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4 Ways to Send Text From One PC to Another

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Send text from one PC to Another

Whether you want to share a password or a paragraph in the document from one PC to another, there are multiple ways to send the text. In this article, we will explore the best ways to send text from one PC to another PC with or without an internet connection.

1. Instant Messaging Apps

If you can access the internet and want to send a text instantly, you can use instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, etc. Alternatively, you can rely on email.

1. From the sender’s PC, copy the text that you want to send and open the messaging app using the same login credentials on both computers.

2. Send the message from one PC to another. Messaging apps like WhatsApp and Slack let you message yourself.

Sending message on WhatsApp on Desktop

2. USB Transfer

If one of the PCs doesn’t have Internet access or uses same messaging services, you can create a text file to transfer it using a USB drive from one PC to another.

1. Open the Notepad app from the Windows search on one PC, paste the text on the new Notepad file, and save it.

Creating a new notepad

2. Connect your phone or pen drive to the PC and copy the text file from your PC to your USB device.

Moving the notepad to SSD

3. Now connect that USB device to your receiver PC and move the text file from the USB device to the receiver PC. Finally, you can open the text file and access the copied text easily.

3. Sync Clipboard

If you want to send text from one PC to another regularly, it’s better to make the process easy. If the PCs are logged in with the same Microsoft account, you can enable the Clipboard Sync to easily make the text available between two computers.

1. To Sync Clipboard on both PCs, open the Settings app. Then, navigate to System on the left sidebar, and choose Clipboard on the right pane.

Opening Clipboard settings on Windows Settings

2. Turn on the toggles next to the Clipboard history and Clipboard history across your devices options.

Clipboard history option on Windows

3. Under the Clipboard history across your devices heading, select the Automatically sync text that I copy option.

Automatically sync Windows clipboard

4. After that, both PCs will sync clipboards. Then, copy the text on your sender PC and paste it into a Notepad file on your receiver PC – that’ll work flawlessly.

5. If you selected the manual sync option, press Windows Key + V to open the clipboard history on the sender PC. Then, click the three-dot menu beside the text you want to send. Click on the cloud icon to sync that text with other PCs, and you can directly paste that copied text onto the receiver PC.

manually syncing clipboard on Windows

When you enable the sync option on both devices, you can copy on either device and paste on the other one.

4. Copycat App

Clipboard Sync is an amazing Windows feature to send text to sync copied content between two computers. But it only works if both the PCs are logged in with the same Google account. Copycat is a third-party app that relieves you from that limitation.

1. Download the Copycat app on both PCs.

2. To sync, make sure that both PCs are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then on your receiver PC, open Settings app, choose Network and Internet from the left sidebar, and choose the connected Wi-Fi network on the right pane.

Opening WiFi properties on Windows

3. Under the Wi-Fi properties, find the IPv4 address option and note down the IP address of your receiver PC.

Checking IP address on Windows

4. On the sender’s PC, open the Copycat app and click on the Add Machine button. In the pop-up, enter the IP address of your receiver PC and click OK.

Adding IP address on Copycat application

That’s it. After that, whenever you copy text on the sender PC, you can directly paste it on the receiver PC – provided both the computers connect to the same Wi-Fi.

Similar to the Sync Clipboard feature, you can share and receive clipboard data after you feed the IP address of the sender PC.

Send Text From One PC to Another

With the above methods, you can send text from one PC to another with or without the internet. Typically, Clipboard Sync on Windows does the job. You can also try out other Clipboard alternatives or else, you can take help of a third-party app like Copycat.

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