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20 Best Third-Party Notion Widgets to Up Your Game

by Parth Shah
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Notion is making waves in the no-code revolution. Modular productivity software is getting popular with its unique approach to organization and project management. One way it is making lives easier is with widgets. Notion widgets are a great addition to your workflow. We will explain how.

Best Notion Widgets to Try

Using Notion, you can create a perfect homepage that consists of all the information you need at a glance. The company offers various ways to customize the Notion home with headings, color backgrounds, and emojis but widgets are something that few note-taking apps offer. If you want to enhance the appeal then go ahead and try some third-party Notion widgets. 

How to Apply Notion Widgets

We will rely on two third-party sources Indify and Apption to implement third-party Notion widgets. Follow the steps.

Click on the widget link in the post. If it’s Indify link, it’ll redirect you to the homepage. To see the widgets, first, you need to log in with your Google account. Once done, scroll down to find the widget. Click on the widget you like. With each widget, you will find a unique URL to use in Notion.

You need to simply copy the link and go back to the Notion dashboard. Embed the link using the /Embed command and simply paste the link. You will see the Notion widget live in action.

1. Clock Widget

My morning routine starts with Notion home. Every little information such as my wishlist, personal details, ongoing projects, etc. is perfectly organized on the Notion page. It’s only logical to add a live clock widget that showcases the time while using Notion. 

notion clock widget

Indify’s Clock widget allows you to change timezone and clock type. You can also drag the borders to the preview widget in real-time. 

Get Clock Widget

2. Weather Widget

A weather widget on the Notion page can enhance the appeal of the page. Using a weather widget, you can look at the current temperature, forecast for the week, and the current user location. You can use the Widget Drager before selecting the right size for the weather widget. Simply copy the link and paste it to your Notion page. 

notion weather widget

Get Weather Widget

3. Countdown Widget

This is one of my favorite Notion widgets out there. I use it all the time. As the name suggests, the Countdown widget allows you to set the timer for an event and it will show the remaining time in real-time on your Notion page. 

notion countdown widget

Simply use the link below, add a title for the event, time, and you can customize the look of the text with different colors and sizes. Copy the link and embed it into the Notion page. 

Get Countdown Widget

4. Google Calender Widget

This is extremely useful if you rely heavily on Google Calendar to get things done. Google Calendar widget for Notion allows you to view the entire Google Calendar with events. Simply login using Google account credentials, make some style-related changes and you are good to go. 

notion google calendar widget

Get Google Calendar Widget

5. Spotify Widget

This Notion widget needs no introduction. You can easily embed a Spotify widget into a Notion page. If you are a power Spotify user then I would highly recommend you to give this one a try. Using the Spotify widget, you no longer need to switch between Notion and Spotify to access and change tracks. 

notion spotify widget

Get Spotify Widget

6. Whiteboard Widget

Notion pitches itself as the perfect project management tool. The Whiteboard widget is useful when you need to brainstorm ideas and jot down thoughts on a digital whiteboard. Integrate a whiteboard widget to a Notion page and you can use a pencil, brush, eraser, and other common tools right into Notion. 

notion whiteboard widget

Get Whiteboard Widget

7. Twitter Widget

Notion relies on Twitter to deliver the latest news and updates to users and followers. Instead of using the Twitter app, you can use this third-party Twitter widget that integrates Notion’s Twitter timeline to your Notion page. 

notion twitter widget

Get Twitter Widget

8. Quote Notion Widgets

As I mentioned earlier, Notion is the first software I use before starting the day. A motivational quote widget is an ideal way to start the work/day with positive thoughts.

notion quote widget

The widget allows you to show quotes from a popular Instagram account and you can select a light or dark theme as well. 

Get Quote Widget

9. Life Progress Bar

This is one of my favorite Notion widgets out there. As you might have guessed, the Life Progress bar widget allows you to showcase the live progress of the current year, month, week, and even your life. As always, you can choose from both light and dark themes before copying the embedded link. 

notion life progress widget

Get Life Progress Bar

10. Pinterest Widget

Pinterest widget for Notion allows you to add and view image of the day in Notion. It’s not a must-have widget but useful if you browse Pinterest frequently. 

notion pinterest widget

Get Pinterest Widget

11. Weather Round Notion Widgets

If the above-mentioned weather widget is too simple for your preference, you can try this one from WidgetBox. Weather Round widgets carry a stylish look with a number of customization options.

weather notion widgets

Users can change widget background color, icon color, text color, border color, and even customize border width before implementing the widget to the Notion page.

Get Weather Round Notion Widget

12. Digital Retro Clock Widget

This is yet another clock widget but with a different style and look. Those designing an aesthetic Notion page will surely appreciate the retro look it offers.

notion clock widget

Simply go to the Customization menu and you can modify the background and text color in the clock widget. One can also change the border radius of the Notion widget. Make necessary changes, copy the embed link at the bottom and integrate it to your Notion page. The good part is you can change the widget background color by HEX value as well.

Get Digital Retro Clock widget

13. Simple Calendar Widget

As the name suggests, this one carries a simple monthly calendar widget to add to a Notion page. Once again, the customization options are rich and spot-on. One can change the Calendar background, Calendar text color, header background, and more.

calendar widget in notion

It’s up to you how you want to customize the whole look of the calendar widget.

Get Simple Calendar Widget

14. Giphy Widget

As the name suggests, this one adds a trending GIF to your Notion doc. When you add the widget to the Notion page using the /Embed command, it will start playing a GIF. Click on it and you will see more info as well as other related trending GIFs right in your Notion page.

giphy notion widget

Get Giphy Widget for Notion

15. Google Trends Widget

Are you someone keeping track of the latest Google trends searches? Then the Google Trends widget is a must-have for you.

Based on your selected region, the Google Trends widget will showcase trending search results in your country. You can see the relevant keyword, number of searches, and scroll through up to 10 searches from the widget.

google trends notion widget

Click on the Notion widget and it will take you to the Google Trends page on the web for more details.

The shared link below carries Google search results for the US region. You can customize it for another region by following a quick guide from the link.

Get Google Trends Widget for Notion

16. Astro Charts

Do you want to add an astro chart to your Notion homepage? Those who firmly believe in astrology might find this Notion widget useful to implement on the page.

astro notion widget

Create beautiful, personalized, and highly customizable astrology charts and integrate them to your Notion page.

Get Astro Charts for Notion

17. Apple Music Widget

First, we showed you how to add and use the Spotify widget on a Notion page. But what about rivals? Don’t worry, one can easily create and add Apple Music playlists to a Notion page.

apple music notion widget

This can be useful when you are building the ultimate Notion page with customizable fonts, icons, and want to listen to your favorite Apple Music playlist without leaving the interface.

Get Apple Music Widget

18. Buy Me a Coffee Widget

Are you working on a dedicated Notion template to giveaway on the web or to a Notion community? At the end of the template, you can add the Buy me a Coffee widget to offer your audience a way to thank you.

buy me a coffee notion widget

Follow the steps mentioned in the link and generate a customizable Buy me a coffee widget.

Get Buy me a Coffee Widget

19. Pomodoro TODO

Pomodoro is one of the best-proven productivity hacks out there. Even Microsoft is adding a similar trick with Focus Sessions in the upcoming Windows 11 OS.

pomodoro notion widget

You can add a dedicated Pomodoro widget to your Notion page and start a non-stop 25 minutes of work. Click on the Settings gear and customize time duration, theme, break time, and more.

Get Pomodoro TODO Widget

20. Add World Clock

Those working with people from multiple time zones may find this Notion widget useful. You can create a clock for your preferred city and embed it on your Notion page. The default link is set for New York.

world clock notion widget

Get World Clock Widget

Use Notion Widgets Effectively

Go through the widget list above to customize your Notion page like a pro. Don’t forget to showcase your perfect Notion page on social media. It might inspire others to showcase theirs and help everyone find cool new Notion widgets.

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