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How to Exit Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy Phones

by Nitin Singh
How to Exit Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy Phones

Did you wake up one day to find your phone in download mode? Many users are finding that their Samsung phone is entering the download mode randomly. Here is how to exit the download mode on Samsung Galaxy phones.

What Is Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy Phones

Download Mode is a pre-boot interface in Galaxy phones. It is a gateway between your phone and an external device, usually a PC. There is no Fastboot mode in Samsung phones, but instead, download mode serves as the flashing medium to restore or reset your phone using a PC.

Generally, the phone should require a certain combination of key presses to enter the download mode. However, some users have observed their phones booted to download mode while being in their pocket, while calling, or charging.

The thing with download mode is that the dedicated power and volume keys don’t work unless you press a certain combination.

While booting in the download mode might indicate the phone has bugs, you can reboot your phone back to the system normally.

Exiting the Initial Screen

Before you enter the download mode, you will see a transitionary screen as seen in the image below. Press the Volume Down button on your phone, following which your phone should reboot.

Your data is safe. No further inputs will be required and you will directly exit the download mode.

exiting initial screen on download mode in samsung galaxy phones

If your phone doesn’t have this exact screen as shown, then follow the methods mentioned henceforth.

Exit Screen in Newer Samsung Galaxy Phones

This exit method applies to all Samsung Galaxy phones from the Galaxy S8 series onwards. It makes use of the hardware keys present on the sides of the phone. You’ll need Power and Volume buttons for this method to work.

To exit the download mode, press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously and keep pressing them for about 7 seconds.

exit download mode in newer samsung galaxy phones

This should allow the phone to reboot normally without any data loss.

Exit Screen in Samsung Galaxy Phones With Home Button

Samsung Galaxy of the yesteryears, specifically the Note 7 series, S7 series, and earlier have a Home button at the chin. Hence, they have a slightly different method of exiting the download mode.

If you find your phone stuck in the Download Mode, then press the Volume Down, Home, and Power buttons simultaneously. Keep pressing them till you see a black screen on your phone.

exit download mode in older samsung galaxy phones

After this change, your phone should reboot normally without losing data or information.

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