4 Android Apps to Create Text Animation For YouTube Videos

Want to create a YouTube intro with some text animations? Or maybe add some text effect to your presentation? Well, the first thing that came to our mind is to use professional tools like — Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas. But with them, there is a steep learning curve involved. Not to forget how expensive they can get. And frankly speaking, going through the pain of learning this tools is also not worth it, if you just want to create some simple animated text effects. 

People often ask me, which software I use for creating text animation for my YouTube video. And to tell you the truth, I don’t use any complicated tools for this. In fact, I use a simple Android app. And, as long as you also have an Android smartphone or tablet; you can also create some crisp text animation for your videos. 

Following are the sample video of text animation I created from Android Apps.

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So, here are the best Android apps, that’ll help you make some beautiful text animation. 

Apps To Create Beautiful Text Animation Video

1. Tomo – Animate Text in Video

Let’s start with a pretty basic app. Tomo lets you create simple text animation in 3 simple steps — open the app and type in your text; next select your animation style and finally choose a background. That’s it; your text animation will be ready in few seconds.

The app is free (ad-supported), and there is a Tomo branding in the final video, which you can remove by IAP of $3. But I don’t suggest you pay for this app since there is a better alternative available for free.


2. Intro – Text Animate On Video

‘Intro’ is another Android app that lets you create beautify text animation with background music. The app comes with a couple of features to play with, like – changing the text size, font, color, etc. But best of all, it supports 20 different type animation style. Though only six animation styles come free, and the rest 14 styles can be bought in a single purchase

The working is quite similar to the previous app we have seen. That’s, open the app, enter the text, next add a video in the background and then try different text animation style and color. Once you are done, you can save it as mp4 or share it directly on social media.

It seems like this app is a clone of legend (App #4 in the list), so before you try this one, I suggest you take a look at Legend first.


3. Quik – Free Video Editor

Quik is complete video editing app brought to you by GoPro. I accidentally stumble upon this app, while doing research for best Android app for video editing. And I’ve to say, although it’s not a perfect video editor, its text animation feature is pretty amazing. 

Here is how it work. Import a video, add text overlays and export the file. Plain and simple. 

But the way, I use it is — instead of importing a video for background, I  use plain white background. This way, you can use the animation text anywhere you want. And yes it comes with music as well, and all video can be exported to 1080p FHD. By default, there is a Quik logo at the end of the video, which is thankfully is optional. 

And since it’s backup by GoPro, there is no rush to monetize the app. It’s completely free, no IAP or Ads.

Overall the app has a pretty good selection of animation styles (except the last few). And if you are wondering, which app do I use for my YouTube video intro, well it’s this one.


4. Legend – Animate Text in Video

It’s quite similar to Quik, with half of text animation style same. Though Legend is a dedicated text animation app and not a video editor like quick. And what it means is, you’ll get plain backgrounds of different colors. And some of them are awesome.

This app is suitable for creating intro or text animations for YouTube videos. It also has an option to save video as GIF. And the best part is all text animation is free. 


Wrapping up

These were some the easy ways to create beautiful text animations. The animation style is crispy and follows a material design. Though it seems like most of the animations are common. Legend is good for just text animations, and quik is good for overall stuff.

Did we miss something? Which is your favourite app for text animation? Do let’s us know in the comments.

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