7 Best Google Slides Add-Ons to Make a Killer Presentation

Google Slides is completely and an amazing app to create presentations on the fly. It works on every platform and any browser, just like any other Google app part of the G Suite. That also means that it supports a plethora of Google Slides add-ons that are available in the G Suite Marketplace. But which ones should you install and why?

We have been busy covering add-ons for Docs, Sheets, Forms, Gmail and other Google apps for the past week, and today we will cover add-ons for Google Slides. These add-ons will help you create, manage, and present slides to your audience in the best possible manner.

Let’s begin.

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Best Google Slides Add-Ons

1. Slides Toolbox

Starting from an all-in-one tool, Slides Toolbox add-on for Google Slides will perform small, repeated tasks with the click of a button. For example, change the case of selected text, format text, manage spacing alignment across slides, change and manage size, color, type or invert text, remove empty lines and spaces, and much more.

Slide Toolbox is a must-have addon for every Google Slide user. It will help you remove errors and tidy up all the slides in a few clicks. You don’t have to hunt these annoying errors now. Then comes page formatting tools like center, align, scale, rotate, and resizing pages. You can also export images in different formats or change their position and size across slides. Like I said, a must-have.

Download Slides Toolbox: Google Slides

2. Slido

Giving presentations is not enough. Once you are done, you need to wait for questions from the viewers and answer them. That’s easy to do when you doing it live in a small conference room. What about remote presentations or when it’s a large auditorium? Slido will allow you to create live polls to Q&A sessions to receive feedback and answer common but burning questions.

There is no need to switch back and forth. Just do it right inside Google Slides with a single click. Okay, maybe more than a few clicks but you get the idea. Slido is one of the best Google Slides add-ons that every presentater needs to install to make sure he/she is prepared for feedback.

Download Slido: Google Slides

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3. Kaizena

Kaizena was designed with teachers in mind. What it does is helps them provide feedback on submitted documents, reports, research, projects, and studies by students. Feedback helps students understand their errors and mistakes, and allows them to learn from it. There is a lot of research that backs this. Feedback can be offered in the form of text or voice comments, skills, and lessons.

Lessons are pre-saved feedback that you can attach to any part of the document or slide. It saves time and makes life easier. Skills will allow you to identify students’ skills and strengths. It’s a win-win situation for both students and teachers. Just highlight the text or select it to leave comments or attach a lesson or make notes.

Note that Kaizena Google Slides add-on also works on Google Docs.

Download Kaizena: Google Slides

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4. Unsplash Images and Insert Icons

What’s a good presentation without beautiful icons and stunning images. As they say – A picture is worth a thousand words. Two notable Google Slides add-ons for that are Unsplash Images and Insert Icons. The first one will allow you to access thousands if not millions of stock free high-quality HD images for free.

The second one will unlock over 1800 icons from two different sources for free. These come with transparent backgrounds too so you can use it on top of any image for greater effect. Other options include the ability to add effects like background, shadow, resize, change icon color, and more.

Another option is to add images that are saved in your Google Photos account.

Download Unsplash Images: Google Slides

Download Insert Icons: Google Slides

5. Pear Deck

One of the best Google Slides add-ons for those who are looking to interact with their audience in new and interesting ways. Pear Deck allows you to create interactive questions for your attendees, students, and viewers and engage them in thought-provoking discussions.

The best thing is that you won’t have to do a thing as it comes with a number of templates to choose from. Just select the one that suits your needs and edit it to your liking. Some examples include responding by number or text, exit ticket, checkboxes, bells, and even allowing them to respond from their own devices. Other features include editing fonts, themes, and layouts.

Download Pear Deck: Google Slides

6. Flat

Flat add-on is available on both Google Slides and Docs. What you can do is now add music notations to your slides easily. While the notation is like a picture in effect, you can click on it to actually play it. Very useful for music students and teachers and surprisingly, a very popular Google Slides add-on.

While Flat is awesome and everything, I would recommend you to get the plan on their site to reap the full benefits of what the team has to offer.

Download Flat: Google Slides

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7. ScriptSlide

Oen of the biggest problems that presenters face is not knowing when to speak without turning back and looking at the slides. ScriptSlide solves this problem with a teleprompter that you can control using your smartphone. You can now import your notes and cues either on a smartphone or your laptop and use it deliver a flawless presentation.

It also eliminates the need for memorizing your script by heart. Why memorize it when you can read it when required? ScriptSlide is one of the must-have Google Slides add-ons that every user wants.

Download ScriptSlide: Google Slides

Google Slides Add-Ons

There is a Google Slides add-on for everyone. Whether you are a creator, coder, designer or composer, there is something for everyone. I would recommend you to also go through the official G Suite marketplace and search for more possible add-ons based on keywords related to the field you are working in and key requirements. It would be awesome if you could share your favorite add-ons in the comments below.

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