Surf Internet Anonymously With Tor Browser Bundle

You may find proxy websites banned in college or workspace; sometimes even ultra surf don’t work. In such cases, the only option we are left out with is the Tor project. In my opinion, it’s the only thing that works. The best part Tor never failed me from accessing blocked websites from my college wifi.

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Whenever you connect to the internet most of your data is send like your isp location, which browser you have used what Operating system is running and lot more stuff.

All this information using just a simple Google analytics tool which is free. Imagine what can hackers do then, who has access to all those highly sophisticated machines and paid tools for network analysis.

surf the internet anonymously

If your privacy concerns you, then you are the right place. In this article, you are going to find out the simple solution to this problem. So let’s get started.

What is Tor?

The developer claims that

We are small groups of people who like onion (like an onion, this network has layers) and privacy and thus they created services that allow anyone to be anonymous.

How does Tor work?

First, it’s important to know how anonymizing proxies work before you use it. Tor works on the network of proxy.

One user accesses a proxy and that proxy forwards that access to another proxy, trying to erase the first user’s tracks. The same happens with the second user who forwards the proxy to the third user, this keeps on repeating itself until they meet the final user A.k.a exit node.

And this guarantees you anonymity as most probably the endnote lies outside your country.

How to setup Tor Browser 2.2?

Well, installing Tor is very basic you don’t need to install any software. As it comes with a pre-configured web browser to protect your anonymity.

Just follow these simple steps:

First, download Tor Browser Bundle from the link below and click on download Tor button.

Tor Project Anonymity download

  • Run the Tor Browser Bundle
  • Extracted folder and open the file named “Start Tor Browser.exe.”

Tor Browser

  • The onion at the bottom of the taskbar will turn green, and the new browser window will pop out automatically.

starting tor browser

  • This is it. Now you can surf anonymously


Are you using Tor


Bonus Tips

If you are an advanced user and looking forward to downloading using IDM or torrent through a tor browser then use the following setting in the proxy setting of the respective

Internet Download Manager with tor proxy setting

Socks server address =
Port = 9050


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