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How to Use Writing Assist for Messages on Samsung Galaxy S24

by Ritesh Rawat
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The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S24 comes equipped with a range of AI capabilities, and one of the standout features is Writing Assist in the Samsung Keyboard. This feature will help you when sending or receiving messages from your colleagues, friends, or spouse. Baked in the Samsung Keyboard, Writing Assist offers three features – Chat translation, Writing Style, and Spelling and Grammar – to make your texts look professional or friendly when needed. Here’s how to use Writing Assist for Messages on Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

Pre-Requisites to Use Writing Assist Features

Samsung birthed Writing Assist (Chat Assist) for three different features as part of Galaxy AI to help you send and receive messages without worrying about translation, tone, or grammatical errors. However, you’ll need to use your Samsung account and active internet connection on your Galaxy phone for that.

Surprisingly, these new features are opt-in, which means you’ll need to enable them. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Head to the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy phone, select Advanced features, and tap Advanced intelligence.

2. Within the Advanced Intelligence menu, select Samsung Keyboard and choose Chat translation.

3. Next, tap on the toggle to activate Chat translation.

4. Additionally, you can configure your preference to view the original and translated text or the translated text only.

5. While in the Writing assist, tap on Style and Grammar and turn on the toggle to enable the feature.

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How to Use Chat Translation on Samsung Galaxy S24

Chat translation is an incredibly useful tool when interacting in foreign languages over messages or social media. With Chat translation, you can effortlessly understand their messages in the language of your choice and respond in a foreign language without leaving the app.

1. While texting in any app on your Galaxy phone, tap on the Writing assist icon above the on-screen keyboard, and select Chat translation.

2. Wait a few seconds to let the phone automatically recognize the language in the chat and translate the messages to the pre-downloaded language. You will get to see the recognized language and translated language.

3. You can tap on the languages to switch to the correct one if the feature doesn’t recognize the language correctly.

4. With Chat translation enabled, you can now send messages in the language of the person you are chatting with. Just type your message in the blank space where it says Enter text to translate.

For example, our friend sent us a text in French. We typed our response in English and it automatically got translated to French.

5. To switch the language of the translated text, tap on the Circle with the language’s acronym beside the text box. You can select the desired source and target languages for translation.

Note: If your phone has the language packs, this feature functions even without an internet connection.

Manage Supported Apps for Chat Translation

At the time of writing, Samsung/Android Messages, Google Chat, Kakao Talk, Signal, Whatsapp, Line Messenger, Instagram (DM) and Tango are the apps that support Chat Translation. Also, your phone processes the Chat translation data in a few languages only. It needs a working internet connection for more languages to process the data from these apps. Of course, you can choose which apps get to use the feature with internet.

On your Samsung Galaxy phone, navigate to Settings > Advanced features > Advanced intelligence > Chat translation. After that, tap on Manage apps.

Apps that support chat translation will automatically appear on that screen. Turn off the toggle next to the app names to disable chat translation for any of these apps. Or you can tap on the toggle next to All available apps to disable Chat translation for all apps.

Manage Supported Languages for Chat Translation

While Internet is required for using Writing Assist’s Chat Translation feature, you can always save some data. For that, you’ll need to download packs for the languages that Chat Translation supports on your Galaxy phone.

At the time of writing, Chat Translation supports Chinese Simplified, English (India, United Kingdom, United States), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish (Mexico, Spain, United States), Thai, and Vietnamese.

After that, you can use these steps to manage languages for Chat translation.

1. On your Samsung Galaxy phone, navigate to Settings > Advanced features > Advanced intelligence > Chat translation. After that, tap on Language packs for translation.

2. All the downloaded languages for translation will appear. Additionally, you’ll see notifications for any updates for the language packs as well.

3. The size of these language packs is quite large, leading to significant mobile storage consumption. To free up space, you can delete the language packs. For that, tap on Edit and select the packs you want to remove.

4. Next, tap Delete and then confirm again to remove those language packs.

How to Use Writing Style on Galaxy S24

Besides taking assistance, you’ll also need to focus on the tone of your messages. You wouldn’t want your spouse or friend to misunderstand your intentions.

Take a look at the example below: the text we initially wrote effectively conveys the message, but it lacks politeness. However, by employing a different writing style, specifically a professional one, we were able to maintain the intended message while sounding more professional. Let’s explore how you can do the same.

1. While texting on your Galaxy phone, tap the Writing assist icon and select Writing style.

2. You’ll get the suggestion of the sentence rewritten in a different style. For our example, the text was rewritten with a professional tone. Next, you can copy the suggested text or check other styles.

3. To sort through various styles, tap on Show all to reveal the drop-down and choose the style that best suits your chat.

Note that, using the Writing style feature requires an active internet connection.

How to Use Spelling and Grammar While Texting on Galaxy S24

Typos and incorrect grammar can be embarrassing. Writing Assist comes to your aid to fix that while you’re in a hurry to text your boss or a client.

1. While typing your text on the supported app, once your sentence is completed, tap on the AI button.

2. AI will now rewrite your sentence and correct any grammar mistakes. You can either copy the sentence or directly replace your original sentence with the revised version by selecting Insert.

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Smarten Up Your Texts

Writing Assist is a truly valuable AI feature introduced by Samsung. This incredible tool is not only beneficial for your personal life but also holds immense potential in your professional endeavors. Currently, Writing Assist is exclusively available on Samsung Galaxy S24, but it is anticipated that future oneUI updates will bring this feature to other Samsung mobiles as well.

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