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Best Photo Video Maker Without Watermark (2020)

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While there is no shortage of advanced video editor for smartphones, but if all you want to create is a simple slideshow or birthday or wedding invitation, an Automatic video editor is what you need. These simple editors require no editing skills and yet produce polished videos. Simply import your photos and video clips right into your editor, then adjust colors, fonts, music, etc and the app will put everything together for you. I’ve made a list of best photo video maker on Android and iOS without watermark. Let’s check them out.

Best Photo Video Maker For Android

1. Google Photos

Before we head on to download a third-party app, Google Photos has built-in functionality to create simple photo slideshow with music. Here’s how.

  • Open the Google Photos app
  • Switch to the Library tab by tapping on it
  • On the Library page, tap on Utilities
  • Navigate to the bottom of the Utilities page and tap on “Movie”
  • On the Movie page, select “New film”

Next, you can select up to 50 photos or videos and Google Photos will create a smooth video animation with music. You can change the order of these clips, duration, or add your own clips. However, there’s no option to change the music and video duration.



  • Built-in on Android
  • Easy to create animations with up to 50 images or videos

Download Google Photos (Android | iOS)

2. PixGram

PixGram is a minimal photo video maker. You just have to select a bunch of photos, press “>” on the top-right corner and it’ll create a simple photo slideshow-like Google Photos. But, unlike Google Photos, Pixagram provides you the option to edit the animation and add your own music and text. On top of that, you can also adjust the speed, size, or add filters on

Pixgram does provide a watermark on the video export. However, it can be easily unlocked by sharing the app link with a friend on WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.



  • Option to edit photo size, animation, duration, etc
  • Option to add your custom music
  • Video filters

Download PixGram (Android | iOS)

3. Birthday Video Maker

Birthday Video Maker, as the name suggests, is a simple birthday video maker app. Similar to the above apps, you have to add images to make a video compilation. Unlike the above apps, Birthday video maker provides you an option to add a small image template wishing “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Mother’s Day”, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, etc. That’s really thoughtful! Apart from all these, the app provides about a dozen different transitions for you.

Birthday Video Maker doesn’t provide a watermark on your video. However, there are full-screen and banner ads. But they can be easily removed by using the app with mobile data off.



  • Image templates for birthday, valentine’s day, mother’s day, etc
  • Option to add custom music
  • Inbuilt video transitions

Download Birthday Video Maker

4. Wedding Video Maker

Wedding Video Maker is a wedding video maker for photos without a watermark. The main highlight of the app is its simplicity. You just have to select your images, arrange the order, add audio, decide frames and it will give an automatic clip to you.

The app has very few built-in templates and in case you are looking for something fancy, try out LightMV. It has a lot of classy and professional-looking wedding video templates. However, the caveat is that you do get a big watermark on your videos which can be removed by a one-time fee of $7.99.



  • Simple wedding video slideshow maker
  • Option to add custom music and audio

Download Wedding Video Maker (Android)

5. Filmigo

Filmigo, now known as Photo Video Maker (damn you, SEO) is an advanced video editor. First of all, the video templates provided in Filmigo are far better then what you get with the above-mentioned apps. Apart from that, it has all the usual editing tools like cut, adjusts speed, etc. You also get a bunch of advanced editing tools that let you add transitions between photos and amplify music between clips. Additionally, you can also add your own voiceover in case you want to add a custom message.

The only caveat is a watermark in the final video. But, there’s a workaround. It provides a 7-day trial, so you can enjoy your free watermark export for about 7-days. Post that, it costs around $6.94/month.



  • Unlimited number of photos with a 5-min total video limit
  • 720p export
  • Inbuilt video templates & music
  • Add custom text and voice

Download Filmigo – Photo Video Maker (Android | iOS)

6. Quik

Quik is a popular app from GoPro, which also lets you create automatic video from photos. However, the inbuilt video templates mostly focus on travel and leisure. You wouldn’t find any birthday wishes or anniversary templates. But having said that, you can customize the video with music and text to give it a whole new look. In terms of editing tools, you all the basic ones like cut, trim, adjust speed, music duration, etc.



  • Quik video templates for transitions and music
  • Huge music library
  • Basic editing to cut, trim, add text, etc

Download Quik (Android | iOS)

7. Vita

Vita is a full-fledged video editor, but you can use “Template” for automatic video editing. Find the template that suits your need and then provide it your own photos, videos. Within minutes, you have a fancy looking video for yourself.

The key reason to recommend Vita is FullHD export without watermark. That’s rare in this list and smartphones.



  • 100+ built-in free video templates
  • Inbuilt music library
  • Intuitive and advanced layer-based video editor
  • FullHD export without watermark

Closing Words

In case you want a minimal photo video maker, I would recommend PixGram or Photo Video Maker (bad name good SEO). Apart from that, for all my video needs, I prefer Vita as it’s a mix and match of simplicity and advanced features.

For more issues or queries, let me know in the comments below

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