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How to Enable and Set up Contact Photo and Posters on iPhone

by Gaurav Bidasaria
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The iOS 17 beta developer is now available for those who are subscribed to the Apple Developer Program. Once you have upgraded your eligible iPhone model to the latest and greatest version of iOS, it’s time to set it up. One of the new features is Contact Photo and Posters where you can set a photo or memoji that will be displayed on the fullscreen of the person you are calling.

What Is Contact Photos and Posters

There is a contact card for every caller on your iPhone. There is one for you too, the owner of the iPhone. With iOS 17, you can now customize your own contact card with posters and photos as well as memojis and cool fonts, just like you did customize your lock screen for example.

Now when you call another user with iPhone running iOS 17, his/her display will light up to show the photo or memoji that you have set up as contact photo or poster. Its just another way to customize how the world views you and it is so cool.

Difference Between Contact Photos and Posters

The difference is that photos are circular and appear at the top of the screen. Posters, on the other hand, fill the entire screen. That’s it. Photos are small and will appear at the top with the name underneath it. Posters will take up the entire screen.

Enable Contact Photo and Posters on iPhone

It is easy as eating a pie.

1. Open Phone app and select the Contacts tab. Now at the top, you will find My Card. Tap to open it.

my card in phone app on iphone

2. Tap on Contact Photo & Poster and enable Name & Photo Sharing option.

enable name and photo sharing in iphone

3. Now enter your first and last name (optional) that you want to appear on the screen of the person you are calling. You can choose whether the contact photo and poster will be visible to Contacts Only or iOS will Always Ask before sharing it. Now tap on Edit to begin.

allow contacts only to view contact photo and poster on iphone

Set up Photos as Contact

There are two ways to do this. You can either choose a photo or a poster. Let’s go with Photos first.

1. Just like the lock screen, you can create multiple contact posters and then change them as and when you want. Three contact posters are created by default but you can create more by simply tapping on the + plus icon. Tap on Customize to begin.

customize contact poster on iOS 17

2. When you tap on Customize, you will see two options — Contact Photo and Poster. Select Contact Photo. Next, you can either use the Camera to click a selfie, choose one of the existing Photos from Gallery app, create and use a Memoji, and finally use a Monogram. I chose a photo from Gallery.

3. You can now crop the photo as you want and once done, tap on Choose to finalize it. Then you can select one of the available filters and when happy, tap on Done to save changes.

choosing photo in contact poster on iphone

4. You will be asked to confirm if you want to Use This Photo Everywhere or maybe make some more changes. In that case, choose Not Now.

contact photo in poster feature of ios 17

As you can see, the photo feature is not fullscreen. Rather, it shows a round sized small photo on the screen.

Set up Posters as Contact

Unlike photos that appear at the top, again, poster will fill the entire screen of the receiver you are calling.

1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above but instead of photo, select Poster in step 2. Again, you will see four options. This time, we will go with Memoji and have some fun.

setup memoji in contact poster on iphone

2. Tap on the color picker in the lower left corner to choose a background color of the poster. You can choose a background color, move the slider to change shade, and also pick your own color.

choose background color for the contact poster in ios 17

3. Now go to the previous screen and tap on the memoji icon in the lower right corner to pick either one of the existing memojis or tap on the plus icon to create your own.

select a memoji for contact poster on ios 17

4. When you select a memoji, you will further get to choose one of the variations of the chosen memoji on the next screen. Pick one that you think represents you or is cool enough and tap on Next.

choosing memoji variation for contact poster on iphone

5. Finally, you will preview the poster. This is how you will appear on the screen of the receiver you are calling from your iPhone. Tap on Continue and then Done.

save contact poster on iphone

Photos and Posters as Contact Photo

To recap, you can set either a photo or a poster as your calling contact card that will appear on the receivers iPhone. Within each option, you can either pick an image using Camera or Gallery, Memoji, or Monogram. The last one is nothing but your name’s initials on a chosen background color. For me, that would be GB.

It’s a new way to express yourself on iPhone and makes calling fun. Note that the feature supports API so other apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Meet among others will be able to integrate this feature in the future.

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