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How to Manage or Disable Suggested Posts on Instagram

by Ritesh Rawat
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While scrolling on Instagram most of the time we come across some irrelevant posts from accounts that are even not followed by us. These posts are suggested by Instagram to your feed. Although this feature is meant to enhance content discovery and engagement sometimes it diminishes the user experience. Here are a few ways to manage or completely disable suggested posts on Instagram.

1. Hide the Current Suggested Post on Instagram

While scrolling through the feed section it is very common to come across a suggested post. To hide the post just tap on the cross icon and it will hide the suggested post.

Cross button to disable suggested post in Instagram

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2. Disable Suggested Posts From Specific Account

Suggestions in the feed are from random accounts. Sometimes you might appreciate a suggestion from one account, while at other times, you may prefer not to see any suggested posts from another account.

To disable suggestions from an account just tap on the cross icon on the upper right and then on Don’t suggest posts from that account.

Disabling suggested post from an acoount in Instagram

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3. Filter Suggested Post With Specific Words on Instagram

Captions and hashtags are a part of Instagram posts. Specific words can be selected and Instagram will not suggest any post including those words in the caption or hashtag. 

1. Tap on the cross icon as mentioned earlier and then on Don’t suggest posts with certain words.

Don't suggest posts with certain words to disable suggested post in Instagram

2. A pop will appear. Add the words separated by commas (no space) and tap on Done.

stop getting suggestions from the words added

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4. Check List of Posts You Have Shown Interest In

Sometimes, we show interest in a post and it becomes irrelevant in the future or maybe it was done by mistake. Instagram notes these user interests and behaviors and uses them to suggest similar content. The list of interested posts is saved by Instagram and by removing them, you may see fewer similar suggested posts on your feed. 

1. Tap on the cross icon as mentioned in the previous methods and then on Manage suggested content.

Manage suggested content

2. In the suggested content section, tap on Interested.

Interested post section in instagram

3. Here all the posts that you have shown interest in the past 30 days are collected. Select the post you are not interested in anymore and tap on Remove.

Posts that have been marked as interested in Instagram

5. Get Fewer Suggestions on Instagram

When a suggestion appears on your feed, you can also remove it by tapping on the kebab menu and selecting Not Interested. This will inform Instagram to suggest fewer posts like this.

Not interested button on Instagram to disable suggested post.

6. Mute Suggested Posts for a Few Days on Instagram

The above tips will let you filter and limit the suggestions on Instagram. But it is possible to stay away from any kind of suggestions for 30 days altogether. Here’s how to disable suggested posts on Instagram completely for a month.

Tap on the cross icon as explained in the earlier method, and then Snooze all suggested posts in the feed for 30 days.

Snooze all suggested post in feed for 30 days on Instagram

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1. Can I manage reel suggestions?

Yes, the same settings will also apply to the reels.

2. How to check suggestions marked as not interested?

Go to your profile > hamburger menu > Your activity > Not interested.

3. Can I hide Ads?

Ads can only be closed by tapping on the cross above the ad.

4. How to enable suggested posts if turned off for 30 days?

Although suggested posts will be back after 30 days you can enable them by going to your profile > kebab menu > Settings > Suggested content > disable the toggle of Snooze suggested posts in the feed.

No Suggestions Needed

Well, if you don’t want to disable suggested posts on Instagram, you can now manage these suggestions better. How you interact matters. Instagram experience gets better when the content is relatable and most of us do not want to see suggestions while going through the feed. Although there is no permanent solution to stop these suggestions, now you know how to keep your feed a little cleaner. 

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