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How to Transfer iMovie from iPhone to Mac

by Kaushal

While testing some video editors for iPhone, I found that you can export your iMovie project from the iPhone to Mac. However, for some reason, I couldn’t and it turns out the method has slightly changed on the newer version of iOS. Here’s a quick way to transfer iMovie from iPhone to Mac. Let’s begin.

Move iMovie Project from iPhone to Mac

Apple offers iMovie for both iOS and macOS devices which means you can start creating your videos on your iPhone. And once you’ve made a rough draft, you can export the project and continue making final changes on your Mac.

Open the iMovie app on iPhone and tap the project you want to export to the Mac. You’d find the Share button on the bottom of the screen, tap it to reveal the Share Sheet.

select a project file and share it

Before we can select the destination, we need to convert the video into a project file. Tap the Options button next to the file name on the top of the Share Sheet. On this page, you can decide the video quality or how if you want to share the project entirely. Tap Project and then Done.

send imovie as project file

You can now simply choose to share the Project file over AirDrop or you can even save the project file on iCloud Drive.

airdrop the files to mac from iphone

Now, simply double click the file on your Mac to open it in iMovie on Mac.

imovie project file on mac exported from iphone

You would see that all the files and layers are preserved and you can continue your project as usual.

imovie project on mac with a stacked timeline

Move iMovie Project to an External Drive

As iPhone supports external storage devices, you can export your iMovie Project to the flash drive and share it with others. Simply Save the iMovie Project to the Files app as shown above and then connect the Flash drive to the lightning port and copy the project file to the Flash Drive in the Files app, it’s really simple.

Can You Export iMovie Projects from Mac to iPhone

The steps shown above are an easy way to seamlessly continue your iMovie project on the Mac. However, iMovie for iOS and iMovie for Mac is built on completely different architecture and Apple has made no attempts to bring these two apps together. Right now, you can only export your project from iPhone to Mac but not the other way around.

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