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How to Get Followers Progress Bar in Twitter Profile Pic

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Want to increase Twitter followers in a challenging way? Then you can try this unique Twitter tool to track your followers by showing a progress bar on the profile pic. All you need to do is connect the tool with your Twitter account and set a target of followers that you want to reach. It will display the progress bar publicly on your profile pic representing the percentage of your goal completed.

Use Cases of Twitter Followers Progress Bar

When one sets a target and declares it to the public, you automatically create accountability. That in turn helps motivate one to chase the target more rigorously.

On the other hand, if you have a YouTube channel, website, or any service to provide, you can conduct a giveaway with this tool. For example, one can giveaway X if he/she reaches Y number of followers. Announcing the giveaway with your Twitter followers along with the target may help gain new followers quickly.

Instead of just using this tool as followers counter for Twitter, you also have the option to use it to track life goals. For example, you can start 100 days of coding, gym, or reading challenge and use this tool to showcase progress publicly. As everyone can view your progress, it will motivate you to complete tasks.

How to Add Follower Progress Bar on Twitter

1. First, open the Black Magic Twitter tool page and click on Sign in with Twitter to connect your Twitter account with the tool.

Signing in with Twitter on Black Magic Twitter Tool

2. Now, log in to your Twitter account if you haven’t already and click on Authorize app.

Authenticating the Black Magic Twitter app

3. Once authorized, you will be redirected to the Black Magic website where you can configure the progress bar.

Progress bar settings

4. Here you can select your Twitter follower target like 100, 1000, and even 10,000 followers from the drop-down menu. Select the Exact followers count option to specify the exact number of followers you want to target.

setting progress value

5. Additionally, you can also select Read from bio to add the target to bio.

Read from bio option

6. In the Bio, you just need to type in the format of “(xxx/yyy)” and BlackMagic automatically picks the X option as your completed progress and the Y option as total progress.

7. For example, I am setting a target for 100 days of coding, so I will change my bio to I am taking the challenge of 100 days of coding (14/100)”.

8. This will show the progress bar on your profile pic. I have completed 14 percent.

Progress bar on my Twitter profile

9. But you will have to change the progress manually to 15,16, percent in the bio to update the progress in the profile pic.

10. You can also change the progress bar’s and background’s color. No need to save any changes. Any changes you make here will sync with your account in 120 seconds.

Black Magic Pro Features

The pro plan costs $4 per month and offers a few additional features.

You have more color options to choose from for the progress bar so that it can suit your profile pic. The progress bar in the profile pic updates instantly while the free version takes around 120 seconds. Finally, there is support for up to 5,000 members while the free version only supports 200.

Wrap up

Black Magic has two other tools called Sleep Indicator and Big Picture. Sleep Indicator is used to indicate to your followers that you are not online by showing the “ZZZ” sign in the profile pic. Whereas Big Picture is used to create a big picture of profile pics of your followers.

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