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How to Generate AI Wallpapers on Samsung Galaxy Phones

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Many AI image generators can help make wallpaper-worthy images. Samsung Galaxy phones will get a native wallpaper generator option with the new One UI 6.1 or later. Though it is limited in terms of the wallpapers it can generate, it still shows the power of AI magic. In this article, we will go through how you can generate AI wallpapers on Samsung Galaxy phones natively.

Generate AI Wallpapers on Samsung Galaxy Phones

The feature to generate AI wallpaper on Samsung Phones is available on those running One UI 6.1 or later versions. As of February 2024, this feature is limited to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series of phones. However, it will be rolled out to other One UI 6.1 or higher running phones later.

1. Long-press on the home screen and select the Wallpaper and style option at the bottom.

Wallpaper and style option on Samsung Galaxy phones

2. On the next page, select the Change Wallpaper option.

3. Under the Creative section, select the Generative option.

Generate AI wallpaper on Samsung

4. Under the Create Something new section, you will find different wallpaper categories like imaginary, translucent, luminous, terrain, etc. Select the category for your wallpaper choice.

AI Wallpaper categories on Samsung

5. After you select the category, you get the option to choose some options. For example, if you have selected the painting category, you will be prompted to fill in the gaps in the following prompt – A painting of a _____ and ____ in the _____ style. Here you can select what you need in the painting and also choose the style of the painting. Selecting a different category will provide you with a prompt according to that category.

selecting option to generate wallpaper on Samsung

6. Unfortunately, you cannot manually enter text in the prompt directly. Instead, you’ll get some options for each blank space that you can tap and select.

When we tried, we got options like canyon, desert, cityscape, glacier, etc. For painting style, we chose styles like baroque, pop art, graphic design, avant-garde, etc.

choosing options to generate AI wallpaper on Samsung

7. After you choose relevant options, tap on the Generate button.

Generating AI wallpaper on Samsung

8. Your phone will generate four wallpapers based on your selection. You can always go back to select a different style or object and have the phone re-generate some wallpapers

Regenerate AI wallpaper on Samsung

9. From the options, tap on a wallpaper of your choice and it will open a pop-up window. You can choose to set the wallpaper on the home screen, lock screen or both options. After that, tap on Next.

Setting AI wallpaper on Samsung

10. Finally, you can change the clock style, position of the clock, and widgets to match your new wallpaper. After you customize widgets, tap on Done at the top-right corner to set the wallpaper.

Setting up wallpaper generated by AI on Samsung

Generating Wallpapers on Samsung

Along with Samsung, Pixel phones running on Android 14 or later also have the same feature built-in. As of Feb 2024, Pixel phones also support a couple more wallpaper categories like X-ray and texture. Pixels also have the option to randomly generate wallpaper instead of manually selecting the options.

If you want to explore different varieties of wallpapers, use third-party AI image generators that are available in free and paid options.

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