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17 Best Samsung Keyboard Settings That You Should Know

by Mehvish
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Samsung Keyboard is one of the best keyboards out there giving tough competition to Gboard and SwiftKey. Just like these two keyboards, the Samsung Keyboard is also loaded with interesting settings that one needs to know to supercharge their experience. But what are those settings? Let’s check the best and cool Samsung Keyboard settings.

1. Change Language Switching Method

If you regularly switch between multiple languages, the Samsung Keyboard provides a setting where you can select which button to use for switching languages.

1. Open the Settings app and go to General Management > Samsung Keyboard Settings. Alternatively, open the Samsung Keyboard and tap on the Settings icon to open the Samsung Keyboard Settings.

2. Tap on Languages and Types followed by Language switching method.

3. Choose the preferred option. You can select between the Language key, Space bar swipe, or use both methods.

2. Create Text Shortcuts for Frequently Used Sentences

Do you find yourself typing the same phrase or even a bunch of sentences quite frequently? Now, you don’t have to do much work as you can create text shortcuts in the Samsung Keyboard app.

Example: Let’s say you type, ‘Hello, how are you doing? How are things?’ frequently. You can create a text shortcut like Heloo and assign it to the phrase. Now, whenever you type, Heloo, the Samsung Keyboard will automatically replace it with the assigned phrase.

Use these steps to create a text shortcut on the Samsung Keyboard:

1. Open the Samsung Keyboard Settings and tap on Text Shortcuts.

2. Tap on the + (Add) icon at the top to create a new shortcut.

3. Enter the phrase in the Expanded phrase text box and the shortcut in the Shortcut field. Tap on Add.

3. Switch Between Different Keyboard Modes

Not everyone is a fan of the standard keyboard mode. You might want to move your keyboard away from the bottom or split the keyboard for easier typing. Thankfully, Samsung Keyboard offers two additional modes – Floating and Split Keyboard.

To switch between keyboard modes in Samsung Keyboard, go to Samsung Keyboard Settings and tap on Mode. Select the preferred mode to make it the default typing mode. If you have a foldable phone, you can select different modes for Main and Cover screens.

Pro Tip: You can switch between different keyboard modes from the Samsung Keyboard toolbar as well. Tap on the three-dot icon on the Samsung Keyboard toolbar and select Floating or Split to activate the desired mode.

4. Change the Size of the Keyboard

Whether you want a small keyboard or a big one, Samsung Keyboard offers both. You can choose the size of the keyboard as per your requirement in keyboard settings.

Open Samsung Keyboard Settings and go to Size and Transparency. Adjust the size of the keyboard as per your needs.

Pro Tip: Use the Keyboard Size option in the toolbar to adjust the size of the Samsung Keyboard without going to settings.

5. Disable the Toolbar on the Keyboard

If the tiny icons present above the keyboard layout are distracting you or don’t find yourself using them, you can get rid of the toolbar. To do that, open the Samsung Keyboard Settings and turn off the toggle next to the Keyboard toolbar.

Pro Tip: Long press and drag the items on the toolbar to rearrange them according to your preference. You can also add items present under the three-dot icon and bring them to the main toolbar.

6. Suggest Emojis and Stickers While Typing

Emojis and stickers have revolutionized the way we chat with others. Earlier, we had to manually search for emojis or stickers but there’s a setting in Samsung Keyboard, which when enabled will auto-suggest stickers and emojis based on the text.

To enable, go to Samsung Keyboard Settings and tap on the toggle next to Suggest Emojis and Suggest stickers while typing. Samsung provides additional settings regarding stickers. You can select which sticker packs to use, where should the keyboard show sticker suggestions, and the apps where the keyboard should suggest stickers.

Tip: Do you want to create stickers from photos on Samsung phones? The steps are actually quite easy if you follow our guide.

7. Enable or Disable Auto Replace for Preferred Languages

Do you want to have auto-correct enabled for one language and disabled for other languages? Samsung Keyboard has a setting for that too. It allows you to keep the auto-replace feature enabled for your preferred languages and the others will stay disabled.

In the Samsung Keyboard Settings, tap on Auto Replace and enable the toggle next to the language for which you want to keep it active.

Pro Tip: Similarly, you can customize other features like Auto Spacing and Text corrections for preferred languages.

8. Enable High Contrast Keyboard

Want a unique-looking keyboard? You should enable the high contrast keyboard in Samsung Keyboard settings. Samsung not only offers 1, 2, or 3 but 4 different color variants.

In the Samsung Keyboard Settings, tap on the High-contrast keyboard text and enable it on the next screen. Then, choose the preferred style.

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9. Show Number Row and Alternative Characters on the Keyboard

Samsung Keyboard is among the few keyboards that support a dedicated number row at the top. To enable it, go to Samsung Keyboard Settings and tap on Layout. Enable the toggle next to Number Keys.

Similarly, you can even show alternative characters on each key. These are turned off by default but will work when you long-press a key. However, you should know what alternative characters are associated with each key. To show alternative characters, enable the toggle next to Alternative characters in the Layout settings of Samsung Keyboard.

10. Show or Hide Buttons in the Space Bar Row

Want a bigger spacebar or want to have more buttons in the space bar row? Samsung Keyboard lets you customize the space bar row in its settings. You can show or hide buttons like comma, full stop, .com, and www. The latter two will show up while entering the email address or web address.

Go to Samsung Keyboard Settings > Layout to customize the space bar row options.

11. Customize Quick Access Symbols

In the Samsung Keyboard, you can access some symbols quickly by long pressing the Period (.) key. What makes this even more interesting is that you can customize what symbols should show up there. So you can keep your frequently used symbols there.

Once inside the Samsung Keyboard Settings, tap on Custom Symbols. Then, tap on the symbol you want to change and choose the replacement symbol from the keyboard.

Pro Tip: Generally, the symbol panel will close automatically after entering one symbol. However, you can keep it enabled if you want to enter multiple symbols. Go to Swipe, touch, and Feedback in Keyboard settings and enable the toggle next to Keep symbol panel open.

12. Change What Happens by Swiping on the Keyboard

You can control your Samsung Keyboard using gestures on the keyboard’s entire real estate for typing or cursor control.

In the Samsung Keyboard Settings, tap on Swipe, touch, and feedback followed by Keyboard swipe controls. Select Swipe to type or Cursor control. Or, select No swipe gestures if you don’t want to associate any gesture with swipe control.

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13. Change What Happens by Holding Space Bar

Another interesting setting that you will find in the Samsung Keyboard is the ability to change the action associated with holding the Space bar key. You can choose between No action, Cursor control, or Voice input.

You will find this setting in the Swipe, touch, and Feedback> Touch and Hold space bar option.

14. Make Your Keyboard Speak Whatever You Type

Samsung Keyboard offers a really useful accessibility setting that will make your keyboard talk or speak back whatever you do on your keyboard. You can customize whether you want the keyboard to speak every character, word, or both. You can even enable or disable the setting that makes the keyboard read deleted characters.

In Samsung Keyboard Settings, tap on Swipe, touch, and feedback followed by Speak keyboard input aloud text. Enable the setting and customize it as per your preference.

15. Save Screenshots in Clipboard

The Samsung Keyboard’s clipboard only stores text and images by default. But you can even save screenshots to clipboards by enabling a setting known as Save screenshots to clipboard present inside the Samsung Keyboard settings.

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16. Extract Text from Physical Objects in Real-Time and Insert It in the Typing Area

Picture this: you are reading a book and like some lines written in it. Now, you want to share those in the text format with someone. Instead of capturing the picture and using the extract text feature, all you need to do is use the Samsung Keyboard’s Extract feature and it will do the rest.

Long press on any typing area and select Extract Text from the menu. Or tap on the T icon in the keyboard’s toolbar. The Camera viewfinder will show up. Point it towards the text and the keyboard will automatically paste the extracted text in the typing box.

17. Enable Third-Party Apps in Samsung Keyboard

If you want to enhance the functionality of the Samsung Keyboard, you can enable supported third-party services in the keyboard settings. These include services like Grammarly, Google Translation, Giphy, Tenor, Bitmoji, etc.

Tap on Select Third-Party content to use in the Samsung Keyboard Settings and enable the preferred service.

Bonus: Use AI in Samsung Keyboard (Samsung S24 Series Only)

AI has revolutionized the world. It’s everywhere and now even on your keyboard. The latest Samsung S24 series offers AI functionality right within the Samsung Keyboard. All you need to do is press the AI button on the keyboard to access the special features. Those include:

  • Chat translation (only for messaging apps): Will translate text in real-time without leaving the keyboard app.
  • Writing style: Change the writing style of the text and convert it into different styles.
  • Spelling and grammar: Will check the spelling and grammatical mistakes in the text.


1. Can you use the GoodLock app to customize the Samsung Keyboard?

Yes, you can use Samsung’s GoodLock app to customize all the aspects of the keyboard. You can create a completely new keyboard using the Keys Café module of the GoodLock app. Know how to change the keyboard’s theme using GoodLock.

2. Does the Samsung Keyboard support voice typing?

Yes. Tap on the Voice Input option in the toolbar to use it. To change its settings, tap on Voice Input in the keyboard settings.

Time to Type

Those were some of the useful Samsung Keyboard settings. In case you aren’t satisfied with the keyboard, do check out other cool keyboards for your Samsung phone.

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