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How to make money on facebook (Case study)

by Mrinal Saha
can I earn money from FB

With more than 800 million user, we all know Facebook is making fortune. It’s no surprised to see Mark Zuckerberg, among top 30 richest men on earth.

But what about us we are checking FB every hour. We are one who are making them tons of $$$ everyday. Of course Facebook help us to stay connected with our friends. But is there a legitimate way to make money on Facebook?

make money on Facebook

Facebook is great place to connect with like minded people and promote stuff. But is it really possible to make money on facebook?
To find this answer, I did a small case study.

Make money on Facebook (Case study)

Case 1- Getting paid by liking other Facebook Pages 

I use my dummy FB account to test this.
With relatively new FB account I sign up for services like getpaidforlikes. Now services like this pay you 4-5 cents for every page you like. So if you like 100 FB pages which would not take more than 5 min, you can make $5.
This is appealing, so I started liking some page. But soon there was no more pages to like. And I got a message to come back again. Next day was same story, no pages to like. This continued to third day, fourth day and to the end of month.
get money from fb
Verdict :
On the first day I made somewhat around 2$. But since there were no more pages to like in future, my balance remains same. I was not able to reach the payout limit i.e. $5. In my opinion, it’s a scams.

Case 2-Facebook bounty program 

Do you know that facebook offers a bounty program, in which you have to detect any technical error on Facebook and report them. If the team find the bug, worth fixing then you get cash reward.
My friend (who couldn’t stop himself from commenting below) share the following screenshot on FB. He was rewarded $500 for reporting a bug to Facebook whitehat team.
facebook bounty program
Works but you need to have preying eyes, coding skills or never the less extremely lucky.

Case 3-Use Facebook to promote products

Many sites drives tons of traffic from Facebook.
Even Facebook pages which shares troll images and meme often sell their own products like custom t-shirts or other affiliate products.
Site likes fun2cash claims to provide advertising by featuring post, images.
Definitely works but require huge number of FB fans.

Case 4- Online surveys for money

You can easily find surveys on Facebook which are ready to pay. So I decided to take one for myself and find out if they work or not.

Lucky I was able to find a survey that promise free samples. So I decided to take it, They asked me for my contact details, address and name along with other generic informations.

And guess what I had receive the samples that they promised. In case you are wondering the website is called rewardme.in


There are 50-50 chances that this survey might work or not. Most of the time you can get free samples if the company is legitimate. But before you enter in any kind of these survey make sure these are reputed company or else don’t give your personal information.

If they are promising money in return of survey there is 100% chances that it won’t work. (Sources -my experience)


With  skills and patience you can really make money from Facebook. But it’s very hard to make living out of Facebook or even earn money quickly.
Of course you can develop Facebook apps and games and make living out of them. But if someone has that much skill then they know place to make more money.
Do not waste your time on get rich quick scheme on Facebook, (or anywhere) They don’t work. Instead spend more time in developing your skill and knowing yourself better. #2cents

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