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What Happens When You Cancel Netflix Subscription

by Gaurav Bidasaria
What Happens When You Cancel Netflix Subscription

Most of us have spent countless hours on Netflix, whiling away time even when we had work to do. Canceling Netflix subscription makes sense if you want to take a digital break. But what happens after when you cancel your Netflix membership subscription? What about your likes, wishlists, card details, and more? Allow me to answer.

Let’s begin.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription From Browser

First, let’s take a quick look at how to cancel your Netflix subscription.

1. Log in to your Netflix account if you haven’t already. Do so in a browser on your computer.

sign in to netflix in browser

2. Now open the Netflix Cancelation page and click on Finish Cancelation button. Other options include Go Back which means changing your mind about canceling Netflix subscription and Downgrade Your Plan which means choosing a less expensive plan.

Your Netflix membership should be canceled now. Note that there is no confirmation dialogue that will appear and plan will be canceled immediately.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription From iTunes

If you have subscribed to Netflix using iTunes on your iPhone or iPad, then you will need to unsubscribe to Netflix from iTunes too.

1. Open Settings > Your Name > Subscriptions. You should see a list of all active subscriptions. Select Netflix here and tap on Cancel Subscription. Finally, tap on Confirm if you see a pop-up.

cancel netflix subscription from itunes on iphone

You can resubscribe to Netflix anytime you like but in the interim, here are some things you need to know.

What Happens When You Cancel Netflix Subscription

Netflix, like all online sites, monitors your habits and collects data to cater to your needs better. They don’t and won’t let you go in a hurry after all. Here are some interesting facts.

Can You Cancel Netflix Subscription on the Mobile Apps

You can unsubscribe from Netflix only from the web app which means by using a browser. In the case of the iPhone, you can unsubscribe using iTunes but Android doesn’t offer a unified subscription layer.

How Long Can You Watch Netflix After Canceling Subscription

Netflix charges your credit card in advance which means you still have a few days before your account is closed for good. If your billing date is the 14th, then you can continue watching Netflix until the 13th of the next month, that is until the billing period ends.

What About My Netflix Profiles, Favorites, and Preferences

Netflix will maintain your profiles, favorites, viewing preferences, and account details for up to 10 months. After that, all will be deleted from their servers. That’s a good amount of time to rethink whether you want to join Netflix again.

What Other Data Netflix Stores for 10 Months After Cancelation

Quite a lot, actually. Netflix will preserve the following data in the hopes that you will return to them one day.

  • Ratings
  • Your recommendations
  • Account details
  • Game saves (unless game/game data aren’t deleted from device)
  • Gameplay history

What Does Pausing Netflix Membership Means and How It Works

Netflix released a new feature called Pause Membership. It works exactly the same way as canceling a membership does. You follow the same steps as above. It’s just that instead of deleting your data immediately, Netflix will wait for 10 months now. Hence the name.

Can I Have My Data Deleted Before the 10 Month Period Ends

Yes, but that will require an additional step. You have to mail Netflix at privacy@netflix.com from the same email ID that you used to register your Netflix account. We recommend using ‘Request for account deletion’ as the subject heading. Ask them to delete all data associated with your profile. You should receive a confirmation email in a few days.

Can I Cancel My Netflix Plan Anytime

Yes. You can cancel your subscription to Netflix at any time on any given day. The service works 24x7x365 after all.

What If I Don’t See Cancelation Option in My Netflix Account

It is possible that you subscribed to Netflix through a third party. We already saw iTunes’ example. Maybe your company, where you work, subscribed to Netflix on your behalf. Contact your senior or your billing company to check if they can cancel your Netflix subscription on your behalf.

Can I Rejoin Netflix and If Yes, How

Yes, you can easily begin your subscription again. All you have to do is open Your Account page in a browser and click on the Restart Membership button. Your Netflix membership will begin within seconds.

restart netflix membership from browser or web app

You will see a confirmation message.

Do I Need to Update My Netflix Payment Details

No, you don’t have to update payment details since Netflix already has it and maintains the same for up to 10 months. However, if you want to, yes, you can change your payment method from the same screen. Click on Manage payment info to begin.

manage and update netflix payment info in browser

Did you know you can now pay for Netflix without a credit card? Yup. Check out our simple guide.

What About My Gift Cards and Promotional Balance

Good news. You can continue to stream your favorite movies and series even after canceling your Netflix account if you have gift cards or other promotional balances left in your account. The subscription will end only after the balance runs out, no matter how long that takes. Once the balance runs out, you cannot access Netflix without restarting your membership.

Why Was My Card Charged After I Canceled Netflix

The most plausible explanation could be that someone else with access to your Netflix Account restarted the subscription without your knowledge. Were you sharing your account details with someone? It is not uncommon for friends to share Netflix as it costs less.

To save headaches, change your Netflix account’s password before canceling your subscription.

Can I Cancel Netflix Before One Month of Free Trial

Yes, you can but note that if you do not, at the end of the free trial, your card will be automatically charged. Then you can either continue watching or cancel immediately. Even after cancelation, you can still stream until the billing period ends.

Does Netflix Has a Refund Policy

No. They state it clearly in their ToS, however, there have been exceptions. If you feel you were wrongly charged, you may try and contact them but don’t get your hopes high.

Cancel Netflix

Netflix faces stiff competition from the likes of Prime, Apple TV, Disney, and Hulu. But Netflix is still Netflix and most people rely on it for their weekend binge-watching sessions. Have you tried the Netflix Party feature yet? It is pretty cool, especially with friends. And if you are a Discord user, hold on from unsubscribing from Netflix because you can now stream Netflix on Discord.

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