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Best Skateboarding Apps on Android

by Vaibhav

If you are someone who is into sports. I’m sure you must have thought of picking up a skateboard at some point of time in your journey. Well, if you learnt how to skateboard, great! But if it’s you long lost dream, you have plenty of apps on the Play Store which can get you rolling. So, without further ado, here are the best skateboarding apps on Android. Besides these video tutorials, you can also follow other users and look at their learning progress. `

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1. Riders

The app has more than a dozen ride sports, that you can choose from, one of which is the skateboard. To begin, the app requires a sign-up but unfortunately, it doesn’t support a one-tap Google log-in. Once you’re done, you can scroll through various lessons which vary in difficulty. If you’re a beginner, the app has a section dedicated to basic beginner-level tutorials, like ollies, powerslide, tic tac, etc.

Besides these video tutorials, you can also follow other users and look at their learning progress and post your videos on your feed as well

The app is free to use and with the community and quality tutorials you get, it’s a bang for the buck.

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2. Streeet: Learn Skateboarding Tricks

Once you’re done with the basics and a few other intermediate tricks, you can also try the Street app. The app helps you learn through various levels so you can progress easily. Each level is also grouped into smaller groups like foundation, rookie, advance and expert lessons building upon the skills in a progressive way. Each tutorial has one or more videos that you can easily follow along with a progress tracker to keep a track.

The app has a section with best skaters of the week/all-time and monthly top 5 videos which can get your inspired

The app requires a sign-in but you can easily do that using your Google account, Facebook account or your e-mail ID.

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3. Mike V: Skateboard Party

You don’t always have the option to take your skateboard out. In those times, just get your phone and start skateboarding in a virtual skatepark. This game has a career mode where the player completes various challenges to score and gain experience points.  You also have the option to upgrade your player skills using the experience points, which can be earned by performing more tricks, combos, etc. The app has a huge selection of skateboard, shows and gear. So you can customize both the skater and the board.

There’s a free skate gameplay option which doesn’t have any time constraints, so you can freely practise your skills but comes at a cost of $4. This also removes add and unlocks more skate locations.

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4. Touchgrind Skate 2

Check out this video if you haven’t heard of finger skateboarding before. However, before trying it out in the real world, you can play this game instead. You’re welcomed by a skateboard wheel which helps you scroll the menu. There are plenty of skate locations you can choose and also three game modes, i.e, training, competition, jam session. The app is particularly good for beginners as there are tutorial videos which help you understand the multitouch controls for movements and tricks.

The only downside of this app is that, it comes with just one free skate park and others are available with in-app purchases.

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5. Loke: Find skate spots

This app is of less use until the pandemic is on, but after things ease, it’s the easiest way to get back to the community. The apps access your location it consists over 18,00 skating locations around the world which not only lets you find but also add spots that can be great skate-parks. It uses a map integration which you can zoom in and out to locate spots. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a skate-park in your area. In that case, you can also filter the spots with are smaller like ledges, gaps, rails, pads and ramps. In case you have friends accompanying you. You can add a start time session and invite skaters to join you provided they are on the app.

Another fun app integration are the challenges, in which you can enter and get a chance of winning a Loke t-shirt and feature on the Instagram channel

Remember, you can only sign-in using Facebook or with your phone number.

6. Skate Designer

Android doesn’t have a lot of options if you want to tweak, design your own skateboards and order them. But you do have an app which lets you edit. The app is free and lets you design your skateboard in addition to a longboard or a cruiser as well. You can choose the background colour, add stickers, text and even a custom picture from the gallery. While this app only has a basic editor, the font choice available looks stunning. All of that combined you can create a design and share it with your friends or skateboard maker who can make it for you.

If you want to customize and order skateboards, you can check out websites like Zumeiz, Skate Pro and more

The app does have banner ads at the bottom, but since this works offline, it isn’t bothersome.

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7. Skate Wallpapers Art

If you’re someone like me who loves to have quote wallpapers to keep yourself motivated, why not have a skateboard as your wallpaper? Now you don’t have to Google search for these images when you can easily get HD wallpapers at one place. This offline app has a large variety of wallpapers that you can get for free. All these wallpapers are minimal and if you like a certain wallpaper, you have the option to add it to favourites for quick access.

The app is best used offline as it contains banner ads, which can get in your experience at times.

 Get Skate Wallpapers Art 

Closing Remarks

If you have a skateboard lying around in your house and you’re already bored with the basic tricks, this app might pull you out of that rut. If you don’t want to go out you can try the Touchgrind Skate 2, Mike V: Skateboard Party and other games app. Besides that, if you’re a beginner, I highly suggest Riders app to get your started.

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