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Best Apps for Art Lovers on iOS & Android

by Vaibhav

It’s not a great time for Art, as no art conventions are being organized and you can’t go to your favourite art gallery to look at your favourite artwork. Although these physical spaces have seen a blow due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has opened a whole box of opportunities for the integration of art with technology. So, if you’re looking to go back to relive your love for art. Here are the best apps for art lovers on iOS & Android.

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Best Apps for Art Lovers

1. Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is a package tool for art lovers. You can scroll through daily art feed for fresh art, 360-degree view of famous locations, and great integration of famous artworks with background music.

My favourite section of the app is the camera integration feature which you can access from the camera icon on the home screen. Here you have the Art selfie feature with which you can compare your selfie with other artworks that look like you. Moreover, if love AR, you can also choose from artworks and project them in real size in your room. You have famous heritage places like Chauvet Cave, Nine-dome mosque, Gereza fort etc, in realtime with just the movement of your phone.

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2.  DailyArt – Your Daily Dose of Art History Stories

If you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with so much info, as you have in Google Arts & Culture. Getting a single dose of art daily might be the best way to slowly learn about painting and artists.

The DailyArt shows you one piece of art each day. It has over 2500 art masterpieces along with hundreds of artist biographies and museum collections. It shows you one art as soon as you open the app which you can download in your phone in high resolution. If you like the art you can drag the info card and read more about the art and the artform. You can also tap on the artist’s name, and view other masterpieces by the same artist. If you like to make a gallery of art you like, just hit the heart icon which will add it to the favorites section.

If you don’t want your art to be feature alongside annoying bottom banner ads. You can upgrade to the pro version of the app for $6.

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3. [AR]T Museum

Have you always wondered how an art masterpiece would look upon your wall?

The [AR]T Museum app lets you scan any wall in your house and use it as a canvas to put a picture frame up there in real-time. After you’re done scanning, select art you want to see and you’ll have it on your wall. The app also shows you the art and the artist’s info along with it.

The only feature that’s missing would’ve been an option to pinch and zoom to adjust the frame and also an option to save it in a click rather than taking a screenshot every time.

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4. Live Art Auction

Classis art pieces generally go on sale with a jaw-dropping price. Live Art Auction app is a one-stop place where you can find art auction houses, online auctions, and other major auctions within one place. So you don’t have to keep a tab on multiple online and physical platforms.

The app also has a monthly subscription for $19.99 which gives you 5 year past auctions, upcoming auction, and more such premium features.

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5. DeviantArt

Devian art is a decent platform for finding modern artwork, like 3D art, animation, anime, comics, and much more vivid database.

Although you can view and scroll through artwork without logging in. If you’re serious about uploading your art, liking and commenting on others’ creations, I highly suggest signing up. The app has a very minimal and scrollable UI. You can either browser artwork from the popular section or choose from a more genre-specific list. Besides that, you can write a note to artists and also view their gallery and daily journal similar to a social profile. I recommend this app for something who is into animation and illustrative art.

Although, make sure to always keep a check as the content may be not suitable from users who are under the age of 18.

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6. Art Quiz

Art Quiz is a fun art trivia quiz to test your skills in art and artists ranging from the renaissance period to contemporary modern art. It has various quizzes like guess the artist, guess the artwork, work making and more. After you make a guess, the app also shows you a fun fact related to the quiz which can keep your curiosity high. You get hints if you’re stuck and can also use the ask a friend option which automatically takes a screenshot of the question and gives shows you a share option. Each question has a 30-sec timer, so keep calm and play on.

The app has ads and there is no option to remove them, however, you can shut the internet as a workaround. Here’s a similar app on iOS.

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7. Museum Apps

Since most classic art is in the physical form and enjoys a heritage like status. Most of them are sagely kept under supervision in museums. That means that, if it’s on the other side of the world, you probably won’t ever get a chance to view them. But don’t worry, slowly museums are turning their heads towards tech, so some of them can provide a great online experience, local guides, online ticket buying option, and much more. Here are some apps

Closing Remarks

There were some apps that let you identify art, take a tour of galleries online. The also, tell you interesting facts about art and artists. If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your interest in art, Google Arts & Culture is the app to install. It has got art and an artist’s info. You can use the app to cast art on to your TV. Moreover, there’s the selfie camera that turns your face to art. I’d also recommend to try out Art Quiz, as this trivia game is super fun and you can learn a lot in the flashcard style game.

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