5 Best Private Search Engines That Don’t Track You Like Google

Google Search is hands down the best search engine to get accurate results. However, it always tracks your activity and creates a profile of you to cater ads and search results. If you extensively use Google services, then Google knows who you are, your name, your interest, age, gender, phone number, home address, your current location, your work and everything that you ever share online.

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So, are you comfortable with this? And if you not then you should switch to a private search engine.

Many private search engines never track your searches and ensure you stay anonymous online. And today we will list down 5 of the best search engines that offer unique features and respect your privacy.

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Best Private Search Engines

1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is definitely the king when it comes to private search engines, thanks to its reliable features and strict focus on privacy.  DuckDuckGo is very clear about its privacy policy and lists everything you will ever need to know.  Of course, its results are not customized to your taste like Google search, since its search algorithm is different from Google. DuckDuckGo focuses on showing quality results from official sources instead of websites that sell content, this ensures you stumble upon the right website.


Furthermore, its renowned! Bangs feature that allows you to directly search inside popular website is worth blindly switching to it.  Some of its other plus points include clean and customizable interface, find app alternatives, built-in password manager, ability to turn off DDG ads, lists all results on a single page, smart answer and more. Overall, DuckDuckGo is the most feature rich and reliable option when you move on from Google search to a private search engine.

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2. Hulbee

Hulbee is another intuitive search engine with a great design and handy privacy features. Hulbee doesn’t track you in any way, and its search results are safe from violence and inappropriate adult content. This makes Hulbee a perfect search engine for young children who are vulnerable to both privacy breach and adult content. Another good thing about Hulbee is that it is based in Switzerland and works under Swiss laws, no European or US laws govern it. So, if you fear that search engine may be selling your data to USA or Europe officials, then don’t worry, Hulbee isn’t ruled by them.


Apart from all the privacy, Hulbee also has a great home page with tons of popular search suggestions available right on the website. Best of all, when you will search a query there will be many keyword suggestions on the left that you can click on to easily pinpoint your search or search for more information. Furthermore, you can also search for images, videos, news, shopping, and music right from the search bar. Unfortunately, it only shows three pages at a time, if you want to quickly reach an older page you will first have to click the 3rd page and then move backward.

3. Lukol

Lukol uses Google custom search for searching the web so that you will find its results and design very similar to Google Search. However, it uses its proxy service to make your search private and doesn’t collect any data itself. When you make a search on Google, Google only sees searches coming from Lukol and doesn’t know who is actually searching the web (i.e. you). After protecting you from Google tracking, it never records any data coming from you in their serves. This process allows you to take advantage of Google Search and also protect your data at the same time.


Along with this great privacy strategy, it also offers news about your query on the right side of the results page. It uses Google custom search for searching images and videos about your query. There isn’t much to say about Lukol, but this simple private Google Search alternative could be your perfect private search engine if you like Google Search.

4. Yippy

Just like other search engines in this list Yippy also never tracks your searches and activity, but it has a very different approach for searching the web. When you search for something on the web, it uses many different search engines and index websites to retrieve only the best results. This leads to showing results that might be less in quantity, but they will be of great quality. This search system is complimented by its “clouds” feature that divides all the results into topics where similar results are listed under a specific related type. This makes it extremely easy to find the required results in a single place.


It also lets you search into many categories including some unique ones like jobs, Government, Ben Franklin, Shakespeare, football and other regular categories. Furthermore, you can also search results by websites and preview the results content without actually clicking on the result.

5. Privatelee

Privatelee shows best search results from different search engines to create a list of best results. It has built-in WOT (Web of Trust) support to ensure you always access a reliable website. It also has many tiny features that make it a great search engine, including infinite scrolling, built-in Reddit and Digg suggestions, share web pages, preview pages, translate results and show favicon in results.


It also has PowerSearch Commands feature similar to DuckDuckGo !bangs (not so good though), that allows you to search inside websites with a command. I also found Privatelee interface to be very simple with least distracting content. And of course, just like other private search engines it also doesn’t track your searches and personal information.

Wrapping Up

I personally use DuckDuckGo for its handy features that make it a whole lot easier to search the web. Although, I do adore Hulbee’s work that focuses on protecting children and give you the protection of Swiss laws.

Which one of these private search engines do you like? Share with us in the comments.

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