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My Experience with Fitvate – Best Workout Trainer App?

by Mrinal Saha

Three months back, I started going to the gym, again. Although I’ve lost the count, I guess this was my 6th attempt in the past two years. Fortunately, this time I stuck around. In fact, I’m not just regular in the gym but can also see some progress. What changed? Well, this time, I found a workout trainer app that worked for me.

Before we begin

When I say, a workout trainer app, I’m not focusing on a running app, which I would classify under fitness app, and neither do I mean a bodybuilding app, which focuses on a specific body part exercise. Workout trainer app, on the other hand, gives you a schedule for weeks or months and help you to track your progress. For example, Monday is for chest and biceps exercise, Tuesday are for legs, Wednesday is rest, and so on.

My current workout app is called Fitvate. It’s free for Android users but still not available on iOS. It’s a simple workout trainer app that helps you create a routine you can easily follow. Although Fitvate allows users to train a specific body part, the primary purpose of the app is to provide users a weekly workout schedule.


Things I like about Fitvate

1. There is no banner ads or pop-ups. I hate when I can see pop ads while working out (ahem JEFIT). Instead, Fitvate used the freemium model, some beginners workouts schedules in the app are free, while intermediate and advance are paid. I started out with the free version but now upgraded to the Pro version.

2. Fitvate also shows you the progress in percentage. The app has a checkbox next to each exercise which you need to tap once you are done with that particular workout. Now, if you had picked a workout plan of 8 weeks and followed it for 2 weeks, it’ll show you 25% progress. This keeps me motivated to hit the gym. Another useful feature missing in JFIT.

3. Exercises are easy and don’t require any fancy equipment. This is really useful for beginners like me who go to a modest gym. Many other workouts apps I used in the past, used US-centric equipment that my gym doesn’t have.

4. And finally, if you have found a workout plan from YouTube or Reddit, you can create a new workout plan for yourself. For instance, if you like do to push-pull leg split or Stronglift 5*5, which are missing in the app, you can add them yourself.

The apps give me a reminder, every morning. If it’s my rest day, then no reminder. Not a game-changer, but I like it. That said, there is definalty room for improvements.

1. For instance, there is no automatic rest timer. The previous app I tried like Stonglifts and JEFIT has this feature.

2. Another thing that it does not pay much attention to is the weight log. It only shows you reps and sets, there is no option to enter how much weight you lift last time. So, you can accidentally overload yourself.

3. And finally, the lack of social integration, like sharing your progress with your friends on Instagram or Facebook. Since I don’t have an active public profile, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Closing Words

Overall, I’ve experimented with many workout schedule apps like JEFIT, 7-minute workout, Strong Lift 5*5, and few others. But this workout trainer app is a game-changer for me, especially if you are a gym beginner and looking to gain some muscles mass. Fitvate not only shows gives you a detailed step by step exercise for each day but also tracks your progress, thus making it difficult to quit in the middle. Since I’ve started tracking, my stamina has gone up, and I feel more confident to continue the workout.

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