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10 Websites To Discover New Music Based On What You Like

by Mrinal Saha
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Why music makes us happy? Researches has shown, music releases a chemical in the brain, called dopamine which is responsible for making us happy. (1)

Most of us, like to listen to music while working, coding or doing chores. It helps us to lift out mood, motivate us for trying harder and fill us with joys. But with over millions of music available, it’s quite difficult to find new music that we will actually like.

Websites To Find New Music

Therefore In this article, you will find out some popular (while others not so popular) music recommendation website to discover new music based on what you like.

1) 1


It is an online music streaming service which is quite popular in Europe and US. But once you started using it, you will find some great option to discover new music based on your current mood. Also Spotify has their own algorithm to recommend music to its user based on what he/she is listening to.

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2) 1


It’s the world’s most popular music recommendation service. It use music recommended system called “Audioscrobbler” to build a detailed profile of each user’s musical taste by tracking their listening habits. Other than music recommendation you can also listen to music using last FM music player.

3) Torch Music

 Torch Music

Similar to spotify, torch music is also an online music streaming service that lets you discover music that your friend like. For this you will have to connect your Facebook account. Other than that you can listen to music online, create a playlist and even download them however you will torch browser for that.

4) 8 Tracks 

 8 Tracks

As stated “is internet radio created by people, not algorithms”. The main purposed of this website is to let users create and share their own tracks in form of customize album. But you can also explore some great music classified on basis of mood, occasion and genre. They also have mobile apps for all major platform like android, iOS and windows.

5) Jango


Similar to 8tracks, jango is also a free internet radio with cool music suggestions. You can find new tracks based on genera, especially if you are looking old music collection. Apps are available for major mobile platform as well.

6) Stereo Mood

Stereo Mood

It is a mood based music recommendation service that can suggest you songs based on what if your current mood.  For instance if you want to listen music while you are preparing a lunch, then go this website and in the search box type in I feel like cooking and it will bring up the playlist for cooking songs. Similarly there are other moods like happy, sad, working, chilling etc.

7) BeatPort

If you are into electronic music like trance, dubstep, or anything that involves music with beats than it’s the best website to discover similar songs. This website entirely dedicated to only electronic music and I am sure you will explore new electronic music that you would like.

8) Drinkify


As you open this website, you will have to enter the name of song or artist that you like and once you do that it will play a similar track automatically. Although the user interface is clean, I found the results are often not accurate.

9) YouTube 


Although YouTube is not directly a music recommendation service but it does has some strong algorithm that suggest you similar songs based on what other people listen to after listening the music.

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10)  Reddit


Reddit is popular websites where people share and up votes ideas within a community called subreddit. And there are some cool subreddits dedicated to new and interesting music.If you are looking for something new and lessknow stuff then you should defiantly check it out

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