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6 Best Snake Games for Android and iOS

by Gaurav Bidasaria
modern day snake game

A few days ago I shared a list of Tetris games and spin-offs that you can play on Android and iOS. Well, as iconic as the game was and still is, it is not the only one out there. Another iconic and popular game was a snake. Nokia was responsible for making it available in at least one household across the world. Here are some of the best Snake games for Android and iOS.

While the snake was a simple game with the objective of increasing the length of its tail, it was the first mobile game to take the world by storm. Before I begin with the list, here are some interesting facts about Snake.

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1. Snake Game

Snake Game is one of the best snake games for Android and iOS users because of two reasons. One is that it comes with the classic snake game that you used to play on your old feature phone. And two is that you can also choose to play it in yellow and old Nokia style backgrounds. A true classic feeling fitting for a retro game like Snake.

retro and classic snake game

There are some other backgrounds and snake styles that you can choose from. The app is ad-supported but you can remove them with an in-app purchase that will cost you $2.99 only.

Download Snake Game: Android | iOS

2. Slither

Slither is modern-day version of the snake game with a twist. The graphics are awesome, the snakes are colorful, and it comes with a multiplayer mode. That means you can now play with your friends and compete with them for supremacy. Find out who has the longest tail in the game.

modern day snake game

The rules are a little different here because more than one snakes will be slithering around the screen. If your head touches another snake’s body, you die. The same is true for other players too. So be mindful of where you move in an attempt to eat and grow your body. It has a large community of players but don’t forget to invite your friends. Removing ads will cost $3.99.

Download Slither: Android | iOS

3. Snake vs Block

Snake vs Block takes the good old game of snake for Android and iOS and turns it on its head. There is a snake made of balls that’s hungry and looking for food (balls) to grow. But then there are these obstacles in the form of blocks made of bricks that are stopping it. Your objective is to break as many blocks as possible while eating your favorite food.

breaking blocks with snake

As you break more blocks, you get more balls and your snake gets longer. And so continues the legend of the snake. There are multiple levels with each on offering new challenges. Removing ads will cost you $2.99 while unlocking new levels will cost $0.99.

Download Snake vs Block: Android | iOS

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4. Snake 97

Missing your old Nokia feature phone? Snake 97 comes with a layout that will make you feel nostalgic. The better part of the screen is covered in what appears to be a shell of Nokia 3310 with buttons. Then there is a small green background of a screen where you will play the OG snake game.

old nokia snake game

Not happy with your Nokia model? You can swap it out for another model. All popular models are supported in the app. Choose the one with the button layout that you are most familiar with. Note that game dynamics are exactly the same as the original.

Download Snake 97: Android | iOS

5. Snake Candy

Snake Candy is another snake game for Android and iOS where you will be competing against your friends. The objective is to have the longest tail in the game possible. Because the snake is made of candies, you will have to find and eat as many candies as possible to grow.

snake candy gameplay

If you are playing against friends, the rules are a bit different. You cannot bump into the side of other snakes, otherwise, you will die. The same is also true for other players. There is a special power called lightening. Tap on it to pick up speed and reach a particular spot before other snakes do.

Download Snake Candy: Android | iOS

6. Snakes and Apples

The last but not the least is a true snake game for Android and iOS and I will explain why. What do snakes do? They dig holes to live in them. Snakes and Apples take inspiration from real life to create a forest where a snake has dug multiple holes around apple cultivation.

snakes and apples

You have to move in and out of those holes and eat all the apples to grow bigger but make sure you don’t hit yourself by entering the wrong hole. It’s a multiplayer game that makes it even more challenging.

Download Snakes and Appls: Android | iOS

Snake Fun Facts

  • The Snake game on Nokia was actually inspired by Blockade, an arcade game launched in 1976.
  • Before Nokia made it a household name, it was already gaining popularity calculators and home computers from Apple.
  • No one owns the game.
  • The first Nokia to feature Snake was Nokia 6110 released in 1997.
  • Over 400 million phones have some version of Snake. The current version is ninth.
  • The highest point you can reach is 2008 which is on level 9.
  • Nokia released its iconic mode 3310 recently and with it came the iconic game Snake.
  • The iconic snake  lost its charm in 2008 when the world’s first Android phone was launched in 2008.

Wrapping Up: Snake Games for Android and iOS

These are some of the best snake games on Play and App store right now. There are others but either they are not good enough or they mimic the gameplay of the snake games that I mentioned in the list above. Don’t forget to share your favorite snake game with us in the comments below.

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