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Which Galaxy Watch Do I Have

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Samsung has released a number of Galaxy Watches over the years. Some have a rotating bezel, others have LTE functionality and some models run on a different operating system altogether. So if you want to solve any issue with your Galaxy Watch or buy a second-hand model, knowing which Galaxy Watch model number is important. That way you can know the features your Galaxy Watch supports, and can also solve any issue that occurred while using, etc. There are a couple of ways to know what Galaxy Watch model you have.

Quick Way: Go to Galaxy Watch Settings > About to know the name and model number of your Galaxy Watch.

Method 1: From Settings

To know which Galaxy Watch model you have, follow these steps:

1. On your Watch, swipe up on the home screen and select the Settings (cog icon) app in the app drawer. On older watches, you will need to swipe left on the home screen.

Opening Settings on WearOS Galaxy Watch

2. Scroll down to the bottom and select the About Watch option.

Opening About Watch on Galaxy Watch

3. Here, you should find the name of your Galaxy Watch at the top. It will also show you the exact model number of your device.

Checking out Mode Number of Galaxy Watch

By searching the model number on Google, you should find your Watch’s size and also whether it supports LTE or not.

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Method 2: Using the Wearable App

You can also use the Galaxy Wearable app to find out the model number easily, provided your watch has been connected to the app.

Open the Galaxy Wearable app and you will see the model name of your Galaxy Watch at the top of the screen.

Galaxy Watch model name on Galaxy Wearable app

To find the exact model number and other details of your Samsung Galaxy Watch, tap on Watch settings in the Wearable app and select the About watch option. Here you should find the model number of your Galaxy Watch.

Checking model number on Galaxy Wearable app

If you have multiple Galaxy Watches, tap on the three-bar menu icon, and you should see all the connected watches by their names.

Opening watch controls on Galaxy Wearable app

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Method 3: Find the Model Name of a New Galaxy Watch

So if you have a Galaxy Watch that isn’t set up yet, you will not be able to access its settings nor you can check the details from the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. But you can use the Galaxy Wearable app to find the model number of the new device.

Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. Here tap on the Start button. On the next page, the device will be searching for nearby devices and should show you the model name of your watch.

Adding new Galaxy Watch to Galaxy Wearable app

If you are already using the app for some other device, open the Galaxy Wearable app, tap on the hamburger menu, and select Add new device option. This should also open the same scanning screen and should show you the model name of the watch.

Adding new device to Galaxy Wearable app

With this method, you can only find the model name of the watch. But once set up, you can find the model number using the methods previously mentioned.

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Method 4: Other Methods

There are some other easy ways to find know which Galaxy Watch you have without getting all too geeky.

  • First, check the package or the box of your Galaxy Watch. There is a good chance that the model name and number of your Galaxy Watch is printed on it.
  • Second, check your e-commerce shopping history where you bought your Galaxy Watch. You should be able to find the model number along with all the specs there.
  • You should also check the back of your Galaxy Watch. Many important details like model number, size, etc., are printed on the back of the watch.

Bonus: How to Find What Operating System Your Galaxy Watch Has

The older Galaxy Watch models run on Tizen OS whereas the newer models run on WearOS. You can easily know the Watch’s OS by the differences in the UI of the two operating systems. On the home page, swipe up on the screen. If it opens an app drawer, then your watch is running on WearOS. On Tizen, the swipe-up gesture is not available but instead, you will reach the app drawer by swiping left.

Second, if your watch supports Google apps, then it is WearOS while Tizen OS doesn’t support Google apps.

As of now, Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 4 Classic, Watch 5 series, and Watch 6 series are running on WearOS, and so will the later models. Samsung Galaxy Watch, Watch 3, Watch Active, and Watch Active 2 run on the TizenOS. However, Samsung has moved to WearOS and there will not be new models running on Tizen anymore.

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Conclusion: The Right Watch

Hope I was able to answer your query about “Which Galaxy Watch do you have?” Before you go, know how to sideload apps on Samsung Galaxy Watch.

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