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7 Fixes for Camera Remote Not Working on Apple Watch

by Ritesh Rawat
Camera Remote on Apple Watch

If the Camera Remote app is not working properly on your Apple Watch, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This nifty tool can make a difference when taking photos and videos from afar on an iPhone, but sometimes it just stops responding. In this article, we’ll walk you through troubleshooting steps to help you get Camera Remote app up and running again on Apple Watch.

1. Check Connection Between Apple Watch and iPhone

The Camera Remote app will function only when the watch is connected to the iPhone. Therefore, it’s important to verify whether the watch is connected to your iPhone or not.

To verify, press the side button on Watch once and if a red crossed iPhone icon appears at the top of the control center, it means your watch is disconnected. We have curated several fixes that are known to troubleshoot and resolve Watch and iPhone connection issues. Once your watch is connected to the iPhone, try using the Camera Remote again.

Apple Watch disconnected icon

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2. Restart Apple Watch and iPhone

Just like any electronic device, restarting your iPhone and Apple Watch can often help in resolving minor software glitches or issues that may be why Watch is disconnected from iPhone.

To restart your Apple Watch, simply hold the side button and crown until the screen goes black. After that, your Watch will restart in a few seconds. Now try the Camera Remote app to check if it’s working.

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3. Update Apple Watch and iPhone

It’s possible that your watch and iPhone aren’t connecting because of a software glitch. Make sure to update your iPhone and Apple Watch to the latest version. To update your Watch and iPhone, navigate to Settings > General > Software update on both.

Software Update on Apple Watch

4. Close Camera Remote App From Recent Tabs on Watch

When you close an app, it will stop all processes and clear temporary files giving it a fresh start, resolving glitches or unresponsive behavior.

To close the Camera Remote app on the Apple Watch, first double-press the crown to open the recent apps. Then swipe left on the Camera Remote app and tap the cross icon to close it. Now open the Camera Remote app again to check if it’s working.

Remove Camera Remote app on Apple Watch

5. Reinstall Camera Remote App on Apple Watch

By uninstalling and reinstalling the Camera Remote app, you can resolve issues as it resets configurations, clears accumulated data, and ensures that you have the latest updates installed.

1. Press the Crown button and scroll down to find the Camera Remote app. Now, tap and hold the app, and then tap the cross icon and confirm deletion.

Delete Camera Remote app on Apple Watch

2. To install the app, open the App Store on the watch, and tap on the search icon at the top left. Then type ‘camera remote’ and hit Search.

Seach for Camera Remote app on App store

3. Scroll a little, select the Camera Remote app, and tap on the download icon.

Download Camera Remote app on Apple WAtch

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6. Unpair and Pair Apple Watch

Have you tried unpairing and then repairing your Apple Watch again with your iPhone? This might help connect the Camera Remote app to the iPhone correctly. To unpair your Watch, first open the Watch app on your iPhone. Then tap on All Watches on the top left of the screen and process by tapping on the info icon.

All Watches option in Watch app

Now, select the last option Unpair Apple Watch, and tap on the confirmation again to unpair it.

Unpair Apple Watch

You will be asked to enter your Apple ID password, once entered, tap on Unpair and your watch will be unpaired from your iPhone.

Unpair Apple Watch

Once unpaired, pair your watch to your iPhone again and try the Camera Remote app on your watch.

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7. Close Camera App on iPhone

Some Reddit users have discovered that closing the app on their iPhones before opening the Camera Remote app on the Watch resolves it.

This issue seems to arise when the Camera app on the iPhone is left open or running in the background while attempting to use the Camera Remote feature on the Apple Watch.

Camera on Remote

Now you can use the Camera Remote app to control your iPhone’s camera from your wrist. It enables taking photos, starting/stopping video recordings, setting timers, and switching camera modes.

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