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Best Apps for IPL 2020 on iOS & Android

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Whether you’re a Mumbai Indians or Chennai Super Kings fan, I’m sure most of you must already be disappointed that you can’t go out and watch the Indian Premier League. Well, I know there is no other alternative than streaming it online but if you’re like me, the IPL fever stays in the head throughout the day. Worry not, here are a few apps that not only keeps you updated with the latest IPL happenings but also other useful info. So, without waiting, here are the best apps for IPL 2020 on iOS & Android.

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Best Apps for IPL

1. IPL 2020

The official app for live scores match info, interviews, fixtures, etc.

Since it’s the official app, there is nothing better to keep you updated about IPL.  Right from when you install the app, you can select your favorite team and follow all the alerts & notifications related to them. The home page holds most of the information, like match fixture details, points table, team details along with player overview, and profile (for those who have favorites).

The app is free and it has zero ads, so you can spend all your time concentrating on the game.

Get IPL 2020 on iOS | Android

2. Cricbuzz

Allows you to add a score widget to the screen, allow one-touch reminders and even follow other matches

This one is similar to the official IPL 2020 app, but there are very subtle differences that fetch it brownie points over the first one. The first and most useful feature is the widget. You get all the details about the match and also the schedule in a scrollable widget which you can easily resize. Secondly, if you’re someone who has gold-fish memory, you can also set a reminder for the match in an instant bu hitting the bell icon on top of the screen.

Get Cricbizz on iOS | Android

3. Disney + Hotstar

There is no cricketing spirit if the audience is not involved and since the real audience is not allowed, all we can do it cheer sitting on our couches at home. You can enjoy all the matches, highlights and even stream matches from last year on Disney + Hotstar. Yes, you do need a subscription, so you can also enjoy other content like movies, shows, news, etc. Here an overview of what Disney + Hotstar subscription plan looks like.

If you’re on Jio or Airtel plans, chances are you already have a Disney + Hotstar subscription coupled with it. Do check before buying the subscription. It might save you some money.

You can get Disney + Hotstar Premium Membership for $19.99/month or Sports & Entertainment Annual for $49.99 /annually. To check for more plans, visit the subscription page.

Get Disney + Hotstar on iOS | Android

4. Dream 11

There is still too much grey area when you talk about whether it’s a gambling app or not (probably the reason it’s not on the app store). Keeping that aside, it’s the official sponsor of IPL 2020 and the game has seen a multi-fold growth with over 17 million users. Like a real team, you have 11 players out of which 7 players can be from one team(from the actual match). The player is limited to 100 credits which are required to buy players. With an aim to choose a balanced team, you have to choose a captain and vice-captain who fetch you 2x points/1.5x points scored bt them in the actual match. Lastly, choose a contest form the contest section and enjoy the match. You’ll get points in the app as soon as your chosen players perform in the real match.

The app isn’t available on app stores but you can easily download the app by giving the miscall on  1800-572-9878 or visit the website and scan the QR code.

5. Google Score Card

Yea, Google can help you keep track of info and scores if you don’t want to download or pay for any of the apps above. If you’re a minimalist, simply type in IPL Live Match to see a scorecard with live updates of the match. It even shows you a dedicated IPL page, which is great to keep a track of matches, news, info on players and points table. You can also benefit from the search engine side of Google since you can click on any player or info and see a Google search result for it.

This is a great way if you’re not someone who is tech-savvy. The search engine is also useful for someone who is watching it for the first time and want to quick handy info on players, matches and more.

6. WhatsApp

When I’m not streaming or reading about IPL matches, I’m arguing with most of my friends about Chennai Super Kings being superior to Mumbai Indians. Well, yes it gets heated sometimes, so to make my point clear, I use GIFs on WhatsApp. They’re not only fun to use, but look very interactive as compared to the static emoticons and stickers. You can either search IPL for a broader term or type-in your favorite team or player for specific GIFs.

Get WhatsApp for iOS | Android 

Closing Remarks

So these were few apps that you can use to watch and keep a track of all IPL games. If you want to watch the match, make sure to subscribe and watch the matches on Disney + Hotstar, as it’s an official streaming partner so you’ll have uninterrupted streaming regardless of wherever you are. For match info, like the table, match fixtures, etc, you can download the IPL 2020 app which has all that in a very interactive UI. If you don’t want any of that, Google score card is the best option. Moreover, you don’t have to install anything extra.

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