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How to Control your Android Camera With Your Mi Band

by Kaushal
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Xioami recently released Mi Band 3, which unlike the Mi Band 2, comes with new touch display, call rejection, notifications and much more. But, your new Mi band is much more than a fitness tracker. Thanks to its built-in Bluetooth, you can also use it to control other Bluetooth devices.

In our previous article, we showed you how to use your Mi Band to control music on your Android and unlock your Windows PC. And as it turns out, you know you can click selfies with your Mi Band? Well yes, you can control the camera trigger with the Mi Band and take selfies from a distance. It might not be for everyone, but could be useful in some situations. For example, when you’re with a large group of friends or family and wish to take a group picture but can’t fit all of them in a frame, you can use your Mi Band to trigger the shutter from a distance. Let’s see how it works.

mi band 3 camera control

Mi Band Camera Control

First thing first, you’ll need a third-party app to make it work. Start with downloading the Amazfit Selfie app from the Play Store. It’s free and works with both Mi Band 2 and 3. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any app for iOS.mi band camera control- amazfit app

Next, you need to link the Amazfit Selfie app to your phone using your Mi Band Bluetooth address. You can find the Mi Band Bluetooth Address in the Mi-Fit app.  Go to Mi Fit app > tap on Profile > tap on the Mi fit Band and scroll to the bottom > copy the Bluetooth Address.

mi band camera control- bluetooth add

Now, go back to the Amazfit app and paste the Bluetooth Address next to MAC field to connect it to the app.

After entering the Bluetooth Address in the Amazefit app, tap the Connect button, the band would vibrate on successful pairing with the app.mi band camera control- app pairing

Unlike the name, Amazefit Selfie app does not have a camera app, inbuilt, so you also need to download supported third-party camera app. In total there are 4 camera apps that are compatible with Amzazefit Selfie app, you can find them in the bottom half of the screen. Just tap on the one you want to download and it’ll open Google play page.

Install the camera app (we have installed Night Selfie Camera) and open it.

night selfie camera

Now, to click a picture with the Mi Band 2, keep the camera app open and just tap on the button on the band, it’ll take the picture or record the video, depending on which mode it’s set to.

However, if you have a Mi Band 3, the steps are a little bit different. Keep the camera app opened, and go to Silent mode on the Mi Band 3. Press and hold the button to activate the shutter and there you go; you just clicked a picture with the Mi Band. I agree it’s a weird way to trigger the shutter and a single tap could have achieved the same effect but it is what it is.

mi band camera control silent button

I personally am always on a lookout for creative ways to solve a problem, even though there are plenty of efficient ways. But the reason I chose to include this method is that it offers a quick solution. If you already have these devices. I am a sucker for new hacks and if you have on for the Mi Band, let me know in the comments.

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