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How to Convert Videos Online

by Ravi Teja KNTS
how to convert videos online

There are many professional video converting apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. One example is Handbreak. But if you want to convert videos faster just this one-time, nothing comes closer to a web app. But most online video converters are filled with pop-ups, do not support many file formats, or cannot convert large files. After using many tools to convert my videos online, I have rounded up two of the best online video converters that you can rely on. Here’s how you can convert videos online.

How to Convert Videos Online

1. To convert your video, first open the online-convert.com and select the Video converter option. It supports a large number of file formats from MP4 to OGV for both input and output.

Video Converter option

2. Next, select the file format that you want your video to be converted to.

Selecting the file format to convert video

3. Now click on the Choose File button and select the file from your local storage. You can also select Enter URL option to convert and download videos online or choose cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Choosing video file to convert online

4. If you want to convert multiple videos in one go, you can upload up to 5 videos in the free version.

5. While uploading, you can scroll down and change the aspect ratio, fps, bitrate, audio quality, etc. Additionally, you can also crop the video or the frame of the video if you prefer.

6. Once done, click on the Start button to start converting.

starting converting on online video converter

7. After the videos are converted, you can either download the video or upload the video to Google Drive or Dropbox. A QR Code option to download videos directly to your phone or other devices is also available.

Downloading converted video on online video converter

While the Online Converter supports many file formats and can also convert in bulk, there are many downsides to the service. One is ads but they are not so intrusive. In the free version, you can only convert 20 files per day and most importantly, convert files that are less than 100 MB. For larger files, you need a premium subscription that starts from $8/day and support files upto 1 GB. Subscribe to a higher plan to increase file size limit further.

How to Convert Large Videos Online

To convert videos that are larger than 100 MB for free, try Video Converter Online. It has no file size limit, no video length limit, supports many file formats, and also has a bulk conversion option.

1. First open the Video Converter Online and click on the Upload Video button.

uploading an video to online video converter

2. Then select the video file that you want to convert. Here, click Add More Files to add as many files as you need.

Adding multiple videos to online video converter

3. Click on the drop-down beside the Convert to option of each file and select the file format. Video Converter Online supports GIF, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WEBM, and WMV formats.

selecting the file type to convert

4. You can click on the cog icon to change video resolution, bitrate, audio quality, codec, etc.

Adjusting the video settings on online video converter

5. Once done, click on the Convert button to begin video conversion.

Converting on online video converter

6. After the conversion, you will get a Download button. Click on it to download the converted video.

Downloading converted video from online video converter.

Though it supports several file formats and file size limit is uncapped, it has two major issues. One is ads that you will find all over the website. Second, the conversion process is slow at times compared to other video converters. For example, 240 MB file took around 11 minutes to convert, excluding the time to upload the video.

Online Video Converters

Mostly, web apps that allow users to convert videos onlike are not as powerful as native desktop apps. But, if your file size is below 100MB, online-convert.com is a good option. It supports many formats and ads are less intrusive. If your file size is more than 100 MB, go for video-converter-online.com. Though the process is slow, it gets the work done. For professionals to those who convert videos all the time, get Handbreak which is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also check the best video converter apps for Android and iOS.

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