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7 Best Bookmark Organizer for Firefox to Better Manage Links

by Pratik
best bookmark organizer firefox

While there are a ton of bookmark organizers on Google Chrome, the list is a squeeze on Firefox. So, when I jumped to Firefox, I had to bid Toby adieu because Toby for Firefox was shut down. So, I was on the lookout for a bookmark organizer for Firefox that could match Toby as well as let me import my leftovers. And, I found several bookmark organizers for Mozilla Firefox that offer slightly different features.

Best Bookmark Organizer for Firefox

1. Scrapyard

The first bookmark organizer I stumbled upon was Scrapyard. It’s a lot similar to Firefox’s inbuilt bookmark manager with a few additions. Foremost, there’s plenty of option to import bookmarks from third-party bookmark managers. Scrapyard does support HTML, JSON, and RDF file format. However, when I tried importing Toby bookmarks in the JSON format, there was an error with the file structure. Hence, I had to use the HTML file format which worked perfectly.

Scrapyard also allows you to backup your bookmarks to the cloud via Pocket or Dropbox. My most favorite feature is the Online Link Checker. So, basically, Scrapyard analyzes your bookmarks list and reports back broken links. It also updates the web icons. This is a nice mechanism to help clear your old bookmarks list.

Moreover, if you have used the original Firefox 52’s Scrapbook, you can import the RDF files into Scrapyard. It supports most of the Scrapbook files.

scrapyard bookmark manager for firefox


  • Options to import bookmarks from third-party apps in HTML, JSON, RDF format
  • Supports dark mode via ShadowFox
  • Online Link checker for broken links and icon update
  • Cloud backup with Dropbox or Pocket
  • Android app for syncing bookmarks to Android

Download Scrapyard for Firefox

2. Bookmark

Bookmark, unlike the name, is a unique bookmark organizer in this list. It not only saves the URL of the webpage but also the scroll position, marking, and form data. It’s the only Firefox addon in this entire list that can do that.

Apart from that, Bookmark is a minimal bookmark manager for Firefox. You won’t find the option to create folders, categorize bookmarks, or label them. Hence, if you are a power user, it won’t appeal to you.

bookmark scroll position saver


  • Saves webpage with scroll position and form data
  • Simple minimal interface

Download Bookmark for Mozilla Firefox

3. TabExtend

After Toby was pulled out of the Firefox store, the closest you can get is TabExtend. TabExtend is visually pleasing and supports drag-and-drop gestures to add, move, or remove tabs. TabExtend stresses more on tabs instead of folders. This really helps visually separate the bookmarks. For instance, you have a “Read Later” tab where you can put your half-read articles. Then, Quicklinks tab for news websites that you can read first thing in the morning. This way, as per the time of the day, I know what tab to use.

TabExtend is a good bookmark organizer only for first-time users because there are a couple of caveats. Even though TabExtend provides the option to export bookmarks, there’s no option to import bookmarks. Moreover, the free version of TabExtend only provides 30 backups to the cloud. Post that, you would have to shell out $7.28/month.

tabextend bookmark firefox


  • Drag-and-Drop support for adding, moving, or removing websites
  • Tabs instead of folders for better organization
  • Option to add text notes alongside bookmarks
  • No tab import option
  • Advance features like unlimited tab and backups in the pro version

Download TabExtend for Firefox

4. TabMerger extension

Compared to the above-mentioned bookmark organizers for Firefox, TabMerger is a tab manager rather than a bookmark manager. However, it has a really specific utility. You can use TabMerge to quickly save all your tabs under a group. For instance, when I am researching for an article and have to leave work midway for a chore. I use TabMerge to save all the tabs. When I am done, I can quickly open back the tabs and delete them once done.

Now, these websites aren’t something I would regularly visit because it is for the sole purpose of a project. Hence, it makes more sense to use TabMerge for such a purpose rather than saving them as bookmarks. Whenever you are done, you can delete all the tabs, and you are done.

tabmerger tab manager


  • Open-source tab merger
  • Saves all your open tabs at once
  • Option to import and export data in JSON format

Download TabMerger for Firefox

5. ELink Bookmark Manager

ELink Bookmark Manager is an online bookmark manager. In a broader sense, it’s more of a newsletter creator, and the bookmark organizer is just a part of the suite. ELink requires you to sign-up before you can use the bookmark organizer. In exchange, all your bookmarks and articles are backed up on ELink’s cloud.

Apart from the bookmarks, It also provides the option to import RSS feeds and read articles within the app. The only caveat with ELink Bookmark Manager is that it doesn’t let you import bookmarks from other apps. In order to batch import bookmarks, you would have to upgrade to the pro variant starting at $12/month. All in all, use it in the free version. It doesn’t make sense to upgrade solely for a bookmark manager.

elink bookmark organizer firefox


  • Online Newsletter creator and a bookmark organizer
  • Cloud backup of bookmarks after you sign-up
  • Option to create RSS Feeds
  • Pro version starts at $12/mo.

Download ELink Bookmark Manager for Firefox

Bookmark Utilities

6. Private Bookmarks

Private Bookmarks is a handy addition to the inbuilt Firefox Bookmark organizer. As the name suggests, it provides a hidden folder to keep your bookmarks. The folder is password-protected and cannot be seen in plain sight.

You will have to click on the Private Browsing icon, enter the password (don’t use the internal password manager), and unlock it to access the bookmarks. It’s a handy way to keep your banking, analytics pages, and private bookmarks hidden.

By default, Private Bookmarks is designed to work in Private browsing mode. Hence, make sure you check the “Allow in Private mode” checkbox while installing the extension. Or else, you can “Disable the private browsing mode access” option within the extensions.

password protected firefox bookmark


  • Password protected hidden bookmarks folder
  • Auto-lock when idle for 30 minutes
  • Encrypted export of passwords

Download Private Bookmarks for Mozilla Firefox

7. Bookmarks Clean Up

Similar to Private Bookmarks, Bookmarks Clean Up is another handy bookmark organizer for Firefox. It helps you clean up and archive your bookmarks. My favorite feature is the Online Checker. It scans through all the bookmarks and reports back with broken links. You can select all of them and just delete them. It also provides the option to merge duplicate bookmarks or duplicate bookmarks folder.

bookmark clean up for firefox


  • Option to check broken links in bookmarks
  • Merge duplicate bookmarks and delete empty folders
  • Ability to add folder exceptions

Download Bookmarks clean up for Firefox

Closing Words

I ended up using Bookmark and TabMerge as Toby’s replacement. For most users, I would recommend Scrapyard. It’s the most ideal option. In case you are using Firefox’s internal bookmark organizer, do try out the Bookmark clean up and private bookmarks.

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