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How To Restore Closed Tabs After Quitting Chrome

by Mrinal Saha
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Accidentally closed chrome browser? Lost all your open tabs?

There is no confirmation alert before closing Chrome windows. And admit it, there are times when we accidentally quit the Chrome browser. So what can you do next?

Well, worry not, there are some easy ways to reopen all the closed tabs.

Restore Closed Tabs on Chrome

Restore Closed Tabs on Chrome

Method 1

The obvious way to open closed tabs in any browser is by going to the history.  To do this on Windows press CTRL + H or CMD + Y for Mac. However, the histories are recorded chronologically, so if you have closed few tabs in between, you’ll have to spend some time looking for the previously opened website.

Chrome's history

Method 2

A better way to  reopen closed window is by using the shortcut — CTRL + SHIFT + T (or CMD + SHIFT + T for Mac). Yes, it’s the same shortcut that we use to reopen closed tab on regular browsing. And it also works fine after the browser is closed.

Or, you can also right-click on the chrome’s tab and select, reopen closed window option.

However, since Chrome stores all the user data in a temp folderthis shortcut may not work every time. For instance, if you quit Chrome, shut down your computer and then restart it after some time; then chances are, all you data will be lost.

reopen closed window

Permanent Fix

If you often accidentally closed the chrome window, then it makes sense to look for a permanent solution.

Most people use the continued where you left option found under the chrome settings. However, this is different from what we are trying to achieve. Most of us don’t want to re-open last use tabs every time you open chrome; we are only interested in preventing accidental closing of tabs. We have better solution.

continue where you left on chrome

Fortunately, on Mac, there is a hidden option to enable confirmation alert before you quit Chrome. To activate it, go to chrome menu on the top left of you screen and check mark – Warn Before Quitting option. Now, instead you pressing CMD + Q, you’ll have to hold CMD+Q for some time, to quit Chrome.

Warn Before Quitting

Unfortunately for Windows — there is no such built-in option. So our only choice is to use a third-party app to prevent accidentally closing on Chrome. And I found two such apps.

Lock it is a chrome extension, that once enabled will prompt you with confirmation before you close the tab. But it’s not the best solution since it works for tabs, and we want something for entire chrome window.

lock it chrome extension

Another thing that you can try is NoClose. It’s a light-weight app that will prompt a confirmation box before you close any app. Make sure to add this app to the Windows startup, though.

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