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4 Different Ways to Record Your Android Screen

by Mrinal Saha

Recording Android screen nowadays is like taking a screenshot in early days of Android. Remember! How one would have to root their device to take a screenshot, but now it’s built-in feature. Similarly, earlier it is hard to record android screen, but not anymore.

You may want to record your Android screen for various reasons. For instance, you want to make a tutorial on Android, App demo video for Goggle play, troubleshoot a problem for the client, etc.


Why it’s easy to record screen on lollipop then others

In Android KitKat, users can record the screen but only if their device is rooted. Yes, there are few workarounds, but they are complicated.

While in Android 5 i.e. lollipop, you can record screen with a breeze. No root or any complicated steps required. Why? Well, all credits go to its kernel.

But instead of covering the only lollipop, we will see all the others way to record screen. We will see different methods to record Android screen and find the best by performance, price, compatibility issue and if they require root access or not. So, let’s get started.

Record Android Screen (ROOT)

Let’s start with something simple.

1. Use a Screen Recording App

After testing many screen recorder, I liked ‘Rec’ the most. Why? Well, it’s free, give you the option to record sound, no watermarks on recording, option to choose various bit-rate, but most importantly output quality is quite decent as compared to other free alternatives.

REC doesn’t require ROOT if you are running lollipop. Click here to see how REC work (animated gif)

But it does has some downside, for instance, the free version of this app lets you record video up to 5 min long, plus no hand gesture recorded. However, this is not a big issue, as you can always start another recording after 5 min and then join two clips using any video editor. And hey, don’t forget it’s free!

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Download Rec from Google Play.



2. Mirror Beta

It’s one step ahead of Rec. Mirror beta not only records your android screen but can also cast your screen to Chrome browser, Apple TV and possibly on another android.

Like Rec, Mirror Beta also record sound from the microphone with high-quality recording up to 30 mins. But sadly it does require root access and also leaves its watermark on the screen recording. This is useful for considering presentation. If don’t want the watermark then either upgrade or get chromecast.

Download Mirror Beta from Google Play.

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Use mirror beta to record your Android screen


Record Android Screen (No ROOT)

Let just say, you are in no mood to root your Android, then how will you record your screen? There are many apps on Google play that claim to record screen without root. However most of them either don’t work or the video quality is bad.

However there two exceptions

1. You can record your Android’s screen by connecting your phone to your PC via USB and then use some commands

2. Or you can get your hands on Android 5.0 Lollipop and record screen with ease. Like we have discussed above

I understand, none of these two methods sound charming. But sadly these are the only options available? So let’s start with the first one.

3. Record Android Screen with Computer 

There are many apps on Google Play that claim to record Android screen, but you will have to use your computer as well. However, they usually don’t work. Therefore I suggest you try this tutorial on a label. To give you an overview, this is what we are doing

1. Turn on developer mode and USB debugging on Android
2. Connect your non-rooted Android to your computer
3. Download and install Android SDK on your PC
4. Pass commands from your PC to your Android to record its screen

This may not be the easiest method to record screen. The setup takes time. Cut once you get the hold of the hit, it works like a charm.

4. Record Android screen in Lollipop

If your device support Android 5.x lollipop, then you can easily record your Android screen without root.

I have been using this REC and A-Z Screen Recorder for this from quite some time. And both of them works like a charm on my Nexus 7 tablet. Check out the following video recorder with a-z screen recorder on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

A-Z screen record is not only free but also give you the option to record sound and lets you choose variable bit rate. There is also no recording limit or watermarks.

Download A-Z screen recorder from Google Play.

Top Image credit Pixabay.

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