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30+ Best Facebook Messenger Games to Play When Your Crush Isn’t Replying

by Kaushal
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Facebook Messenger lets you connect with your friends on Facebook, it can also act as your default messaging app and if your crush isn’t responding to your texts, you can even play games to kill time in anticipation. I love me a quick game session of mindlessly tapping on the screen to win some digital coins and I get bored of these games fairly quickly. Installing multiple games on your phones consumes both time and space, that’s where Facebook Messenger games come into play. You can play these games without downloading and quit at any time. Let’s check out some of the best Facebook Messenger Games.

How to play games on Facebook Messenger

You can play Facebook Messenger games in a browser on desktop or in the mobile app.

  1. Open Facebook Messenger (Android | iOS | Web)
  2. Open any conversation, and tap the + sign in the bottom left.
  3. Next, tap the games controller icon
  4. Pick any game from the list and tap on it to start playing.

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Best Facebook Messenger Games

1. 2048

This is one my favorite games of all time, 2048 is a simple numbers game where you can merge two tiles of the same number to form a tile with the value of the sum of the two tiles. I know I explained it like a boring math teacher but you’ll play this all the time, especially in that boring math class (don’t do that, school is important). You play on a 4×4 board and your objective is simple, create a tile with the number 2048. It looks difficult when you first start playing but as you reach the final goal, you would realize that you can go far beyond that. My personal best was 16384.

Pro Tip: Facebook Messenger shows a lot of ads which can also be avoided using the same technique. Simply Turn On the Airplane Mode during the gameplay to get rid of ads

best facebook messenger games- 2048

2. 2048 Hexagon Connect

Think of this game as 2048 with steroids. Instead of playing it on a square board, it has a 6×5 honeycomb layout. Your objective is to get the highest score by merging cells of equal value together. It does have a different logic to it. 2048 merged two tiles with equal values but here you have to put cells of equal values such that at least one side touches. When four cells of equal value touch each other, it forms a cell with a value of the sum of all the smaller cells. Go play this now, honey.

best facebook messenger games- 2048 ex

3. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a simulation which is quite popular as a standalone game. You can play Pool with your Friends, online, or practice alone. The interface and layout are almost the same as the standalone game but it loads really quickly on Messenger. You can keep track of scores within the game and it syncs the score with all your friends. It has three modes in online mode; 8-ball, 9-ball, and quickfire. Grab your sticks and pot some balls.

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best facebook messenger games- pool

4. Archery 3D

The game which helped train Legolas and Hawk-Eye in their Archery skill, just kidding. Archery 3D is a sports simulation game where you can target practice with Arrows. The game has 4 different modes; Training, 1v1, Tournament, and Rush. All the modes are played against an online opponent except training, you compete against yourself there and maybe some wind. The graphics are decent and aiming is precise, tossing some wind resistance and you get sophisticated gaming experience. You can’t miss this.

best facebook messenger games- archery

5. Balls 3D Rush

A racing game with balls, literally. You play as balls racing over a ramp for the first position. The boxy animation actually adds to the gaming experience and gives you a pseudo-nostalgic vibe. You can either play with your Facebook friends or take part in a multiplayer race with random but real players. Your objective is to win the race against other players, you get powerups which increase your speed but so does your enemies’. There are hurdles, blocks and moving obstacles which makes this game challenging and fun. I would totally play this till I burn out.  If you want a crazier and faster game with similar gameplay, try Crazy Ball 3D. It’s more fun if you want speed.

best facebook messenger games- balls 3d rush

6. Balls Hit 3D- New Guns

A very edgy game not because of it’s gameplay but it’s polygon shaped objects. This game is a level based where you have to shoot balls by tapping the screen and hit the target, there are, however, rotating obstacles which makes this mindlessly easy task a little challenging. Every new level offers a different combination of rotation, speed,  and orientation to make the level a little more unpredictable and challenging. I can play this with my eyes closed, it’s that easy.

best facebook messenger games- hit ball

7. Big House

Remember the simple 2048 game you couldn’t stop playing? Big House is just a Sesame Street version of that. Instead of a 2D layout, it has a 3D space where you start with four tiles and keep unlocking more as you level up. You don’t merge numbered tiles here but the housing properties. Your goal is to create the largest property. You start with a bunch of tents, merge them to get a Cabin then Rich Cabin and so on. It has other in-game coins which run out if you purchase too much property and wait for them to spit out more. It’s very addictive.

best facebook messenger games- big house

8. Block Puzzle Pirate Odyssey

A Tetris style game in which the tetrominoes don’t fall to the bottom. You play on an 8×8 grid where you can place different tetrominoes to fill up a row or a column, brownie points if you fill both in one go. The pieces can range from anywhere from one tile to 9 and the game finishes when there is no more space to put the pieces. Unlike the standard Tetris game, you can’t rotate the pieces but you can manually put the piece anywhere which makes this game a little different. This would surely cause a Tetris effect for the next few weeks.

best facebook messenger games- odyssey

9. 3D Bowling

I would’ve passed on this game if only it weren’t for this animated dude who actually bowls the ball every time you play. Just like regular bowling, you have to drop all the ten pins in the lane. You can adjust the position of the player, set the power and control the ball’s rotation. That’s actually it and I got pretty good at bowling I think I’m ready for a real tournament.

best facebook messenger games- bowling

10. Cooking Crazy

Ever wondered what it’s like behind the counter at the restaurant. Cooking Crazy is a fun role-playing game where you have to serve customers but it gets really stressful as you get more customers. You prepare food which takes time, and every customer has different requirements. If you leave the food on the stove for too long then your customer may get irritated and leave which would cost you dearly. This game has a lot of time management and actually trains you to manage things better. The only thing missing from this game is, Gordon Ramsey screaming at the top of his lungs in the background.

best facebook messenger games- crazy chef

11. Dagger.io

PUBG and other battle Royale games aren’t my cup of tea. I prefer simple games with one objective. Dagger.io is a simple multiplayer game where your objective is to win among a few random players. You play as a character who has a circle of deadly daggers rotating around it. Pick up stray daggers lying around the arena and fight other players. You can strip them of their weapons simply by passing through or eliminate by cornering them. As they drop their daggers, you pick those automatically. More daggers you acquire, harder it will be for your enemies to defeat you. You win once there are no more players left. Typical battle Royale stuff. Pro tip: don’t pick a fight with anyone with more daggers than you.

best facebook messenger games- dagger

12. Everwing

Picture a Fairy that slays Dragons, and shoots fireballs from its Sword and collects coins and gems. Now, put this in infinite runner gameplay and you get Everwing. Also, you get to hatch dragon eggs. Your objective is to kill as many dragons that come your way. as you proceed, you hatch dragon eggs which fight alongside you and help you score more. You can unlock and switch between different characters, every character has it’s own special ability and offers a unique weapon. It’s closest you’ll get to a fantasy world in a messenger.

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best facebook messenger games- everwing

13. Five in a Row

Who even plays Tic Tac Toe anymore? It’s a classic classroom time killer but it always ends up in a tie. Five in a Row is an advanced version of the concept. You can play against a random user or with your Facebook friends. Your objective is to draw five Os or Xs in a row, whichever is yours. A grid of 17×13 gives you a huge space where you can strategize and defeat your opponent. It looks easy but most of the time you’re catching up to your opponent if you don’t have a strategy. Fun 5/5.

best facebook messenger games- five in a row

14. Fruit Fighter

You captured all the fruit that tried to join the revolution against you. Now, it’s time for revenge. You are presented with a level with a different arrangement of fruits. you get a limited number of knives to slice all the fruits and sometimes you get only a few knives then you must think creatively and eliminate all the evil fruit rebels. It’s fun playing with knives.

best facebook messenger games- fruit

15. Golden Boot

Quick! On your feet. Grab some shoes and let’s go practicing. Don’t judge Golden Boot as a Messenger game, it has some amazing physics and mechanics which makes the playing experience authentic. You can play Duel with anyone around the world, play with your Facebook friends or play single against yourself. After finishing the tutorial, you would have to hit a specific part of the goal to earn points. The points get higher with trickier shots and moving targets. The goalie is really good and would try his best to stop your goals. You can also swing the ball mid-air and bend it like Beckham.

best facebook messenger games- golden boot


Fine, I’ll admit that I have a bias for numbers, Tetris, and hexagons. HEX FRVR is another Tetris style game where you have to clear rows and columns. This is played on a hexagonal board with five tiles on each side, a total of 61 tiles. You start with three tiles and place those on the board, as you proceed, rows and columns would fill and disappear as soon as the tiles make a combination of 5 to nine tiles reaching the edge of the board. This game is recommended if you want a fresh take on Tetris.

best facebook messenger games- hex frvr

17. Jumpy Jumpy

How do I describe this one? Jumpy Jumpy is a blob of paint that would jump indefinitely, your objective is to drop it through the slots cut on the floor. The only catch is that you have to stay away from the colored patches or you lose. Pretty innovative for an endless arcade game.

best facebook messenger games- drop

18. Last Knife

There’s a rotating target, you have a few knives, you throw them at the target. When you hit successfully, you get points, when you miss? You lose. That’s pretty much the gist of this game. As you level up the targets get crowded with obstacles and perks. You can score extra points by throwing the knife at the apple. Play this with your friends and challenge them to beat your high score.

best facebook messenger games- last knife

19. Mahjong Gold

Mahjong is a really popular game since the time of Windows XP. The aim of the game is simple, you have to empty the pile of pieces by eliminating them in pairs. You can only pick up a tile only if it’s free. The game has six different levels with three levels of difficulty. It’s a different game than Dominoes.

best facebook messenger games- mahjong

20. Ninja Go

One of the most intriguing games in this list, Ninja Go is a 2D puzzle game where you play as a ninja who can walk on any surface, even on the roof upside down. Your aim is to travel through different mazes avoiding deadly traps which would result in stabbing, a lot of it. Every level has an element of surprise to keep your attention and movement based knives are a bloody surprise every time.

best facebook messenger games- ninja

21. Open the Door

Drawing based puzzle games are very interesting as they can have multiple solutions and you’re only bound by your imagination and sometimes game physics. Open the Door has a simple objective, take the ball through the door. Every level presents you with a different puzzle which makes you think out of the box to solve the puzzle. I’ll give you a brief idea, you have to draw, bridges, harness, dead weights throughout the game to get through the level. The game is so well done, it draws you in quickly.

best facebook messenger games- open the door

22. Othello

It’s a tragedy they didn’t think of the Copyright while naming it Othello. It is the digital version of the popular game Reversi popularised as Othello by Mattel. Your aim is to increase the number of your discs and eliminate your opponent’s. You do this until every place on the board if occupied and then the discs are counted, whoever posses the higher number of discs wins.

best facebook messenger games- othello

23. Pacman Go

Indulge in the Nostalgia of Arcade with Pacman Go. It is the exact replica of the classic and you can play it on your phone with swipes. For anyone who has never played Pacman before, You play as the yellow ball and eat dots across a maze-like level. There are four ghosts which would kill you if you touch them. Eating bigger dots would give you the ability to eat the ghosts but they don’t die and come back after a while.

best facebook messenger games- pacman

24. Prison Break

A word based game that is loosely inspired by the Shawshank Redemption. The character is falsely imprisoned and seeks your help. You help him by figuring out the words which manifest into objects and help him with his plan to escape. The stick figure animation sells it for me.

best facebook messenger games- prison break

25. Road Racing.io

Driving Monster Trucks jumping over each other to get to the finish line, this is pretty much the general vibe of the game. Think of this game as the 2D version of Super Smash Bros minus the shell and banana peels. You race downhill against 5 opponents, you all have the same speed, the only difference is the obstacles and boosters. If you avoid all the bumps and grab all the boosters, it can give you a significant advantage over other players. Plus you can jump and drive over other trucks which if fun too. Another game with similar mechanics is Snow Racing.io, check that out, it’s got cute birds skiing.

best facebook messenger games- road racing

26. Rhythm Piano Tiles

The closest you can feel to Mozart without a Piano and any musical skill is with this game. Rhythm Piano Tiles plays a part of a melody every time you tap a black tile. The goal is not to rush the game but take the time for curate the symphony in the game. Perfect your timing and feel like the greats.

best facebook messenger games- rhythm piano tiles

27. Snake Mania

Remember Battle Royale? This is just that but with snakes. Play as a sweet tooth Snake munching on candies to grow bigger. An arena has around 10  players, all of them competing to get bigger. You can defeat other players by making their heads collide with your body. This explodes them into candy which you consume to bulk up. Just make sure you don’t collide with anyone else.

best facebook messenger games- snake mania

28. Space Invaders

The O.G of Shoot ’em up genre, Space Invaders has been the first game for a lot of young gamers. I didn’t know about it until I had already grown up but I can relate to the nostalgia. It has the same design, gameplay, and controls as the original game made for consoles. You can swipe the bottom part of the screen to navigate the ships and destroy the enemy ships.

best facebook messenger games- space invaders

29. Spot the Difference

This game can only be played with your Facebook friends. You are presented with two nearly identical images with hidden irregularities, look for them in record time and challenge your friend to beat your time. The images are well thought and make you look hard to spot the difference.

best facebook messenger games- spot the difference

30. Tic Tac Toe

Okay, I know what I said about Tic Tac Toe but it’s not that bad. It’s timeless classic and sometimes you don’t need a game to win but to play with someone just to spend some time. It’s there so if you feel like scribbling Xs, and Os, just search for it in the Messenger app.

best facebook messenger games- tic tac toe

31. Uno

Uno is a fun card game best played with close friends who can handle that ‘take 4’ card. It may be catered to kids but it has ruined adult friendships too. It can be highly competitive and that’s why I love it. Check it out.

best facebook messenger games- uno

32. Whack the Mole

The infamous Arcade game of the 70’s returns with a mellow avatar. Instead of using an actual hammer, you have to bash 1s and 0s back into the hole. You only get four lives and each one is taken away when you miss a mole so be quick and strike the tiny hammer on the heads of those cute rodents( actually mammals).

best facebook messenger games- whack the mole

33. Words with Friends

One word: Scrabble.

best facebook messenger games- words with friends

Hidden Games in Facebook Messenger

While looking for games for Facebook Messenger I stumbled upon these two hidden gems which are completely hidden in the plain sight.


It loads a small game when you send a basketball emoji to your friend and then tap the emoji. The objective of the game is to score maximum baskets and the results are then posted in the chat so that your friend can also play and try to beat your score.

best facebook messenger games- basketball


Just like the Basketball game, sending a football emoji activates the game. You have to keep the ball in the air by tapping it every time it is in the air. This is trickier as the direction of ball changes depending on where you tapped it and it also bounces off the sides of the phone.

best facebook messenger games- football

Best Facebook Messenger Games

These were my pick for Facebook Messenger games, I play these whenever I feel bored because installing a game just for one time always end up in my phone taking up space. Which facebook Messenger Games do you play and what’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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