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How to Find and Share Apple Music Replay

by Ritesh Rawat
How to Find and Share Apple Music Replay

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane as we approach the end of the year! Apple Music has released Replay 2023, an annual feature release that will bring back all those musical memories. This personalized recap will highlight the songs, artists, and albums that you followed and were listening to this year. Get ready to relive the magic!

Apple Music Replay 2022 vs 2023: What Changed

Unlike Replay 2022, which had fewer graphics and relied more on text, Replay 2023 comes with improved visuals and new animations. This makes Replay 2023 more engaging and visually appealing to explore your listening statistics. This year, you can also check if you are among the top 100 listeners of your preferred artist or genre for the year! Isn’t this amazing to flex how big a fan you are of an artist?

Replay in Apple Music

Other than that, Replay 2023 has introduced an exciting new feature called the milestones slide. This showcases the number of unique artists and songs you have listened to, along with the dates when you reached these milestones. Additionally, it also displays the moments when you surpassed specific listening thresholds, such as rocking out for 10,000 minutes.

Tip: Do you know about the new animated album art on Apple Music?

How to Find Apple Music Replay

Unlike Spotify and YouTube Recap, Apple Music Replay is a web-based experience. It is annoying that you have to leave the Music app for the Replay but on the other end, you can view your Replay on any computer or mobile browser. Here’s how to check your Apple Music Replay.

1. Here is the Apple Music Replay webpage. You can also open Apple Music, go to Listening Now tab, and scroll a little to find the Just Launched section where you will find Replay in bright colors.

Replay in Apple Music

2. If you haven’t signed in to Apple Music on your web, a sign-in page will appear. Sign in from your account to proceed. Once done, you will be greeted with a text This is your Replay. Tap on Jump In below that.

Sign in for Replay

Pro Tip: Have you tried the new collaborative playlist feature in Apple Music? With this, you can now collaborate with your friends, family, or fellow music lovers to create and manage playlists together. 

How to Share Apple Music Replay

Sharing Replay stats can be a great way to start conversations and reminisce about music memories, making it a fun experience for all.

To share any template of Replay, just tap on the Share icon on the button left on the reel you want to share.

Share icon in Replay

After that you can directly save the image to your iPhone by tapping on Save Image or you can select the app on which you want to share the Replay.

Share Apple Music Replay


1. Sharing the Replay directly to a social media app may limit your ability to customize the post. For instance, if you share the Replay directly to your Instagram story, you won’t be able to include music. It’s advisable to save the image so you can create a more creative post.

2. Although you can view the Replay on any web browser on the computer, the option to share the Replay is only available with mobile web browsers.

What’s Available on Apple Music Replay

With Apple Music Replay, you can relive your musical journey from the past year in a fun and interactive way, complete with personalized insights. Here’s what you can check out in the replay which will be completely customized for you.

1. Highlight Reel

Check out the Highlight Reel feature that showcases your favorite artist, album, song, genre, and total minutes in beautifully animated and designed Instagram-styled reels. Unfortunately, you can only share these reels as images and not as videos, which is a bit disappointing.

Highlight reel Replay in Apple Music

2. Top Artist

You can easily find out your top 15 artists you’ve been jamming to, along with the total number of minutes you’ve spent listening to each one.

Top artists Replay in Apple Music

3. Top Song

Discover the 15 most captivating songs that have graced your ears this year, along with the impressive count of how many times you’ve indulged in their melodic embrace.

Top songs Replay in Apple Music

4. Top Album

Uncover your favorite albums with ease by viewing the top 15 most-played albums and the number of times you’ve played them.

Top Albums Milestones Replay in Apple Music

5. Top Genres

Curious about your favorite music genres this year? Find out by checking the top 5 genres from your song plays.

Top genres Replay in Apple Music

6. Top Playlist and Stations

Uncover your top 5 most listened-to playlists and stations, based on the number of minutes you’ve spent enjoying them.

Top playlists Replay in Apple Music

7. Milestones

Milestones are the new addition to Replay 2023. You can check the instances when you exceeded certain listening milestones, like in our case we crossed 7500 minutes of listening, played 500 artists, and 1000 songs. The date when you reached the milestone is also mentioned below of each milestone.

Milestones Replay

8. Replay 2022

If you enjoyed the fresh animation and design of Replay 2023 or if you’re curious about your stats from 2022, simply tap on the two parallel lines preceding ‘Replay 23’. From there, you can choose ’22 to explore Replay 2022 with its brand-new look.

Replay 2022 in Apple Music

9. Playlist of your Soundtrack

By choosing “Open in Apple Music” at the bottom of the webpage, you can access the playlist containing the 100 songs you have played the most.

Replay the Soundtrack of your year

Pro Tip: Customize your playlist with ready-made covers or any image of your own in Apple Music to make it look more appealing.

Relive Your Musical Journey

Apple Music Replay serves as a reminder of how music has the ability to influence our feelings, unite us through shared experiences, and become the soundtrack of our lives. Take a pause and dive into Replay 2023, allowing the music to whisk you away to those unforgettable moments that made your year truly exceptional.

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