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8 Best Tech News Apps For Android

by Gaurav Bidasaria
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The pace at which technology is advancing has really outdone the pace at which we can consume and understand it. Heck, I claim to be a tech blogger, make a living off of it, and I am failing to keep tabs on the blockchain, AI, self-driving cars, XR (AR+VR), and the mobile industry at large. Hmm. Maybe I am following too many niches.

The point is, too much is happening which is why we need a dedicated tech news app instead of a regular news app that covers everything under the sun. To counter this issue, I started looking at some resources that can be used in conjunction with other news sources. Here is what I discovered.

Best Tech News Apps for Android

1. News Republic

News Republic is the relaunched version of Appy Geek. In case you don’t know, Appy Geek was a dedicated tech app popular among techies and geeks. The app had a beautiful UI but was discontinued and replaced with the News Republic. Unlike Appy News, News Republic covers pretty much all the news topics apart from tech. Well, this made me skeptical at the start but the tech area is pretty solid.

As soon as you open the app, you’ll be greeted with a homepage that has generic news. Switch to the follow tab and here you can add your favorite tech websites as sources.  There are a number of sources to choose from and you can follow any or all of them based on your thirst for tech news and area of interest. It comes with a smart algorithm that will show you more relevant news as you use the app. There is a video tab for those who like to see rather than read.



  • Allows you to manually choose the source for your tech news
  • Dark mode

Download News Republic (Freemium)

2. Feedly

Feedly isn’t an unknown app for many but the popular RSS aggregator is itself a great source of tech news. If you aren’t using it, just download the app from the Play Store and sign up. It’s really easy. When you open the app for the first time, Feedly will ask you some basic questions like your preferences and choices. It will show you a list of topics like tech, health, fashion, sports, etc. Choose tech and Feedly will automatically add a number of relevant and reputable sources in a separate folder.

You will now receive news from sources like TechCrunch, CNET, Engadget, and more. Since Feedly is an RSS app, you can add any other source. For instance, if you want to add TechWiser, just search for the domain name ‘techwiser.com’ in the search bar and you should see a Follow icon on the right. Click on it to add to an existing folder or a new folder.


The best thing about Feedly is it’s free to use. In case you want advanced features like the ability to share and save articles to a number of third-party apps, they offer a subscription. If you want better-looking UI over functionality and features, check out Flipboard. Here is our take on the best RSS readers for consuming news.


  • RSS Aggregator
  • Free to use & no ads
  • Requires patience to build up a feed

Download Feedly (Freemium)

3. TechMeme

TechMeme is one of the best sources to get updates in the tech world and stay on top of it. Now, TechMeme doesn’t have a dedicated Android app. So, you can either use Feedly or hop on to their web app.

The homepage consists of headlines with a snippet of what the news is all about, with a short description. If you want to consume more news in less space or only want the headlines, click the River link. As the name denotes, it is continuously flowing with news headlines. There is an “Events” link that lists all the important events that are happening around in the tech world. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there is a link that you can use to add all these events to your Google or iPhone calendar.



  • Features Tech Events happening around
  • River option to show only tech headlines

Visit TechMeme (Free)

4. Drippler

The moment I opened the app, it detected my make and model and showed me some cool tricks, apps, and games that I could use on my mobile. I was immediately impressed with this tailored set of content. It also detected my network and Android version. Unlike other news aggregators and sites, Drippler will show tech news and content focused on you. In this case, you will regularly find news, tips, tricks, hacks, apps, and game suggestions for your Android smartphone.

Apart from this, Drippler also shows you tech news around the industry but that isn’t something to write home about. Drippler is free to use and you can upgrade for $1.12/mon to remove ads. I decided to use it with the ads.



  • Tips & tricks related to your Android device
  • App & game suggestion for your Android device & version
  • Generic tech news

Download Drippler (Freemium)

5. Materialistic Hacker News

For the longest time, Hacker News has been the go-to source for tech enthusiasts. It comes from the Ycombinator group who is known to be an elite seed accelerator, providing a platform for startups and investors to meet for over a decade now. It operates more like a social news feed site that is most frequented by investors, startups entrepreneurs, and those who like to stay on top of their tech news.

In a sense, it will give you a feeling of Reddit but only more focused. Each news feed can be voted and commented upon. Discussions are worth going through. While they do not have a native app for Android, Materialistic is a cool app for Android that will allow you to consume Hacker Newsfeeds. You can also comment and vote on them if you want.

The app is free to use and comes without any ads or upgrades. Additionally, you can play around with font size and readability mode.



  • News client for hacker news
  • Ad-free
  • Option to comment, like, downvote news

Download Materialistic – Hacker News (Free)

6 Beebom

Last but definitely not least, an app from our friends at Beebom. Beebom is a tech news app with a focus on current news and trends that are happening in and around the tech world. They cover trending news stories in 200 words or less which is a great way to stay updated. They also make exclusive portrait videos for their mobile app which is really cool. You can choose your interests based on categories to receive relevant updates in the profile area.

The best part about the app is it’s completely free, i.e. free to download and not even ad-supported. This is really cool because most tech sites who have an app also have ads in them. I found Beebom to be an amazing way to stay updated on trending tech topics but sometimes found their titles to be more like Buzzfeed. You are familiar with clickbait.



  • Ad-Free
  • No signup
  • Concise news in under 200 words
  • Portrait form videos for tips and tricks

Download Beebom (Free)

7. Geek Tech

In case you are too lazy to set up Feedly, Geek Tech is the next best option. It’ll firstly collect your areas of interest in tech while setting up the app. For instance, I read a lot about Qualcomm processors, Android releases, etc. So, I can choose all of those. Next, it builds up news feed from fix are pre-defined sources. The articles are sourced from top sources like BGR, TheVerge, Engadget, Android Police, etc. Basically, it filters out articles from these sources based on tags and your preferences.

Additionally, there’s a video tab that sources news from Android Authority, CNET, TheVerge, etc. My favorite option is the Reader mode which focuses only on text in the articles.



  • Ad-free
  • Dark Mode
  • Reader Mode
  • Ability to choose niche interests within technology

Download Geek Tech (Free)

8. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a dedicated platform to read about the investments, funding, and trade side of Tech. It helps you gauge your public investment and the future of the Tech companies. Overall, the app UI is minimal and easy to read. Additionally, it’s the only app in this list that has a DND toggle which is really thoughtful. Generally, with news app at times it gets exhaustive with all the push notifications.



  • Focused on funding, investments in Tech
  • DND mode within the app
  • Ad-free & no signup

Download TechCrunch (Freemium)

Wrapping Up: Tech News Apps for Android

The technology field is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, if not The Fastest, and it can be an overwhelming experience to stay on top of what is happening in and around it.

Between these five apps, you will cover all the facets of the industry in great detail. Whether you are an end consumer, a blogger like me, an enthusiast, or an investor/opportunist, we have got you covered.

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