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6 Best Always on Display Apps on Android

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Best Always on Display Apps

Always on Display feature works slightly differently on phones from different smartphone manufacturers. While some OEMs like Samsung provide you with a lot of options and designs to choose from, other OEMs like the OnePlus provide a lackluster experience. So if you like to improve the always-on display functionality or try new clock faces, here are the best always-on display apps you can download on Android.

Best Always on Display Apps on Android

1. AOA (Always-on AMOLED)

This is a feature-rich app that comes with plenty of design styles and customization options to choose from. AoA features designs that include stickers, clocks, calendars, weather, notifications, etc. The best part is its granular customization where you can tweak even small settings like brightness, placement, time delay, duration, etc. It also provides multiple ways to trigger the always-on display like raise to wake, double-tap to wake, and more so you don’t have to enable it manually.

Always on Amoled app

Anyhow some features like edge lighting are not so customizable or have many designs to choose from. Also, the app only provides a few designs in the free tier. But you can apply premium designs just by choosing to watch an ad.


  • Many always-on display designs
  • Customization options


  • Ads all over the app
  • Many designs are locked under the premium tier

Download AOA

2. Muviz Edge

Edge lighting is the selling point here. But it does a great job of providing many edge lighting themes, customizable settings, when to show settings, animations, timings, placement, etc. Unlike always-on display designs, edge lighting will not be visible all the time on the screen. It will only appear when there is music playing on the device or when a new notification hits the screen. Muviz also supports a few always-on display designs, and all of them feature a media player. Needless to say, it was designed for music lovers. The edge lighting animations are also optimized for the music playing on the device.

Muvi edge Android app

The only downside is that the edge lighting will not work along with the always-on display provided by the OEM. You need to use the always-on display designs from Muviz Edge only.


  • Premium edge lighting themes
  • Animations play in sync with music


  • Will not work with OEM’s always-on display screen

Download Muviz Edge

3. NotifyBuddy

This isn’t an always-on display app, but it uses the always-on display technology to bring back the notification LED. NotifyBuddy is a one trick hero. Whenever you receive a new notification, you see a small dot representing the notification LED which is missing on the latest phones. You need to enable this feature on an app-by-app basis and can also set different colors for different apps. It also carries a few additional features like notifying you of missed calls when your phone is on DND, charging indicator, etc. You can customize the size and blink duration of the notification LED. Also, it has burn-in protection that moves the dot a bit every once in a while.

Notify Buddy Android app

You cannot use both the always-on display and notification LED at the same time. Once the app is enabled, your always-on display acts as a notification LED.


  • Brings back the notification LED
  • Customize notifications app wise


  • Cannot use always-on display with a notification LED

Download NotifyBuddy

4. AOE (Always on Edge)

AOE is a mix of all three always-on display apps that we covered above. In some cases, AOE offers even more customization options than NotifyBuddy, Muviz, and AoA. While it’s hard to mention all the features, you do get granular control over everything. Like NotifyBuddy, this will not replicate the notification LED but will give you a ticker that displays the latest notifications.

AOE Always on Edge Android app

It can take quite a while to get a hang of the app as there are way too many things to wrap your hear around. Because of multiple features overlapping one another, your changes may not be applied always or will coincide with other features making it hard to understand.


  • Provides always-on display & edge lighting designs, and notification options
  • Granular customization


  • Can be a bit overwhelming

Download AOE

5. True AMPs

True AMPs provide always-on display animations for charging screen. So these effects won’t appear on the screen all the time. By default, the animation you have selected will only play after you connect the charger briefly before disappearing. You can choose to display animations all the time when the phone is in charge. While designs from other apps are subtle like stickers, images, and small animations, True AMPs designs are a bit overwhelming and cover the entire screen sometimes.

True AMPs Android app

The only issue is that sometimes it doesn’t show the charging percent in the animation or updates the charging percent a few minutes late.


  • Provides coolest charging animations


  • Glitches with charging percent
  • Intrusive ads

Download True AMPs

6. Custom AOD

Custom AOD, as the name suggests, allows you to create your own animation designs. You can set any of your images and gifs as the always-on display screen. Also, you can add multiple images to the same design if you prefer so.

Custom AOD Android App

But the app is super buggy and also doesn’t offer many customization options. But considering you can design your own animations with gifs, you should give it a try.


  • Ability to create custom always-on display designs with images and gifs


  • Buggy app experience

Download Custom AOD

Add Jazz With Always-on Display Apps

Most always-on display apps do not add any additional info to the display. They only bring you time, music control, and notifications which are possible with most Android phones. But if you like to try new clock faces, effects, and animations, then they are definitely worth checking out. My personal favorite is Muviz Edge because all I want is a bit of animation when playing music and the option to get notified visually.

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