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How to Find and Share Your YouTube Music Recap

by Nitin Singh
youtube music recap

Be it reminiscing about the good days or questioning your life choices, music has a unique way of linking you to your past self. Enter YouTube Music Recap that shows your musical journey throughout the year. This is how you can find and share your YouTube Music recap.

Find Your Recap in YouTube Music

Your YouTube Music Recap consists of personalized playlists and stats from your favorite songs, artists, and listen times throughout the last year or in a season. These Recaps are made for you based on your listening history across the YouTube Music platform.

The good thing is that your YouTube Music recap is in the same location across both iOS and Android, so you can follow our guide regardless of your phone. Just make sure you have streamed at least 10 hours of music within the YouTube Music app.

1. To get your yearly recap on YouTube music, open the YouTube Music app on your iPhone or Android. Then tap on your profile icon in the top right of the screen.

opening the profile page in YouTube music

2. Tap on Your Recap to head to the recap menu. Then tap on Get your Recap to see your yearly recap.

finding the recap in youtube music

3. The yearly recap is in a story-like format. You can go to the next or previous story by tapping on the right or previous end of the screen respectively.

navigating through recap in youtube music


1. You can only view the YouTube Music Recap within the phone app. It is a limitation in our opinion that the recap cannot be viewed on the web, PC, or the desktop app. The competition allows viewing their yearly recaps or replays on any device so long you’re browsing through the dedicated link and are logged in to the same account.

2. The yearly recap is available till the end of this year and will keep updating the stats as you listen to more songs and artists.

Share Your YouTube Music Recap

There are two ways you can share your YouTube Music recap. Either from the share menu or downloading the recap to customize it more freely while sharing.

1. To share the recap using the Share menu, tap on Share while viewing the recap in the YouTube Music app.

sharing the recap from youtube music using the share button

2. From the share menu, tap on any app to send the recap to one of those apps. For example, you can select Instagram or Snapchat to share the recap as a story or a snap respectively.

3. You can also save the recap highlights to your phone using the download button in the bottom left corner. This way, you can share your recap easily on any platform, and customize it as you need. For example, posting your recap on Instagram as a Reel.

downloading the recap from YouTube Music app

2023 Recap – YouTube Music Stats You See

Now that you know how to find and share your recap from the YouTube Music app, what is covered in it? You can find your musical journey throughout the year, top songs, artists, and most listened-to songs in a fun and interactive way. Each story shows a unique stat about your music journey. Your most listened-to song will play in the background while you are looking at the recap.

1. Total Listening Time

The first recap highlight shows you the total minutes of music you listened to in the past year. Also shown is the duration of total music played in that year in a pie-chart format. Another tile shows you a cool animation of the number of artists you listened to in the preceding year.

total listening time and different artists in youtube music recap

As you can see from the screenshot, I had a listening time of 12,297 minutes and played songs from 924 different artists throughout the year.

2. The Top 5

Here are my Top 5 artists whose songs I listened to the most. Though it’s a bummer that I can only see the play duration from my top 1 artist and not others from the list.

top 5 artists form the youtube music recap

3. The Top Artist

This tile features the top artist with the most played songs and listening duration. In my case, that’s Taylor Swift with a play duration of 9 hours and 69 different songs from her collection.

the top 1 artist in the youtube music recap

4. The Stats

The following two tiles show stats unique to your YouTube Music profile based on your play history and interests. For example, I listened to The Chainsmokers 11 times compared to an average listener. Another artist had 9 times growth since I started listening to them.

stats showed from the youtube music recap

5. Top Tracks

Next is the top track that you played this year. You can see when you listened to this particular song for the first time and the number of times you played it. Another recap tile shows you the top 5 tracks you listened to throughout the year in YouTube Music recap.

top tracks in the youtube music recap

If you want to comment on songs and videos on YouTube music, this is how you can do it.

You also see a custom album cover from your music history. The total number of songs you listened to also gets a special mention.

custom album cover and total songs played through the year shown in youtube music recap

6. Top Playlists and Albums of the Year

Your top 5 playlists and albums of the year also get separate mentions in the recap.

top playlists and albums of the year in youtube music recap

7. Your Music Mood

You get a music mood calendar with album art arranged as per the month they were played in. Also present is a music mood tile that has your music analyzed based on your music listening patterns.

music mood through the year shown in recap from youtube music

8. Top Genres

Based on your music listening history, YouTube Music Recap arranges your top 5 favorite genres in a vertical list.

top genres of the year

9. Summary Recap

The last tile in the recap gives you a summarized view of your top artists, tracks, and total listening time.

summary of the recap from youtube music

Path Down Music Lane

Music is and will be the most influential source of entertainment, period. Nostalgia is one of the reasons why people still maintain physical records of old times. That’s why the YouTube Music recap makes sense, navigating through the thick and thin again.

On this note, learn to use Samples in YouTube Music.

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