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How to Use New Bing Chat Powered By ChatGPT AI

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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We have used search engines where we get a list of links to research. With ChatGPT, you can just ask the AI-powered chatbot a question and it answers it directly. You can also ask follow-up questions. Both methods of research have their own pros and cons. Microsoft has merged its Bing Search Engine with ChatGPT to bring the best of both worlds. Bing Chat generates an answer and also shows you search results at the same time. In this article, we will show you what is Bing Chat, how to get started, where you can access it, and also how to use it.

What Is Bing Chat

Bing Chat is nothing but an AI chatbot that understands the context of your question and replies back with an answer in a human way. Microsoft has integrated this feature directly into Bing Search making Bing the one-stop destination for both search results and AI-powered answers. At the time of writing this article, you need to join a waitlist to access the New Bing.

Once you get access, you can use Bing Chat not just on the Bing search but also on the Edge browser, Skype, and even on Windows 11 directly. Here’s how to join the waitlist, and take advantage of New Bing Chat to the fullest.

How to Join New Bing’s Waitlist

You can access the new Bing on Windows, Mac, and even on mobile OS. But, you need to use the Microsoft Edge browser to access it.

1. Launch Edge browser and then open the bing.com website to open Bing Search. If you are not an Edge user, you may need to log in to your Microsoft account. To do that, click on the Sign-in at the top right corner.

Signing in to Bing

2. On the next page, enter your email id and password to log in to your Microsoft account. If you don’t have an account already, on that page, you can tap on Create one option to create an account and log in.

Logging in with Microsoft account

3. Once logged in, you will enter the Bing Search page. Here tap on the Chat option at the top left corner beside the Bing logo.

Opening Chat on Bing

4. It opens a pop-up. Here click on Join the waitlist button. That’s it, Microsoft will roll out Bing Chat to your account within a few days. They will send you an email when you are whitelisted for New Bing.

Joining the waitlist on Bing Chat

To get access to Bing Chat faster, make Microsoft Edge your default browser. To do that, on the Edge browser, click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner and select Settings. Now on the Edge Settings, select the Default browser option in the left sidebar and click on the Make default button. That’s it, Edge is now your default browser.

Making Edge as default browser

Even if you are trying from a mobile device, the process is fairly similar. On the Edge browser, just log in and click on Join the waitlist option. Also, go to your OS settings and set Edge browser as your default browser.

Where You Can Access the New Bing Chat

You can access the New Bing Chat from various Microsoft services like the Bing Search, Edge Browser, Windows OS, Skype, and Bing app on mobile. Let’s start with Bing Search.

How to Access and Use New Bing Chat on Bing Search

1. Accessing the New Bing Chat on Bing Search is simple. Open bing.com on the Edge browser and click on the Chat option at the left corner beside the Bing logo.

Opening Chat on Bing

2. That’s it, you are already on the Bing Chat page. Now enter your query in the message box below to get a reply from Bing AI.

Chatting with Bing Chat

3. Alternatively, you can also open Bing Search, enter the prompt on the search bar and press Enter.

Entering prompt in Bing Search bar

4. Depending on the question, Bing AI will generate an answer in the right sidebar. You should also see a Let’s chat button below. Click on it to open the Bing chat page and continue the chat further.

Let's chat on Bing Chat

5. Anyhow, as of now, Bing can only continue the conversation until 8 replies. After that, it closes the chat and asks you to start a new chat session.

Reached message limit on Bing Chat

6. You can click on the broom icon beside the message box to clear the conversation.

Clearing the chat on Bing Chat

7. On Bing Chat, you can also select a conversation style between Creative, Balanced, and Precise. Choosing the Precise option will give you short and factual answers whereas clicking the Creative option gives a bit lengthy and entertaining answer. The balanced mode is the default mode that gives answers with a bit of fact and entertainment included. You can select these modes on the Bing Chat page itself.

Changing conversation style on Bing Chat

Bing also suggests your next questions above the message box to help make your research easier.

Suggestions on Bing Chat

As of now, Bing Chat does not have a separate chat history or the option to reopen previous chats. Once you clear the chat box, you cannot bring the exact conversation back.

How to Access and Use New Bing Chat on Bing App on Smartphones

1. Download the new Bing app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Now open the app and tap on the profile icon at the top left corner. On the next page, tap on Tap to sign in option.

Tap on sign in on Bing app

3. Then tap on the Sign in option beside the Microsoft account and log in with your Microsoft account.

Signing into Microsoft account

4. Once logged in, tap on the Bing icon at the bottom center to access the Bing Chat on the Bing app.

Bing Chat on Bing app

5. Just like on the Bing Chat on Bing Search, you have suggestions, the ability to choose conversation style, clear the conversation, etc.

How to Access and Use New Bing Chat on Edge Browser

Bing Chat is also going to be available on the Edge browser. Anyhow, as of March 2023, it is only available in the Edge dev version. But it will soon release in the Stable Edge version too.

1. Download Edge dev version on your desktop or laptop.

2. Open the browser and log in with your Microsoft account.

3. Now click on the Bing icon at the top right corner.

Bing chat on Edge browser

4. It opens a sidebar on the right with the Bing Chat. One major difference between Bing Chat on Search and Browser is that the browser version can read the article on the side that you are on. For example, you can open Bing when you are on any blog post and ask Bing to summarize or fact-check the article.

Fact checking articles with Bing Chat

5. It also has a Compose tab that you can use to compose blog posts, ideas, emails, etc. on the fly.

Composing text on Bing Chat

How to Access and Use Bing Chat on Windows 11

With the latest Windows 11 update Windows 22H2, Microsoft has integrated Bing Search into the Windows Taskbar directly. Update your Windows to the latest version. You can do that by opening the Settings app > Windows update > Check for updates. Then update to the latest version.

1. Once updated, you should see a search bar in the taskbar beside the Windows icon.

Search bar on Windows

2. If you don’t see one, then right-click on the taskbar and select the Taskbar settings option.

Taskbar settings on Windows

3. Now besides the Search option, select Search box from the drop-down menu.

Search bar option on Windows

4. Now you can directly enter your prompt in Taskbar’s search bar, then click on the Chat option at the top left to open Bing Chat.

Bing Chat on Windows Search

5. Also, you can click on the Search bar and then directly click on the Bing icon at the top right to open a new Bing Chat page.

Bing Icon on Windows Search

How to Access and Use Bing Chat on Skype

Bing Chat on Skype is only available on the Skype Insider Preview version. Here’s how to get started right now. We are showing the process on the desktop app, but the process is similar for Skype insider mobile apps.

1. Download Skype insider version. If you are on an Android, download Skype mobile app. Skype Insider is not available on iOS.

2. Now open the app and Search for Bing in the Search bar at the top left corner.

Searching on Skype

3. In the search results, you should find the Bing option. Click on it.

Adding Bing to Skype

4. In the pop-up, click on Try it.

Adding Bing to Skype

5. That’s it, Bing is added to your Skype. Now open Bing Chat from the homepage.

Chatting with Bing on Skype

6. On the Bing page, use @bing and enter your prompt so Bing would reply back.

asking question to Bing on Skype

7. You can also add Bing to your groups. Open a group and click on the Cog icon beside the group name.

Skype group chat settings

8. Now click on Add participants option.

Adding participants to Skype Group Chat

9. Here search for Bing, enable the checkbox beside it, and click on Done to add Bing to your group chat.

Adding Bing to Skype group Chat

10. That’s it, you have successfully added Bing to your Skype group chat. Now use @bing for Bing to read your message and reply back with an answer directly on the Chat group.

Searching on Skype Bing

Getting Started With New Bing Chat

In this article, we have covered all the services through which you can access the new Bing Chat. Once you are in and get familiar with the service, check out things you can do with Bing Chat.

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