Now You Can Watch Ad-Supported Movies on YouTube for Free

YouTube offers full-length movies with a one-time fee of few dollars. Still, most users don’t associate YouTube to a place where you can watch movies and TV shows. Which is a good thing as YouTube is not Netflix or Prime videos, but seems like YouTube wants to change that? Starting yesterday, users from the United States (and others by using a VPN) will be able to watch 99 blockbuster films on YouTube for free. The only catch is, you will have to sit through occasional ads.

 The demand for ad-supported content is growing just as the demand for the Premium content. They see a potential in the market have a few plans in the near future.

Rohit Dhawan, Director of Product Management at YouTube

Right now this service seems to be available in the US and you can search for the channel YouTube movies and browse the free to watch section. YouTube users living outside of the US might not see this section yet because the list of countries in which it would be available isn’t final yet. If you wish to watch these movies you can use a VPN with the US server. You can choose NordVPN or Smart DNS Proxy to watch ad-supported movies on YouTube. These VPN services work exceptionally well and cost you less than $5/month. Or you can even try one of the free VPNs like ProtonVPN.

As of writing this, there are 99 titles on the free to watch section on the YouTube movies and you can browse the titles on this playlist. Just click on the movie title you wish to watch and the video will start playing instantly. There is no need to log in. and it works both on your desktop and smartphones.

In our experience, the movie ‘Zookeeper’ had six, 10-15 seconds ads advertisement, while ‘Legally Blonde’ had eight of them. Which in my opinion is fair as you get a similar number of ads, in normal YouTube browsing as well.

If you can watch ads between the streaming there are much better streaming services than YouTube right now. It offers more exciting titles than YouTube. You can follow Roku’s free and ad-supported channel to watch movies. Pluto TV is another great streaming service which offers great content.

Future Plans

Right now YouTube does not have many interesting titles with a few exceptions like The Terminator, and the Rocky Series. These titles aren’t bad in fact I would probably watch most of the movies again. Right now the service is under beta testing and I am not sure what would the final service have.  However, it would be interesting to see how the movie studios take on this if YouTube figures out a feasible business model. Tell us if you would like to hear more news like this in the comments down below.

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