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11 Fixes for Samsung Keyboard Not Showing Up or Working

by Parth Shah
How to Fix Samsung Keyboard not working

Although Samsung has improved the default keyboard with AI features and other add-ons, it has been a hit-and-miss for most Galaxy phone users. Many users complain that the Samsung Keyboard app is either not working or not showing up on their Galaxy phones. Try these solutions if you face similar issues with your Samsung Keyboard app.

1. Check the Default Keyboard

Your Android phone may switch back to the default keyboard – the one that came with the phone. And it could also happen that you may have downloaded the Samsung Keyboard but missed to set it as default. Before we start, check the default keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Here’s how to check it.

1. Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Scroll to General management.

2. Tap Keyboard list and default.

3. Tap the Default keyboard. Select Samsung Keyboard.

Try using Samsung Keyboard on your phone.

2. Uninstall Third-Party Keyboard Apps

Do you still face issues with the Samsung Keyboard on your Galaxy phone? You may need to uninstall third-party keyboard apps from your phone. If you have installed Gboard or SwiftKey, long-press on its app icon and select Uninstall. Repeat the same for other keyboard apps and try again. If that helps, you can continue using Samsung Keyboard app or you can always download those keyboard apps from Google Play Store again.

3. Restart Samsung Galaxy Phone

When was the last time you gave your Galaxy phone a good old restart? Whether you believe it or not, restarting your phone can make several stuck things work. You can keep pressing the power button and hit Restart.

4. Free Up Phone Storage

If your Samsung Galaxy phone runs low on space, you may face issues with using the default keyboard. That’s possible if your phone can’t store data on behalf of the keyboard app. Here’s how to check your Samsung phone’s storage breakdown and take the necessary steps.

1. On your Samsung Galaxy phone, open Settings and scroll to Device care.

2. Tap Storage and check the detailed breakdown from the following menu.

3. You can clear the Recycle Bin, delete unused apps, duplicate files, or large files from the same menu.  

5. Uninstall Custom Launcher

All Samsung Galaxy phones work with the One UI launcher. While the Google Play Store is packed with third-party launchers like Nova, Action, etc., that temptation to try different ones is natural. However, if you use one of those launchers they may not play nice with the Samsung Keyboard.

You’ll need to uninstall such a custom launcher and stick with the stock One UI launcher. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Open Settings on your Galaxy phone and scroll to Apps.

2. Tap Choose default apps. Select the Home app.

3. Tap the radio button beside One UI Home.  

6. Free Up Memory

Samsung Keyboard may not show up if you have too many apps running on your phone and that causes lack of memory on your phone. To fix that, you’ll need to open the recent apps menu and close unnecessary apps. You can refer to memory breakdown on your Galaxy phone using the steps below.

1. Launch Settings on your Galaxy phone and scroll to Device care.

2. Tap Memory and check the available RAM on your phone.

You can free up memory from the same menu to check if the Samsung Keyboard works after that.

7. Disable Bluetooth

Did you connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet? The virtual keyboard may not show up due to an existing connection. If that’s the case, you’ll need to disable Bluetooth on your phone, remove other devices and try again.

8. Clear Samsung Keyboard Cache

Samsung Keyboard collects cache in the background to improve the app performance. When the cache gets too old or corrupt, you may face issues with opening the Keyboard app. Follow the steps below to clear the Samsung Keyboard cache.

1. Tap on any text input field to launch the Samsung Keyboard. Open Settings from the bar above the keyboard.

2. Scroll to Reset to default settings.

3. Hit Clear cache.

9. Delete Learned Words

Samsung Keyboard learns from your typing style and saves personalized words to improve your typing experience. You can delete such data and even reset keyboard settings.

1. Tap on any text input field to summon Samsung Keyboard. Open Settings from the bar above the keyboard..

2. Tap Reset to default settings.

3. Tap Erase personalized predictions and confirm your decision.

4. Select Reset keyboard settings and hit Reset.

10. Reset All Settings

Does the Samsung Keyboard still fail to work on your Galaxy phone or tablet? You need to reset all settings and try again. Resetting all settings on your phone doesn’t delete your personal data or installed apps. It resets your device preferences like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wallpaper, and more. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Open Settings on your phone. Scroll to General Management.

2. Tap Reset.

3. Select Reset all settings and confirm your decision.  

11. Force Stop Samsung Keyboard

Sometimes you need to force-stop an app to cease all the stuck or pending processes related to it. Similarly, you can force stop Samsung keyboard and try launching the app again.

1. Navigate to Samsung Keyboard Settings (refer to the steps above).

2. Open the recent apps menu and tap the Samsung Keyboard app icon. Select open app info.

3. Tap Force stop.  

12. Update Samsung Keyboard App

Samsung updates the Keyboard app with One UI updates. You can install the latest One UI build and use the updated keyboard app without any issue.

1. Head to Settings on your Galaxy phone and scroll to Software Update.

2. Download and install the latest One UI update from the following menu.

Samsung Keyboard Is Capable Than You Think

With the Galaxy AI, Samsung spruces up the Samsung Keyboard to help you write better while messaging or sending emails. But when the Samsung Keyboard app doesn’t work or show up on your phone, that can lead to a sub-par experience. Before you move to a third-party keyboard app like Gboard, use the methods mentioned above to continue making the best of your Samsung Galaxy phone.

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