Make Android (Nexus) Screenshot Looks Awesome by Adding Frame

Those days are gone when you have to root your android in order to take screenshots. Now you can easily do so, with the press of a button or two. If you are new to taking a screenshot on Android device here is a quick guide.
Just hold your power button and volume down button and screenshot will be taken of the present screen and get saved in the gallery.
But if you going to use these screenshot on your blog or for your app presentation then it’s better to give it a little professional touch for more visual context. You can do that by adding the device frames around it. Check out this screenshot below, to get a better idea.
make your android screenshot looks awesome
The quickest way to do it, is by using Android apps to add frames directly to screenshot. Here is one such app is known as AppDemoStore Generator that I was able to find on Play store. However it doesn’t support every android frames, you can find only Nexus and Samsung galaxy frames.


Another quick way to add frames is to mail you a screenshot to with the subject name as your device name. And within a few seconds, you will get the nice looking frame around your screenshot in reply. But again it has the same problem and works for selective device and if the system doesn’t recognize your device that it will add the standard frame around it.


 For more option, you can head over to AppDemoStore which offer options to upload and resize your image to landscape and portrait mode.


For all Nexus device, you can use the developer tool from Labnol. All you have to do is drag and drop the image and it will automatically do the rest for you.


My favorite web app is Labnol, which you can use not only to generate awesome looking screenshot not only for your smartphones but also for your pc, laptop and tablet screens with much more options.

For more web tools to make your screenshot more appealing check out this guide posted on Labnol.

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