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9 Galaxy AI Features on Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Samsung AI galaxy Features of S24

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series has recently launched with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. Using the new chip’s AI processing power, Samsung has packed a list of AI features from translating web pages to editing photos. We are lucky to access the devices and the features early on. In this article, we will go through all the Galaxy AI features of the S24 series and how good they are in our real-world usage.

Note: Some AI features like Circle to Search, Live Translate, Note Assist, and Photo Assist will make their way to the S23 series too.

1. Real-Time Translation on Calls

If you want to talk to anyone who speaks a different language, this Galaxy AI feature will come in handy as it translates what the other person is speaking into the language you prefer. Similarly, it also translates what you are saying to the other person. As a person staying in a place where I do not understand the local language, it is a lifesaver to talk to Uber and food delivery drivers.

Live translate on Calls on Samsung S24

However, as of now, it’s not accurate as it often picks up something else compared to what you say. It also does not detect the language automatically even if the language pack is downloaded. In our usage, we also observed that most people shut the call as soon as they hear the robot voice. Though there are many voices available, they all sound robotic. This feature may not make the conversation seamless but it can get the work done with major hiccups.

2. Translate Messages in Chat Apps

Apart from calls, the live translation feature is also available for translating messages in chat apps. Unlike voice translation on the calls, the text translation feature for the chat is reliable. As it does not have to pick up anything you say, it can easily translate the messages. Also, in our testing, it understands many common chat shortcuts like LMAO and U instead of YOU. As the feature is integrated into the Samsung Keyboard app, it works on many supported chat apps, including the default.

Translating messages using galaxy AI

3. Change the Tone of Your Writing

Another AI feature that helps in texting, emailing, or even writing a document is the writing assist feature. You can write the info in any tone you are comfortable in and with the write assist feature, you can make the text more professional, casual, polite, etc., as you need.

Changing tone of messages and chats

While I prefer to send casual messages, you’ll appreciate the AI’s professional tone.

4. Summarize Notes, Recordings, and Web Pages

You can summarize webpages and articles using apps like ChatGPT and Bard. But that feature built into the Samsung Internet makes the process even more seamless. Also, the Galaxy AI’s summary is just as good as the other AI services in our experience.

Summarizing websites using Galaxy AI

Similarly, we can also use the summarize feature on notes available on Samsung Notes and recordings. We have tried summarizing in only English, but the feature is also supported in 14 other languages.

5. Translate Voice Recordings and Web Pages

Apart from just summarizing, the option to translate is also baked right into the Samsung Internet and Samsung Recorder app. Translation on the Samsung Internet works as well as in the chat apps. But when it comes to translating recordings, we encountered the same problems while translating phone calls.

Translating websites using Galaxy AI

Though the AI does a good job at translation, it misses the transcription, thus making the translated text useless more often. Similar to summarizing, translation also works with 15 languages.

5. Interpreter Mode

The new Interpreter mode in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series can be found on the quick settings panel. You can use this mode as an interpreter when you have to talk to someone who speaks a different language in the real world. It helps to translate their speech into your language and vice versa in real time.

Interpreter mode on Samsung S24

Again, similar to other transcription features, we observed that it picks up completely different words from what we often say. Google Assistant also has the same feature, which is better at recognizing speech than Samsung’s implementation.

6. Generate Covers on Samsung Notes

If you want to make any of your notes stand out from the thousands of notes you have added, simply use AI to generate a cover for that specific note. However, irrespective of the content of the notes, most covers generated are similar in looks.

While handy to make important notes stand out, we would appreciate it if the generated covers were more unique and given a stylish touch with a better design.

Generating Samsung Notes Covers

7. Quick Format on Samsung Notes

Another handy Galaxy AI feature to easily keep things organized in Samsung Notes is the format feature. After you write the notes, you can use this feature to instantly format the note with subheadings, bullet points, etc., making it easier to scan through the notes later. Useful for times when you are simply jotting down thoughts quickly that are going through your head.

Auto Format on Samsung S24

8. Magic Editor on Samsung Gallery

Magic Editor was my favorite feature when Pixel 8 launched. With the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung has brought the same feature to Samsung’s photo editor. You can use it to remove any object, move the object, or resize them. But Samsung’s implementation is faster compared to Google’s. Also, selecting people or objects is a bit better with the Galaxy AI resulting in a better result.

Removing objects using Galaxy AI

9. Quick Google Lens Search

Long-press the home button and draw a circle around an object on the screen that you want to do a Google Search for. Once done, it will do a quick Google Lens search about the selected object. Found a good shoe while watching a YouTube video, just press the home button and select the shoe to instantly search for the shoe on the internet and even get the online stores to buy it instantly.

It works on any app. Samsung calls it Circle to Search. Read more about it in our in-depth guide.

Google Lens quick search on Samsung

Say Hi to Galaxy AI

Apart from that, there are other features like press and hold to slow-mo the videos and grammar corrections on the Samsung keyboard. While some features are amazingly useful, like the quick format and summarizing websites, others are tough to rely on, like translating the calls and Interpreter mode. Overall, Galaxy AI is packed with amazing features that are welcome.

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