by tapping the random button. Change the design at any time and transform the entire project into a new one.

Animation effects include text fade, slide, grow, pan, zoom, focus, and fill. All of these effects can be applied manually and make your project stand out from the crowd. You can download the project to your phone or share it directly to other social media. Adobe Spark Post is completely free and doesn’t have any ads.

Install Adobe Spark Post

5. Hype Text

The first app, Hype Text lets you create animated texts on images and videos. Using the app is fairly easy and you can start by selecting a background for your post from the list of options. You can choose to keep the background transparent or use an image or video on your phone.

Text Animation Apps- Hype TExt

You can choose from a variety of effects like Burn in, cross, Fall, Box, cut in, etc. After selecting the desired animation effect, you can change the font and color anytime during the editing process. The app also lets you add music to your animations, simply choose one of the tracks from the app or upload your own. In the end, you can blend the whole scene together with color effects to give your project a more homogenous look.

You can save the post to your phone or share on Instagram directly. The app is free but puts a watermark to your projects which you can remove for $1.99 or upgrade to the Pro version for $9.99.

Install Hype Text

6. Textro

Sometimes you just need a simple text animation to create an intro video for your video. Textro is a great choice for when you wish to create fresh posts with custom fonts. You can choose from several different typography styles. You can even add your own Pics as background for your animations

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To get started simply download the app (Textro is free on the Play Store). Once you open the app it’ll ask you to enter the text, next select from various animation effects, fonts, the color of the background, etc, and then you ready to export it. Go check it out.

Install Textro

Apps to Add Moving Text to Video

These were some easy ways to create beautiful text animations. The animation style is crispy and follows a material design. Though it seems like most of the animations are common. Legend is good for just text animations, and Quik is good for overall stuff. Hype Text Let’s you create text animations over images and videos which makes it suitable for a wider audience.

Did we miss something? Which is your favorite app for text animation? Do let’s us know in the comments.

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