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Best YouTube Tech News Channels To Stay Updated

by Vaibhav
YouTUbe Tech News Channel

While most of us go to Twitter or a dedicated Android app for instant tech news, some of us still prefer the old-school video format. I usually watch tech videos while commuting to work. But finding tech news channel ain’t easy. When it comes to YouTube most of the channels concentrate on unboxing videos, product reviews but don’t have anything to satisfy our daily dose of news and in-depth analysis. But fret not, I have a big list and here are the best YouTube tech news channels you can subscribe right away!

Best YouTube Tech News Channels

1. Daily Tech News Show

If you’re someone who likes to have news delivered daily without a miss, Daily Tech News Show is the place to be. It’s actually just the video version of Daily Tech News Show, also a popular tech podcast. Most videos are under the 30-minute mark, which is great if you’re commuting. So, you get top tech stories with daily headlines and in-depth analysis. Out of the lot, I liked a video that discussed facial recognition as surveillance tools and should they be banned? Personally, this conversational style is easy to follow and digestible.

Daily Tech News Channel

It is hosted by Tom Merritt who is already a well-known tech journalist and also credited for CNET’s Buzz Out Loud podcast and also Tech News Today Podcast. The second half is Sarah Lane, who has previously worked with Revision 3, TWiT, TechCrunch, Lionsgate, etc. So whether you want to know about upcoming tech conclaves or monthly tech round-ups, you’re are into good hands.

Number of Subscribers: 16.1K | Frequency of Uploads -Daily 

Check out Daily Tech News Show 

2. TechLinked

I’m sure you must have seen Linus Tech Tips. What a lot of people don’t know that Linus Media Group has another tech channel that is purely dedicated to news. What makes this channel different is it not only covers rapid technology news but presents it in a humorous way. TechLinked was launched in May of 2018 and already boasts of over 1 million subscribers. Riley and Linus himself host the show along with a few others.


What I like about the channel is how they never actually give away what’s in the video. For example, Laptops are getting super. Can you take a guess, what specific is it talking about? The video time varies but most videos are below the eight-minute mark. If you’re someone who can live with jokes here and there(There is a fan base for Riley’s jokes), I think you’ll like it. But if you’re looking for a more newsy vibe, look somewhere else.

Number of Subscribers: 1.1M subscribers | Frequency of Uploads -Thrice Weekly

Check out TechLinked 

3. TWiT Tech Podcast Network

TWiT is originally a podcast network founded back in 2005 by a technology broadcast journalist Leo Laporte. While it has a long list of videos including updates on Google I/O cancellation due to coronavirus or the CIA spying scandal on cryptocurrency, it gives you a detailed analysis of everything. The video duration ranges from 2 minutes to 10 minutes.


What I really like about this channel is that you’ll find a live broadcast most of the time, so if there is a news breaking, chances are you’ll get it instantly. In addition to that, the channel also has how-to’s, reviews and opinions, but don’t worry, it’s mostly news.

Number of Subscribers: 202K subscribers | Frequency of Uploads -Daily

Check out TWiT Tech Podcast Network

4. This Week in Tech

Another channel that comes under TWiT Tech Podcast Network. It’s basically tech gurus discussing technology at a roundtable, sounds fancy right?. This is for anyone who rather than consuming media every day and wants quality coverage at the end of every weekend. I can’t suggest this channel for light listeners as each video’s duration breaches the 2-hour mark, but when you’ve so many experts together, you can’t expect anything less.

Twit News

This one is also hosted by Leo Laporte like the previous one and will give you a feel of traditional news discussion shows. So, whether you’re looking for updates on coronavirus, it’s repercussions on manufacturing or answering questions about how apps are affecting our psychology, like, is TikTok is fundamentally parasitic?.  If you’ve time and a keen interest in tech, you’re sure going to love this.

Number of Subscribers:10K subscribers | Frequency of Uploads -Every Week

Check out This Week in Tech


Rumors are the new trend and this guy gets it delivered to you. Hosted by Jon Prosser and edited by Brian Shoop this channel is a great way to keep track of leaks and upcoming trends. The video duration varies but you’ll find most of them under ten minutes.

Front Page Tech

Most of his videos are interesting to watch, for example, iPhone 12 (2020), the perfect phone. While the video says it’s about the upcoming iPhone, it actually starts with how Google and Samsung are asking repair partners to send back parts to mitigate production shortage due to coronavirus. So, you are not only getting the leak but a nice blend of news updates as well. You must remember most of the information is based on rumors. There are 50-50 chances of them being true. So, if you’re placing a bet with your friends about how the next iPhone 12 is going to be, think twice!

Number of Subscribers: 184K subscribers | Frequency of Uploads -Daily


Closing Words

While all these YouTube channels would cater most of what you’re looking for, whether it’s daily or weekly. I suggest also following these tech podcasts that we frequently listen to at Techwiser. My favorite is Note to Self, as it adds a personal touch by talking about how tech shapes the daily lives around us.  Besides that, I think Twitter is the best place to know about upcoming launches, product updates and everything besides that. Do you follow a tech news channel that I might have missed? Do leave it in the comment.

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