Best Apple TV Games You Should Play Right Now (2018)

Apple TV is more than just a TV console, Not only it streams Netflix, Amazon Prime, and comes with some amazing utility apps, you can also play many games on your Apple TV. With so many titles to choose from, it can often get a little overwhelming to find a perfect app for you. So, in this article, we’ll have shortlisted, some of our favorite Apple TV games. Let’s check out the games now, shall we?

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Best Apple TV Games

1. Crossy Road

Crossy Road originated as a joke on ‘Why did the chicken cross the road’ joke and turned in to one of the most popular games on Apple TV. The objective is simple, you, as a chicken have to cross the road full of oncoming traffic and not die.

Download Crossy Road (free)

2. Spin Sports

Spin Sports is a multi-player arcade-style game that lets you play with up to six people. Now, this may sound odd but each player can control their character with just one button, and two players have to share the same remote and other players can connect with a Mfi controller, this essentially makes the game more fun. 

Download Spin Sports (free)

3. Asphalt 8

I have always been a fan of racing games and lately, the games have become so good in terms of Graphics that Asphalt 8 just deserves a spot for just that. This game challenges you to perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts in an intense driving experience powered by a brand-new physics engine. You’ll hit the ramps, taking the race upward as you perform barrel rolls and wild 360-degree jumps. With more than 95 performance cars, you’ll maneuver through the air while pulling off stunts.

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Download Asphalt 8 (free)

4. Into the Dead

Into the Dead is an FPS with stunning visuals and an intense gameplay for a mobile game. It comes with metal support so rest assured your app won’t have a hitch working with the Apple TV. The objective is to stay alive and kill zombies in an apocalyptic world. You gain XP and rewards as you level up the game or you can purchase additional stuff with in-app purchases.

Download Into the dead (free)

5. Badland

Badland – Apple’s Game of the Year, is a side-scrolling (like the flappy bird), action adventure game set in a forest-like environment. The visuals alone would trap you in the gameplay and story is so engaging with its unique puzzles and obstacles. It supports multiplayer with up to 4 players on a single device. The single-player mode has more than 100 levels and the level editor lets you design your own mazes and levels.

Download Badland ($0.99)

6. Modern Combat 5

MC5 is a fast-paced single-player FPS, which offers campaign along with the excellent multiplayer action. You can choose from a variety of specialist classes, and unlock awesome weaponry. The single player campaign takes you from Venice to Tokyo, and multiplayer mode has just as much variety. As you would expect from a big gun MC5 is a perfect bundle of high-end graphics with an engaging story and a lasting adrenaline rush. The only thing which bugs me is – Gameloft No Longer Supporting Modern Combat 5 on Apple TV, that said the app still works fine at the moment. 

Download MC5 (free)

7. Hit Tennis 3

Hit Tennis is a digital Tennis game which you can play on your Apple TV. You can battle opponents in 24 different tournaments in fun locations across the globe. The app works with the Siri Remote and works quite like the Wii remote. The game utilizes the Siri remote sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope), meaning you can hit the ball back and forth and even change the angle of your shot based on how you swing the Siri remote.

Download Hit Tennis 3 (free)

8. Snowboard Party

Snowboard Party brings the thrill of snowboarding to your TV. To ride the downhill slopes at extreme speed and catch some big air to perform the craziest tricks in 21 completely unique adrenaline-filled mountains/locations is nuts. This game has a few different modes like Time attack, Freestyle, Big air, Half Pipe and Multiplayer.

Download Snowboard

9. Riptide GP 2

Riptide GP2 a popular game on Android and iOS is also available for your Apple TV. The objective of the game is to efficiently run a water boat water while doing several tricks and beating your opponent at the same time. There are a few different modes like online multiplayer, Career mode and challenge friends. Honing your skills in Career Mode or challenge your friends by racing online with the Game Center or local multiplayer mode with a split screen offers the best gaming experience on the Apple TV.riptide- best apple tv games

Download Riptide ($1.99)

10. Afterpulse

The Afterpulse is 3D Shooter game with both single-player and multiplayer options. You can personalize your soldier, power up weapons, choose battle style, and fight. There is also a Training Mode where you can master your battle skills, it’s more call of duty style but it’s a fun game to play on your Apple TV.AfterPulse- best apple tv games

Download Afterpulse (free)

11. Duet

I love playing Duet on my Android smartphone and now, I love playing it on the bigger screen as well. Your goal in Duet Game is to keep your two dots safe by not letting them touch any of the obstacles. You rotate the sphere left and right by tapping your thumbs to move the vessels around the obstacles that appear. Like all games, as you move up the ladder the game becomes more channeling. But my favorite feature of the duet is the Official sound track, for some reason, it helps me focus a lot. 

Download Duet ($2.99)

12. Pac-Man

Who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent outrunning those pesky ghosts and chompin’ on dots? Now you can have the same excitement on your Apple TV. In addition to the pixel for pixel recreation of the classic original maze, the game is packed with more than 100 mazes. There are a total of 10 zones and three different game modes.

Download Pac-Man ($4.99)

13. Angry Birds Go

Downhill racing has come to Piggy Island, and this time Angry Birds are in on the action. You can Tear down the track at breakneck speeds in Angry Birds Go, quite a  thrilling race to the finish this one. You can unlock characters and karts, challenging your friends and foes alike on the global leaderboards and has local multiplayer gaming. It’s like Mario Kart but with birds. Some very Angry Birds.

Download Angry Birds

14. Transistor

Made by the Indie developers supergiant games who made Bastion which also features isometric point of view type role-playing elements. Transistor is a science fiction RPG where you play as red and is narrated by the weapon you wield. Transistor is beautifully designed with hand drew character models and has an in-depth combat system where you strategically mix and match power-ups in a unique fashion which set this one apart from the crowd. It has Blade Runner feel to it with a bit more video game edge. Well written characters and an original story this one is well worth your time.

Download Transistor ($4.99)

15. Inside

If you haven’t gotten a chance to play it on console this is a fantastic game with progressive layered puzzle designs. Playdead’s second game after limbo is an atmospheric puzzle game with Dark and dreary environments and subtle storytelling with its world design. Inside is 2 and a half D where you interact with elements that are 3D objects but the controls are very intuitive so you’re not exactly fumbling with your TV remote. The gameplay is of roughly two hours and I finished it when it was released and it still excites me today.

Download Inside (free)

16. Lego Batman movie game

Its the official Lego Batman game made by Warner Brothers. It might seem like a shameless endless runner with Batman in it. But its actually quite good. The fun element that does stand out is the beatboxing mechanic every time you crash. You need to time the notes to get back to the main game, which is as Lego Batman as it can get. It Really gets into the spirit of the movie and turns into an enjoyable gameplay.Lego Batman- best apple tv games

Download Lego Batman movie game (free)

17. Rayman’s Adventures

Its the Ubisoft’s Mario if you will, its no contender for something like Rayman Legends. Rayman Adventures is a fun yet challenging platformer like its big brother legends. It has about 140 levels even though there might be some repetition, it’s a romp none the less.

Download Rayman’s Adventures (free)

18. Lara Croft GO

It’s part of the Go trilogy from Square Enix and by and large the best one. The music and sound are soft and pleasant. Its a finely crafted puzzler which has a turn-based style to it. The puzzles get more progressively complex making you think creatively and several moves ahead to solve them. More importantly, it really retains the spirit of Lara Croft with jumping, shooting and puzzle solving in her signature style.

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Download Lara Croft Go ($4.99)

19. Hidden folks

Hidden folks is maybe the most intense Where’s Waldo game you’ll play, with a heap of moving parts you need to find a few things and people in each stage which gets bigger and bigger with lots of movement and animation. The reason it does get harder is that of its B&W aesthetic. This makes you kinda really hunt for each thing you need to find. Levels are dense with different themes and things happening at any given time. This makes you really appreciate the level design which is outstanding.

Download Hidden folks ($3.99)

20. Broken Age

Tim schafer is known for his point and clicks adventures like Grim Fandango, Full Throttle and Day of the tentacle. It’s filled with the same kind of surreal dark humor you’d expect if you’ve played the others. You’re moving around by tapping on the screen and interacting with an object, analyzing them and talk to NPC’s to get the plot moving or to get to know the lore. It’s well worth your time if you’ve never played any Tim Schafer’s games with one caveat where his point and click adventures are a slow burn type of game where you appreciate the story and characters more instead of the action. It works brilliantly with the Siri Remote.

Download Broken Age ($4.99)

Which are the Best Apple TV games?

I have listed the most popular games from every Genre and you can try all of these games when you’re relaxing with your family and need a fun activity. Games like Crossy Road, PacMan, Angry Birds Go are more fun with friends, while Lara Croft, MC5, and Lego Batman are more intensive games. Tell us which games are your favorite and if I missed any of yours on this list.

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