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8 Best DND Apps for Android to Stay Focused

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Android already comes with a built-in Do Not Disturb mode but it has a lot of shortcomings. You cannot set exceptions for third-party apps or individual contacts. So, for instance, if you want your friend or spouse to be able to send you text messages while everyone else can’t. Unfortunately, it’s not possible natively on Android.

Best DND Apps – Android

Google did provide a few DND features in the latest Android 11 but it still falls short on features like automatic scheduling, batch notifications, etc. So, if you are on Android 10 or looking for a good DND app, here are some of the best DND apps for Android.

1. Google Post Box

Post Box is a simple yet effective DND app from Google Experiments. Foremost, you have to choose the number of times you want to receive notifications in a day. It can be once, twice, thrice, or four times a day. Once you are done with that, you will receive notifications in batches at the said time of the day.

For instance, if I choose twice a day. I will receive all app notifications at 09:00 and 12:30. Of course, the timings are customizable within the app. The only problem with Post Box is that you cannot set exceptions for individual contacts or apps.

google post box batch timings android


  • Holds notifications for all apps
  • Delivers notifications in batches
  • Messages and calls are exempted

Download Post Box for Android

2. SAID Smart Alerts

SAID Smart Alerts is a DND-cum-notification manager app. It functions in a different way. Foremost, it categorizes your notifications into 2 parts: Important Alerts & Default Alerts. Important Alerts have a different vibration/ring to them whereas Default Alerts have a different one. So, based on the buzz of your phone you would be able to recognize the priority of the message.

Moreover, Said Smart Alerts learns over time about your behavior and will tweak the priority of the notifications and apps. Unlike Google Post Box, you can filter notifications based on text and even add exceptions. My favorite was the option to mute messages “lol”, “k”, etc. Basically, notifications that don’t require your attention.

The only caveat with Said Smart Alerts is seldom ads. At times, you have to see ads to continue using the app.

said smart alert app with filter smart alerts dnd


  • Categorize notifications into Important and Default and learns habits over time
  • Changes vibration/sound of important and default notifications
  • Option to mute informational messages based on text and emotion of the message

Download SAID Smart Alerts for Android

3. Daywise

Daywise is one of the best DND apps on the list with only one caveat. We’ll get it to it. But first, it functions on a basic principle. You’ll receive your notifications in a batch at 4 fixed intervals in the day. It smartly categorizes your apps into Instant and Batch Apps. The instant apps can send you notifications at any time of the day whereas batch app notifications will be delivered in batches at 4 intervals.

Daywise also lets you set exceptions within apps. You can exempt a contact or even a WhatsApp group to send you an instant notification. The only caveat with Daywise is that it’s gone paid and an expensive one at that. You would have to shell around $20 for a lifetime license. You do get a 14-day trial without any credit card to test the features of the app.

daywise dnd app batch notifications android


  • Sends notifications in 4 batches
  • Automatically categorizes apps into important and insignificant
  • Option to provide exceptions to phone contacts as well as WhatsApp groups

Download Daywise for Android (14-day trial | $20)

4. Spren Notification Manager

Spren works similar to Daywise but it is free. It smartly categorizes the app into Show and Hide tabs. Show apps are ones that are allowed to show notification whereas the latter cannot. You can enable toggle to hide promotional messages as well as group chat messages.

The only thing missing from Spren is the ability to add exceptions for individual contacts within the Hide tab.

spren notification manager app exception notification analytics


  • Smartly categorizes apps into show and hide notifications
  • Filter to avoid promotional and group messages
  • Analytics to show notifications based on app

Download Spren Notification Manager for Android

5. FilterBox

Unlike all the above-mentioned apps, FilterBox is not your normal DND app. It is more of a notification manager rather than a DND app. However, it can filter out notifications based on text, contact name, time of the day, app, etc. For instance, if you don’t want to receive Twitter notifications in the morning. You can set FilterBox to ignore Twitter notifications in the morning while allowing every other app.

There are a couple of caveats with FilterBox though. Foremost, it would take you a couple of weeks to set up the app. You would have to create rules for every app and notification type. Hence, if it’s your first DND app, I would advise you to skip this one. Next, similar to Daywise, Filterbox is a paid application. It provides a 30-day trial period initially and later, you need to shell out $3.99 as a one-time fee.

filterbox notification analytics notifications text android


  • Option to filter notifications based on app, text, contact name, etc
  • Automatic actions dismiss, mute, or postpone notifications
  • Analytics to show notifications in a day and usage

Download Filterbox for Android (30-day trial | $3.99)

6. Nap

Nap, as the name suggests, is built for taking peaceful naps. It functions differently than other apps in the list. First of all, the app requires you to manually start a nap session within the app. Post that, it’ll automatically dismiss all the notifications.

When you wake up, you can stop the nap session and read the notifications within the app. Nap provides you the option to manually filter out apps that you want to show or dismiss notifications during a nap. For instance, you can filter out text messages or calls during a nap.

nap with app notifications app exceptions android


  • Built for having a peaceful nap
  • Automatically dismisses notifications from selected apps during a nap
  • Option to schedule nap time

Download Nap for Android

7. Digital Break

Digital Break is an all-in-one app for your smartphone detox. It provides you the option to block apps, app notifications, secure your personal data, block screen overuse, etc. For the context of this article, let’s only concentrate on the DND part. Similar to Daywise, Digital Break will deliver notifications in batches.

However, unlike Daywise, you would have to do the heavy lifting. By default, Digital Break will block notifications from all apps. You would have to manually add app exceptions or contact exceptions. Digital Break can be considered as a free alternative to Daywise.

Digital Break dnd app with notification exceptions android


  • Delivers notifications in batches
  • Option to add individual contact or message exceptions
  • Inbuilt app usage timer, screen time control, etc.
  • All in one smartphone detox app

Download Digital Break for Android

8. Actuflow

Finally, Actuflow is just a bonus app on this list. It’s not exactly a DND app but I prefer it over DND apps. It simply asks you the reason every time you unlock your phone. Initially, it seems like a small thing but in long-term usage, it stops you from unnecessarily unlocking your phone. It helps to reduce unnecessary usage of your phone.

Actuflow also provides you an additional option called purpose reminder. So, for instance, you unlocked your phone for “accessing text messages”. Now, in case you still continue to use the phone for a while, it’ll throw a purpose reminder about text messages.

Actuflow message asking reason to unlock phone


  • Asks you the purpose to unlock your phone
  • Purpose reminder if you use your phone for a long time

Download Actuflow for Android

Which DND App Do You Use on Your Android

If you are new to the world of DND apps, Postbox or Nap is a good app to start with. For power users, Digital Break or FilterBox is an ideal option. If DND apps haven’t worked for you, you can give Actuflow a shot.

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