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How to Put Multiple Pictures on Apple Watch Face

by Mehvish
Apple Watch Put Multiple Pictures

You can customize the watch face of an Apple Watch in many ways. For instance, you can add or remove complications, change the time style, change the watch face color and do much more. You can even put a picture of yourself on the watch face of your Apple Watch. Even more importantly, you can put multiple pictures on the clock face. Let’s check how to add multiple pictures on Apple Watch Face.

Add Multiple Photos on Apple Watch Face

To add multiple pictures to a watch face, you have to use the Photos or Portraits watch face from Apple. All you need to do is enable the Photos or Portraits watch face and select the pictures. Then, each time you raise your wrist or tap on the watch screen, a new photo will show up. Cool, right?

Follow these steps to set up Photos watch face to show multiple pictures on Apple Watch:

1. Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on the Face Gallery tab at the bottom.

3. Scroll down in the list of watch faces and tap on Photos watch face.

4. Tap on the Add button to enable this watch face in case it wasn’t already enabled.

5. Now, go to the My Watch tab and scroll left in the My faces section until you see the Photos watch face. Tap on it to customize it.

6. Scroll down to the content section. Here you will find four options: Album, Favorites, Photos, and Dynamic.

Use the Album option to select an album containing the pictures that you want to use as a watch face. Or tap on the Photos option to manually select up to 24 photos. You can even choose Favorites or Dynamic. The latter will show random photos from your recent memories.

7. With the multiple photos selected, scroll down further in the Photos watch face to customize the time position and complications.

Tip: Learn the meaning of various icons on the Apple Watch.

8. When you are happy with your watch face having multiple pictures, tap on Set as current watch face.

9. The watch face will show up on your Apple Watch. Now, whenever you raise your wrist, the watch face picture will change automatically. You can even manually tap on the display to change the watch face picture anytime.

Note: The wake-on-raise feature must be enabled if you want the picture to change when you raise your wrist. To enable it, go to Settings on your Apple Watch, then Display & Brightness. Enable the toggle next to Wake on wrist raise.

Similarly, you can use the Portraits watch face to add multiple photos on your Apple Watch face. The Portraits watch face offers the benefit that you can layer the time in front of or behind the object in the image.

The steps to use the Portraits watch face for multiple pictures are the same as above. Just enable the Portraits watch face from the Face Gallery in the Apple Watch app and select the desired portrait photos. Then, set it as the current watch face.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add photos to your Apple Watch?

To view the iPhone photos on your Apple Watch, open the Apple Watch app and go to Photos under the My Watch tab. Enable the toggle next to Photo syncing. Then, scroll down and choose the album having the photos that you want to see on your watch. Once added, open the Photos app on your watch to see the pictures from your iPhone.

Can you get more watch faces for the Apple watch?

Yes, you can install watch faces using third-party apps. Check out the best apps for Apple Watch faces.

Customize Apple Watch

That’s how you can put multiple pictures on your Apple Watch face. If you want to further customize your watch, learn how to get sound notifications on both Apple Watch and iPhone. Also, know how to change analog to digital time and vice versa.

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