How to Watch Winter Olympics 2018 from Anywhere

Winter Olympics is an international multi-sport event that is currently being hosted by Pyeongchang County in South Korea. The Winter Olympics is a specialised event that includes popular winter sports played across the world. The crux of the Winter Olympics is formed by the 102 exciting games in which all the countries compete. Care for a little tidbit? Well, the PyeongChang Winter Olympics has been the coldest in two decades and the temperature is struggling to rise above 0-degree Celsius.

You might be wondering why we are speaking about the Winter Olympics being a tech site? Let me explain, in this section, we will guide you through the many ways in which you can watch the ongoing Winter Olympics. Not only that we will also list out websites and platforms wherein you can follow the scores and the leaderboards live. 

How to Watch Winter Olympics on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari Browser?

I personally prefer watching shows and live sports on my laptop. Firstly I find it cumbersome to switch on the Tv and then flick through the channels. Moreover, I can always get a glimpse of the scores on my PC while I am working. Believe me, I had to hop through many ways to get the live coverage of the Winter Olympics, however every site I visited displayed the following error message, “Sorry. TVPlayer is currently only available in the United Kingdom.” Fret not we will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to access the live coverage of ongoing Winter Olympics.

Step 1: Use a VPN

The content on most of the sites is currently geographically locked. What this means is that you need to circumvent the geographical restriction in order to access the content. The best way to do so is by using a VPN. I presume you already use a VPN of your choice, if not don’t worry you can always take a pick from this list of awesome free VPN services. For more reliablity, choose a paid VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, both offers free trial and reported working fine by many people. 

Additionally, you can also install the VPN services on Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. With this in place, there is very little that can go wrong. Open the VPN app and connect to the respective location. We will be mentioning the location alongside the services.

Step 2: Switch to appropriate server location

You can watch the Winter Olympics 2018, using either by using YouTube TV or However both of them are only available in UK and US respectivly. So, using a VPN you need to circumvent your geo location to the supported country (i.e. US or UK) and then use any of the two following service. 

2.1 YouTube TV (recommended)

YouTube needs no introduction. All of us rely on YouTube for our varied entertainment needs. However, YouTube TV is a paid service and you need to subscribe to the same. On the brighter side though you can still subscribe to the 30-day free trial and end the subscription well before renewal. Users can watch the Winter Olympics on NBC Sports which is bundled alongside the YouTube TV subscription.

Switch to US server, if you want to watch the Winter Olympics via Youtube TV. You will need a US IP address to access the channels and need to use VPN if you are not in the US.


TVPlayer is a legit site that streams Winter Olympics coverage. The best part is that they don’t air commercial and there is no lag. Moreover, you also don’t need to sign up and can jump in right away. That being said I personally find it difficult to track certain events and you may need to skim through several channels before finding the right one.

On a related note, the is currently available only in the UK, others need to use a VPN. So, switch to UK server, if you want to watch the Winter Olympics via

How to directly watch the Winter Olympics in the US 

Well not everyone needs a VPN to watch. For instance, in the US, NBC is broadcasting the Winter Olympics on its site and also through the NBC Sports app. The best part is that you can stream free of cost and also have replay access for 30 minutes. However, users can continue to live stream and watch the entire event in an uninterrupted manner. 

How to directly watch the Winter Olympics in the UK

Even in UK, you can watch the Winter Olympics directly. But for this, you need to have a TV license and then use the same in the BBC iPlayer. BBC is the official broadcaster of the game and they do stream without any lags. The BBC iPlayer can be accessed from your Tablet, smartphone, web browser, TV and gaming console. The caveat is that BBC only covers a select few events and this is something you need to live with.

How to watch Winter Olympics on iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple TV

We have already covered some of the methods but in this section, we will explain in detail on how you can stream the Winter Olympics 2018 on your Apple device. You can tune into the NBC Sports app for iOS and tvOS, with this in place you can access a free live stream of 30-minutes followed by a 5-minute live stream allowance every day. Additionally, you can also check out Sling TV, DirecTV Now and Hulu Live Tv, all of these services offer a free 7-day trial. Alternatively, you can also check out, a live coverage website that is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Edge Browsers. 

How to watch Winter Olympics on Android devices

Once again you can use the NBC Sports app but the 30-minute free live stream restriction applies here. You can also watch on Hulu Live TV. However, if you want to have a detailed live stream of all the events you can simply subscribe to Eurosport. Lastly, if you happen to own a VR headset put it to use. You can watch the 2018 Winter Olympics 360-degree coverage on NBC Sports VR app.

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