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How to Add Photos to Show up on Google Assistant Ambient Mode

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Share Photos and Videos on Google Photos with Family

Google Assistant’s ambient mode shows a bunch of useful information (such as weather, upcoming alarms, reminders, events, etc) without having to unlock your phone. But with one caveat,  it only works when your phone is locked and charging. It would be great to use it all the time like an always-on display, but as of now, this isn’t an option. But what you can do right now, is to add your photos like a slideshow, and here’s how.

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Add Photos to Show up on Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode

Rather than just showing a blank switched off-screen, it would be great to show any kind of info or some photos while the phone is charging. If you kind of feel the same, here is how you can set it.

First, open the Google Assitant Settings. You can do that by opening the Google app > More > Settings and then choose Google Assistant.

In the Google Assistant Settings, scroll down and click on “View all settings” button. In All settings section, you can find an option called “Ambient mode”, click on it.

Here you can enable the ambient mode and also enable the option “Photo frame on ambient display”. By default it will show you some stock photos from Google. You can include your own photos by clicking on “Select Google photos Albums” button to select your photos.

Here you can check out all your albums along with the “Recent highlights” “Favorites” and “Family and friends” option. Clicking on the plus sign beside the album will show you photos from that album. You can also select multiple albums if you want.

To select Family & friends, click on the Family and Friends option at the top and select all the people you want, this will show all the photos of the people you have selected on the ambient mode.

Once done, it will create an auto-generated album with all the photos of the people you have selected and even the future photos of those people will be added automatically to this “Family and Friends” album. You can scroll down and select the album and click on done to set family and friends as an ambient mode.

That’s it, photos from all the albums you have selected will now be displayed as a slideshow when your phone is charging. You will be still able to use the ambient mode features just by a single tap on the screen.

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