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How to Find and Reinstall Deleted Apps on iPhone and iPad

by Gaurav Bidasaria
How to Find and Reinstall Deleted Apps on iPhone and iPad

Deleting apps on iPhone is quick and easy. However, how do you find deleted apps on iPhone or iPad and reinstall them? Especially, if you don’t even remember the name of the app you deleted on your Apple device. There are ways to track all deleted apps, free or paid, and reinstall them on iPhone and iPad if you know where to look. The steps are the same for both iPhone (iOS) and iPad (iPadOS).

Let’s begin.

Find Deleted Apps From App Store

We will be using our iPhone for the steps. Note that while the option says Purchased, you can view both free and paid apps using this method.

1. Open App Store, tap on your profile icon in the upper right corner, and select Purchased option.

find purchased app history on app store

2. Now select the Not on this iPhone tab to see a list of all the apps that you have deleted on your iPhone or iPad. Apps that were deleted last will appear at the top. Tap on the cloud icon next to the app to reinstall.

view all purchased apps that are not installed on iphone or ipad

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Unhide Purchased Apps From Settings

Privacy is a birthright and Apple has been making strides in this direction for some time. One of the features that they introduced was the ability to hide your purchases. Maybe you hid an app, deleted it, and forgot all about it?

First, let’s see how you can hide purchased apps on iPhone and iPad.

1. As shown in the method above, go back to App Store > Profile Pic > Purchased, and now simply swipe left on an app to find the Hide option. Tap on Hide to hide the app from view.

how to hide purchases in app store

Now, to view a list of all the hidden apps on iPhone and iPad:

1. Open Settings, select Apple ID at the top and then tap on Media & Purchases.

media and purchases in iphone and ipad settings

2. Tap on View Account and verify by facial recognition or fingerprint id. Now you have two options. You can either tap on Purchase History to view all your past purchases including apps or Hidden Purchases to view all hidden apps that you downloaded but hid and now want to reinstall.

view purchase history and hidden purchases on app store

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Find Offloaded Apps From Settings

Another useful iPhone feature is the ability to offload apps that you are not using much automatically. But you can quickly find these offloaded (read deleted) apps and reinstall them on iPhones and iPads.

1. Open Settings and go to App Store and then disable Offload Unused Apps.

disable offload unused apps feature on iphone and ipad

Finding Nemo

Finding deleted apps on your iPhone and iPad is easy and reinstalling them is easier. There are a few different ways to do it depending on how it was uninstalled whether the app was free or paid.

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