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How to View Liked Photos on Instagram on All Computer OS

by Ravi Teja KNTS
How to View Liked Photos on Instagram on Computer

Viewing liked photos on Instagram’s mobile app is easy. You can open your profile page > Hamburger menu at the top right corner > Settings > Account > Posts You’ve Liked and that’s it, you can find all your liked posts right up there. But Instagram’s web app is not the same and there is no way to view liked photos on Instagram on a computer. There are a lot of options missing along with viewing liked photos. But we have some workarounds to make it possible.

How to View Liked Photos on Instagram on Computer

Let me get started with a Chrome extension called Layoutify. It changes the layout of Instagram.com and adds few additional options. This is probably the best way as you can use this on all desktop OS that supports Chrome or Chromium-based browsers. Also, you don’t need to install yet another app to view who liked your photos on Instagram.

1. Using Layoutify Chrome Extensions (All Desktop OS)

1. Open the Layotify Chrome Extension page and click on the Add to Chrome button to download the extension to your browser.

Installing Layoutiufy Chrome extension

3. Click on Add extension in the pop-up to confirm the download.

Adding layoutify extension to chrome

4. Now open instagram.com. This will open Instagram in a different layout with multiple panels to take better advantage of the larger desktop display.

instagram after installing layoutify

5. Just click on the three-dot menu icon at the top right corner.

click on three-dot menu in layoutify Instagram

6. That’s it, this will open a new tab and will all your liked posts on Instagram.

Liked Photos on Instagram

2. Using an Android Emulator (Windows and macOS)

You can use any Android Emulator to install Instagram mobile app on the computer. While there are many emulators like BlueStacks, I prefer Nox Player as I find it a bit lighter and faster comparatively. To view your Instagram likes using Nox player:

1. Open the Nox Player website and download the latest version by clicking on the Download button.

Downloading Nox Player on windows/macOS

2. Click on the downloaded file to open the Nox Player app and click on Start to install it.

Started Installing Nox Player

3. Log in with your Google Account to install apps from Google Play.

Log in to Google Account on the Nox Player

4. Once done, search for the Instagram app and install it.

Installing Instagram on Android Emulator

5. Open Instagram in Nox Player on Windows, log in to Instagram and open the Profile Page.

Using Instagram on Android Emulator

6. Click on the Hamburger menu at the top right corner and then select Settings.

Opening Instagram settings

7. Select Account and then click on Posts You’ve Liked.

Checking posts fans have liked on instagram in windows

8. That’s it, you can view all your liked posts on Instagram here.

Liked posts on Instagram in windows using Nox player

The downside of using an Android emulator is that you need to open the emulator and then the Instagram app to access it every time. As booting up an emulator is a slow process, it may take some time even on mid-range computers. However, if you are using a Samsung phone that runs on One UI 2.0 or above and Windows, you can consider the third method.

3. Using Link to Widnows with Your Phone app (Android)

Your Phone app comes pre-installed on Windows 10, but if you are on one of the previous versions, download the Your Phone app from the Microsoft Store. On Android, download Link to Windows app from the Play Store. On flagship Samsung phones, Link to Windows comes pre-installed. Just open ssystem settings and search for Link to Windows to find it.

Download Your Phone app from Microsoft Store

1. Open Your Phone app on Windows, select the Android option, and click Continue.

Setting up Your Phone app for Android

2. Then sign in with your Microsoft account.

Signing into Your Phone App with Microsoft Account

3. Check the mark beside “Yes, I finished installing Link to Windows” and click on the Open QR Code button beside it.

Open QR Code to connect Android phone to Your Phone App

4. This will open a QR Code for you to scan from Android phone and connect.

Link your phone scanning QR Code

5. Now open your Android phone and open the Link to Windows app. Tap on Link your phone and PC button, then tap on Continue to scan the QR Code from your phone. Once scanned, your phone will be connected.

Link to Widnows setup on Android

6. On your Samsung phone, open Settings > Advanced features and turn on Link to Windows. Tap on Link to Windows to open settings and click on Add Computer. It will open the QR Code scanner option. Scan the QR code you see on your computer. Make sure you are connected to the same network on both your Windows PC and Samsung phone.

Adding computer on Link to Widnows Samsung

7. On the PC, click on the Apps and then on Instagram (you can only see Instagram if you have already installed it on your phone)

Opening Instagram from Your Phone app on Windows

8. This will open the Instagram app and starts screen mirroring your phone. The best part is that you can control the phone from desktop and changes will reflect on both devices.

using Instagram on your phone app

9. Open the Profile Page and click on the Hamburger menu at the top right corner and then select Settings.

Open Instagram settings on your phone app on windows

10. Select Account and then click on Posts You’ve Liked.

checking posts youve liked on Istagram

11. That’s it, you can view all your liked posts on Instagram here.

Liked posts on Instagaram

4. Download Instagram App From Play Store on Chromebook

If you are a Chromebook user then you have a much simpler option to view liked photos on Instagram. Just download the Instagram app from the Play Store and install it just like you do on your phone.

1. If you haven’t enabled Play Store on Chromebook already, click on the Clock to open a quick settings panel and select the Settings icon.

Opening Chromebook settings

2. Scroll down to the Apps section and click on Turn on button beside the Google Play Store option.

Enabling Play Store on Google Play Store

3. In the pop-up that follows, click on Allow and it will take a minute or two before opening the Play Store automatically.

Installing Play Store on Chromebook

4. Open the Play Store, search for the Instagram app, and download it.

Installing Instagram on Chromebook

5. Open the app, log in, and open your Profile page

Using Instagram on Chromebook

6. Open the Hamburger menu and then select Settings.

Opening Instagram Settings on chromebook

7. Select the Account option and then select Posts You’ve Liked.

Checking posts you've liked on Instagram

8. That’s it, you will find all your liked photos here.

Your Instagram Liked posts on Chromebook.

Wrap Up: Viewing Liked Posts on Instagram on Computer

As you may have noticed, most methods are just finding ways to make the Instagram mobile app work on the desktop. But with the Layoutify Chrome extension, you are using the web app of Instagram directly and it makes life so much easier. Those who already have an emulator installed for gaming purpose can go with the other options. 

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