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15 Best Samsung Ecosystem Features to Use Galaxy Devices

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Best Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem

Until recently, Samsung didn’t have a robust ecosystem between their Android phone, Windows laptop, Tizen Watch, and other Samsung accessories. But over the years, they have built many features from sharing files between their devices to using Galaxy Tab as a second screen for Galaxy Book. In this article, we go through the best Samsung ecosystem features for Samsung Galaxy phone, Galaxy Book, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, and Smart TVs.

1. Share Files Across Devices Using Quick Share

Quick Share is a Samsung-exclusive feature that you can use to share files between Galaxy devices. Previously, this only worked with Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. Now it is available on Galaxy Book too.

To enable Quick Share on any Samsung Galaxy device, open the Settings app, search for Quick Share, and enable it. On Galaxy Book, open the Samsung Settings app instead of the native settings app.

Enabling Quick Share on the Galaxy Book

After the initial set-up process, you can use it to send files between two phones, from phone to laptop and vice-versa, and also to other Samsung users.

Quick Share on the Galaxy Book

To share files, first, make sure that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options are enabled on both devices. Select files in the File Explorer or Gallery on Galaxy phone, tap on the Share option, and select the Quick Share option to start sharing.

Sharing files on Samsung Phone Using Quick Share

On the Galaxy Book, open File Explorer, right-click on the file that you want to share, and click on Share using Quick Share option.

Share using Quick Share on Windows

It opens Quick Share and shows all nearby Galaxy devices. Select the device that you want to share files with to begin sharing files instantly.

2. Use Galaxy Tab as Second Screen for Galaxy Book

Another exclusive feature of Galaxy Book is that you can use your Galaxy Tab as a second screen to your laptop.

To do that, on your Galaxy Tab, open the Settings app > Connected devices > Second Screen. Your tab will now be in pairing mode.

Second screen on the Galaxy Tab

On Galaxy Book, open Second Screen app, and under Available tablets section, click on your tablet name to start using your Galaxy Tab as a second screen for your Galaxy Book. You can also connect multiple tablets and even use the touch screens on these tablets to control Windows OS.

Connecting to Galaxy tab as second screen

You can control the display settings, scale, dimension, etc. from the Windows Settings app > System > Display. Here you can modify everything from Brightness to display modes.

Display settings for second screen

To disconnect, open the Second Screen app on the Galaxy Book and click on the Disconnect button beside the tablet name.

3. Control Galaxy Phone and Tab from Galaxy Book

Multi Control is a Samsung ecosystem feature where you can use Galaxy Book’s cursor and keyboard to control the tablet and phone. To simplify, it does not turn your tablet or phone into a second display. Rather, you can move cursor, drag and drop files, and also copy and paste between devices.

To use it, on your Galaxy Phone or tablet, open the Settings app > Connected devices and enable the toggle beside Multi Control.

Multi control feature on the Samsung Tab

Now on your Galaxy Book, search and open Samsung Settings > Connected devices and make sure the toggle beside Multi Control is turned on.

Enabling Multi Control on Galaxy Book

Then under the Connect to section, select the Galaxy phone or tablet that you want to control from your Galaxy Book. Now you can move your mouse between devices and use your Galaxy Book’s physical keyboard to type on your phone or tablet.

Connecting Galaxy Book to Tab for Multi Control

You can also set the Auto connection settings to Always, so whenever there is any Galaxy device nearby that has Multi Control enabled, it will automatically connect to it instantly making the setup process easier. Multi Control can be disabled from Settings or Notification Panel on your Galaxy phone or tab.

4. Accessing Samsung Apps on the Galaxy Book

Unlike Samsung apps like Samsung Gallery, Samsung Notes, Bixby, etc. are not available on Galaxy Book, many apps like Samsung Calendar, Samsung Internet, Voice Recorder, etc. are still missing.

Samsung apps on the Galaxy Book

5. Stream Galaxy Phone and Tab Apps to PC

Unlike the apps mentioned above, Phone Link was developed by Microsoft and so works on all Windows 10 and 11 PCs, not just the Galaxy Book. But the ability to stream apps is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.

Once you have linked Samsung phone to Windows via Phone Link, open the Phone Link app on your Windows laptop, and click on the Apps tab. Here, select the app that you want to stream and it will open in a small window.

Streaming apps with Phone Link app

Along with the apps, on the same page, you can also check Recent websites you visited on the Samsung Internet browser on your phone. So you can use these to switch browsing from your phone to your laptop instantly.

Recent websites in Phone Link on Windows

6. Turn on Mobile Hotspot From PC

You can also turn on Galaxy phone’s hotspot remotely from the PC using Phone Link. No need to fumble around and turn on the hotspot on your phone just to get internet on your PC.

To turn on the mobile hotspot, click the taskbar icon at the bottom right corner, and select the Wi-Fi option. Here select your phone and click on Connect. This will automatically enable your phone’s Hotspot for PC to connect.

Turning on hotspot with Phone Link on Windows

7. Access Calls, Messages, and Notifications on PC

Another advantage Phone Link is that you can access your phone’s calls and messages on your PC. So that when you are working on your PC, you can pick up the call, reply to the message or reject it immediately without having to touch the phone.

Open Phone Link and click on the Messages or Calls tab to access messages and calls respectively. You also will get a notification when there is a new message or a call. Other general notifications from the phone can be accessed from the sidebar of the Phone Link app.

Calls and messages on Phone Link

Unlike other features on this list, this should work with any phone running Android 10 or above and any PC running Windows 10 and above.

Also, if you have Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Tab logged in with the same Samsung account, you will get notified about new calls and messages over there. Just make sure the feature is enabled in Settings app on your phone > Connected devices > Call & text on other devices. Here enable the toggle beside call on other devices and text on other devices.

8. Access Photos from Phone on PC

Photos stored on your phone will automatically appear in the Phone Link app after setup. Open the Phone Link app and click the Photos tab to access the photos.

Remember that only photos from your Camera roll will appear here. It does not work with videos and there will be a few minutes of delay for the photos to appear. If you need to access the latest photo instantly, it’s better to share the photo with Quick Share.

If you want to access phone’s videos on PC or transfer files, try the Intel Unison app instead.

9. Control Phone’s Sound Modes From the PC

You can enable DND, toggle between sound modes, and even play or pause phone’s music using Phone Link on Windows PC.

Sound settings on Phone Link

There is no way to control the phone’s volume from the PC though.

10. Use Your Watch to Snap a Photo

Galaxy Watch has a camera app. Open it to check the preview from your phone and also control basic features such as timer and shutter. This feature comes in handy if you are trying to shoot a group selfie.

11. AutoShare Expert RAW Images From Phone to Galaxy Book

Recent flagship Samsung phones allow taking Raw images. Now with OneUI 5.1 update, you can auto-share these images with your Galaxy Book.

Turn it from Expert Raw app > Settings and enable Auto share to PC or tablet.

Export Raw auto share on Galaxy devices

Make sure that you have logged in with the same account on your Galaxy Book and also enable Quick Share from the Samsung Settings for this feature to work. Once enabled, your Galaxy Book should be visible on the mobile. Tap on the device to connect.

Setting up expert auto share

Once connected, any photo you take from the Expert Raw app will be automatically shared to the Galaxy Book Downloads folder. No need to transfer files manually.

12. Seamless Sign-In Across Galaxy Devices With Samsung Pass

Samsung Pass is a password manager which allows using your device biometrics to log in to any service. Once you save passwords in Samsung Pass on any Galaxy device, you can log in with the same account on another Samsung Galaxy device and use the service.

To use the password, you can lock them under a pin, fingerprint scanner, or any other biometric security your device supports.

13. Control Galaxy Buds Settings From All Galaxy Devices

You can set up Galaxy Buds from any Android phone or tablet, but that’s not the case with the PC. If you are a Galaxy Book user, you can even access the Galaxy Buds app on your PC and customize everything.

Galaxy Buds app on the Windows

14. Charge Galaxy Buds and Watch With Your Phone

Many Samsung Galaxy phones support Wireless power-sharing that lets you charge accessories like Galaxy Buds and Watch.

To turn it on, open the Settings app > Battery and device care > Battery > Wireless power sharing and enable it. If you cannot find the option here, your phone does not support wireless charging.

Wireless Power sharing on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Now you can place your devices such as Galaxy Buds on the back of your Samsung phone to charge them. You can also place other phones that support wireless charging at the back to charge.

15. Cast Galaxy Phone or Tab to Samsung Smart TV With Smart View

Samsung phones come with Smart View which is based on Miracast. While you can use the Smart View to cast your screen onto TV on any Miracast-supported device, it is primarily made for Samsung Smart TVs. Casting to a Samsung TV using Smart View is faster and more seamless.

Just turn on the Smart TV. Now on your Galaxy phone, drop down the quick settings panel and enable the Smart View toggle. Here you should find your Smart TV. Tap on it to start casting your phone screen on the TV instantly.

Samsung Ecosystem

All these features are easy to set up and use in day-to-day life. Though Apple’s ecosystem is richer, like the ability to set focus mode on all the devices, using the iPhone camera as a webcam, etc, Samsung has covered many important ecosystem features from messaging to transferring files. And then there are other features such as Samsung Notes Co-editing and Samsung Modes.

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